Origami Easy – How to make a Paper Ninja Star (Shuriken) – for beginners (kids)

Origami Easy – How to make a Paper Ninja Star (Shuriken) – for beginners (kids)

It looks like this. Be wise with using them. It’s pretty fun playing with an origami ninja star. So that makes one on top of the closet – let’s see. That makes two. guys let’s get started with the tutorial
right and as always the most basic fold ever and the most important one
so make sure it’s folded right if not take another sheet of paper by the way
guys if this video is going too fast for you I can recommend you to pause the
video after every setting fall and of course this videos available in the
highest quality that YouTube has can offer and if you internet is fast enough
make sure to use it do you like having no noise at all if
you want some noise you can play your music in the background I would do
without watch more videos and how do you like this little series of out origami
ninja stars do you like that give this video a like so I can see and of course make sure you follow me
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so come back and check out the new videos out and of course once you’re
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media pages in the description and of course some other tips so make sure to
check that it’s the description arm and this tutorial is pretty easy right
you don’t do you need some commentary and thanks for all the feedback I got
that makes me very happy and I really appreciate if you give me some feedback
without you this video wouldn’t have the quality it has so quality is really
appreciated but can only offer it with feedback so give a lot of it and make
sure you fold this part as much as possible to the top as you can see here
and fold it right back again so it’s going to be a triangle and we are pretty much done with the
first part pretty easy right guys this time you were very lucky
getting to tutorials and one week that will happen really I will upload one
video every week for sure but two videos not solve if I do you should see that on
my facebook page or Google+ page and we basically do the same as the first part but we mirror one step so it’s not
really the same hits the first part and what also is really important is to
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make sure to share this video and thanks for sharing my video so this was the
part we Murat but the rest is pretty much the same folding and by the way if you opened some of
your music what kind of music are you listening to I would love to read that
comment that in the comment section and don’t comment their roots and stop or
please don’t so that’s pretty much the second part and now we are going to
stick both together and with your first try this can be really confusing but
it’s basically four times two for the same step all you do is inserting the
tip right there four times and then you’re done pretty easy but pretty confusing or is
it just me that finds that confusing so the last part is the hardest but
still it’s pretty easy and that’s basically it
thanks for watching my video and yeah

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  1. You call this easy if you keep on twisting the paper and covering how am i supose to know what to do plus you are mumbling.


  3. Too hard? Start here: Level 1 → youtube.com/mahircave
    👍 Like the video if you enjoy my content. Thank you 🙂
    Comment if you want me to release more paper planes!

    ℹ You can find helpful tips and answers in the description.

  4. Coolest Origami Paper Airplane By Mahir Cecen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nF1lWCf2NjY&t=144s

    Thats My, Favorite Paper Airplane That Flies Very Super Very Impossible

  5. Can you please make a ninja star with origami paper I don't know how to so please I'm telling you please so so please make one out of printer paper only please send back to my message

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