100 thoughts on “ORIGAMI EAGLE – Simplified version (Jo Nakashima)

  1. The winner of the dragon giveaway is…
    Aaron Antony from Canada!

    Please send me a direct message here on YouTube with the address where I should send it (please format exactly as I should write in the envelope)
    To send a direct message, go to my channel, click the "About" tab and find little message icon. https://goo.gl/jKECzg
    DEADLINE: March 26

  2. I think I'll wait til I get more technical doing this.. Now… Over to the boats and planes 😂.. Craziness Mr. Jo N

  3. Planning to do this next! I got the dragon, reindeer and unicorn already! Thanks for sharing your talent! Please create another version of a dragon!!

  4. Бля я ебал эту хуйну, только время потерял, нихуя не получилось! нужна блять прочная бумага! в пизду

  5. I saw this video at 02.50 and ı said ı can do it after 2 hours 15 munites ı realized that ı couldnt make it
    I lost 2 hours of my life ı'm so sorry one day ı will try again ı wont give up because failures are a step to success

  6. i give up, too tidious. already at 16 minutes and i ripped the paper, i think i used the wrong kind. that and its way too tidious. would have been awsome if i can do that too.

  7. Uma dúvida, na versão complexa ela voa e caça, vive quantos anos e também queria saber se ela pode cuspir fogo… Gradeço aí a aula mas desisti na milionésima dobra…

  8. I'm going to try it, and if I get it good enough, I'm then going to encase it in a block of epoxy resin.

  9. Omg i dont understand. I did every fold perfectly and followed the tutorial so well and it looks no where near how yours did. So frustrated rn

  10. oh my, i spent almost 3 hours doing this and it doesnt look good. last time i have done origami was 10 years ago. #IWontStop

  11. С первого раза получилось! Правда немного помятый, и клюв длинный, не получилось хорошо загнуть

  12. こんなにかっこいい折り紙初めて見ました!

  13. Magnificent work how simple art work repilcated the nature beauty its just a god gifted trait you possess mashaAllah

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