Origami Dragonfly Instructions [HD]

Origami Dragonfly Instructions [HD]

Origami Dragonfly Instructions Design by Traditional Origami Made by Ventsislav Vasilev You need square piece of paper Scissors 10 minute free time 🙂 First you need to fold bird base origami This is the tricky part of the tutorial fold both sides do it again with second side Turn to the other side This folding is a bit similar to the previous on the back side now fold the head of the dragonfly you need scissors to separate wings The dragonfly is done. To the end of the video is only small decorations Thanks for watching the instruction Please Rate or Share the tutorial

5 thoughts on “Origami Dragonfly Instructions [HD]

  1. Yeah I made it ! 🙂 Could you please use paper with 2 different faces next time please ? It creates much more contrast in the moves and makes it easier to follow… Anyway thanks 🙂

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