Origami Dragon instructions

Origami Dragon instructions

Origami Dragon Instructions Take a sheet of printing paper and make a square sheet of paper You need to fold Square Origami Base follow folds Fold the small square inside watch careful here is one of trick parts here are the second trick part this is the head of the dragon then fold the wings finally we fold the tail of the dragon well done! This is you origami dragon If you like the tutorial Please share or rate it Bye fellows

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  1. É fácil memorizar os passos: Faça o dragão 5 vezes em frente ao computador (vendo o vídeo e fazendo, vendo o vídeo e fazendo…) para memorizar.

  2. ┈┈┈┈┈┈▕▔╲
    ▔▔▔▔▔▔╲▂▕▂▂▂ Like

  3. nice dragon, but you forgot that you try to teach us, it is way too fast and you fold some bits from the back side… not good way how to teach if that was what you wanted….

  4. hello your video is very good you know I'll do well to ask the next time do less fast please do not accompany her to the steps that way and if possible come back again dificel folding and redo it so we will not have to return video 100 times if you do thank thank you for attention and if possible answer;)

  5. thank you very much! this is a nice model and a very good tutorial.. good speed too. don't let the frustrated childrens' nasty comments get to you 😉 beautiful models take practice and not everyone can realize that… quick to blame the first thing they can for their struggles. i prefer the silent/music tutorials, i find that voice instruction is distracting from the process and in some cases misleading… i prefer to simply watch, and what the fingers do, i do. thank you again for another cool model and video.

  6. pretty good video, i am very glad i wached it, it is the first origami project that actully worked with me, all of the others sucked,

  7. Very  nice
    Some step were pretty hard because there were no explanations but it's realisable tho
    Thank you

  8. Just… Great ! 
    Thanks a lot. 🙂
    Very good tutorial 🙂
    Perfect practice and like "axialtangent" says ( I prefer the silent ) no music 
    Very very very Great !!! 🙂

  9. Hi, can I find the instructions in a pdf form or something like this? I can't remeber all the steps yet. 
    P.S. Thanks a lot for the video, this model is lovely.

  10. I take Great Pride at what I do when I try new projects in here and would appreciate your going a little slower when turning paper if you haven't figured out which way to turn it and fold…

  11. That dragon is sensational- I really want to learn it. However I think that's a "rhombus" base, not "square".

  12. Thanks for the great instructions.  Was pretty quick but no problem hitting the pause to get myself caught up.  The design is great and not too hard.  Beautiful payoff for the amount of effort.  

  13. Great video quality and even though I had to change the speed in one part I still think you were doing it very slow and informative, anyway just keep doing what you are doing 🙂

  14. Excuse me,but,why you don't talk?It Is REALY difficult to do something when you can't hear what to do.And,I didn't do this dragon =(

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