Origami Dragon 4.0 tutorial – DIY (Henry Phạm)

Origami Dragon 4.0 tutorial – DIY (Henry Phạm)

Let’s start ! Fold and unfold along the diagonals Turn over Fold in half Unfold Fold in half vertically Unfold Turn over Fold the left corner into the middle Fold the right corner into the middle point Repeat with the bottom left and right corner Turn over Fold the right corner Fold the left corner unfold Repeat with the left bottom and the right bottom corner Fold the left corner Fold the right corner Unfold Fold the right bottom and the left bottom corner Unfold Make a rabbit-ear fold Repeat Make a rabbit-ear fold with the left and the right corner Repeat the steps (5:50 to 7:20)

93 thoughts on “Origami Dragon 4.0 tutorial – DIY (Henry Phạm)

  1. So when is your book coming out. You have to make a book. You are so good at origami! I would love for you to make a book so I can enjoy your origami even more.

  2. The lighting and the quality of the video have improved, I guess ? :v I love how you add the music to the video (y) very relaxing to watch ^0^

  3. i did it! isn't look like yours, but is good.. so thanks 😀 just I suggest that don't turn over the figure many times, because is distracting, I almost lost the guide.

  4. i love this dragon and sooooooo easy to make it to me i mean i can but it want many times i cant finish it tell 4 days

  5. your one of the best origami youtubers there is! i wonder why you don't have much subs u deserve much more!;D

  6. I tried folding it (using printer paper) and it turned out pretty well considering it's my first time making it, started a second one and it's already better. I was however a little lost on how to do the head and also a part of the legs. The video in general was very clear and I enjoyed it. Thank you for posting it.

  7. I don't get how you get everything aligned and when I tried to redo it I'm forced to form the paper in away that doesn't look like your paper.

  8. I watched the 3.0, and this video is great and all, but i'm having the same problem. I can't tell where your folding because the paper is the same color back and forth. I don't know if anyone had this problem, But I did. Other than that it was a great video, But hopefully that's something that can change in the future.

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  10. yo, please please please make PDF instructions on this! the video is good, but it would be better to make this off of paper. please.

  11. I got to 16:25 before i flrealised I f¥(<€@ up. Now lets see if i can fix it.
    P.S. im doing this while at work… send help, im THAT board!

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