18 thoughts on “Origami Double Spearhead Tessellation (Michał Kosmulski)

  1. Fantastic tutorial Evan, very clearly explained, as always 🙂 I can wait to give it a try.

    With the bit towards the end, after the initial collapse, when you move to the second and forth molecules, you mention to be careful not to add additional creases, would rotating the model clockwise for these molecules mitigate this?

  2. Hey Evan, is there a book, pdf, with all your models in it? With diagrams or cp's? I once made your logarithmic spiral, and I truly fell in love with some of your models/ tessellations! Thanks Evan.

  3. AWESOME! I did this following along and I made my first tessellation!! Very well explained and your voice is relaxing as Bob Ross!!😂

  4. I've never dared starting working no tesselantions before this video I watched last year. I've bought Allessandro Bieber book since. Congrats, you made a great tutorial here.

  5. Thank You Very Much for great tutorial! I make tessellation the first time and I've done it. Thanks a lot once more

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