Origami DOLPHIN easy – Yakomoga easy Origami tutorial

Origami DOLPHIN easy – Yakomoga easy Origami tutorial

Hi guys! Today I will show you how to fold an origami
dolphin This is my modification of the Mr. Yukihiko
Matsuno shark origami model For this model, we take a square with a side
of 21 cm. If you have one-sided colored paper, put the
sheet with the white side facing you Fold the diagonals Fold the bottom side to the diagonal and… make a crease I draw the resulting point Turn the paper… …and fold the bottom side to the point Unfold … and unfold Fold sides to the intended line Fold both sides Turn the paper… and repeat the steps. Fold the left corner Return the paper Fold the bottom side up, to be seen two fins Turn the paper Fold the corner and make a crease. I draw the resulting point Draw the lines on which I will fold Folding Fold the paper in half. Draw the lines on which I will fold Folding Repeat on the other side Unfold… and mountain-fold Fold the bottom side up the line Repeat on the other side Divide the fin into three parts… …and fold one part Fold two fins to the left. Fold each side along the line Unfold… and mountain-fold Revers-fold Fold the bottom corner Fold the corners on both sides Unfold… and mountain-fold Forming the head Fold and ufold the paper along the line Revers-fold inside Return the paper and fold inside… I draw a lines on which I will fold the paper Fold… and mountain-fold Repeat the steps Unfold and fold inwards as shown in the video Bend the corners inside the folds so the tail
is better kept in shape. This is not necessary. Forming the tail Forming the fin The dolphin is ready. Friends, if you liked this video, please write
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23 thoughts on “Origami DOLPHIN easy – Yakomoga easy Origami tutorial

  1. Congratulation your dolphin is very nice. Thank you very much for this marvellous tutorial kind regards

  2. Awesome! I have been looking for a few days for a dolphin I liked, and here you are with one. Thanks!

  3. Yakomoga, nuevamente tengo que darte las gracias. Me ha encantado plegar este delfín. Mi nieta me había pedido uno y ha sido éste el elegido.

  4. They said it was easy! In an incomprehensible accent, may I add. I hope I'm not offending anyone when I say that, but the only thing I could work off was the video itself.

  5. This is the worest video in the whole youtube😡 and why are you talking!!?!?!? I don't have any ideas what you said😡😡😡

  6. It's very good origami, I loved it, and it came out perfectly, you explain very well, I congratulate you I really liked it

  7. Excellent job, really helpful! I don't mind audio cut offs and Russian accent, it's very well explained every step (visually). Thanks! 🙂

  8. The sound cut off so I couldn't hear instructions, and the tail was difficult to see so I can't really see how to make the tail.

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