100 thoughts on “Origami Dog Tutorial: Labrador (Steven Casey)

  1. I made this as a mothers day present for my aunt who's a vet and loves dog. Fun intricate model. Usually I put on music and lower the volume on these but I have to say you have a beautiful accent and it was relaxing to listen to you

  2. Thank you for this video. I have been struggling with this Labrador for many months using the diagrams in the book. There are two spots in the diagrams that are not real clear in the book. The first is making the v shape folds for the front legs. The second is the folding and shaping of the head , especially the folding point for the sink when forming the head. Thanks again.

  3. I have the book you suggest for the pictorial version of making the Labrador, but could quite figure it out. Your video solved my mistakes. So, thanks for your video.

  4. Finally I got it! After I lost 2 hours in the first try *anger*, I tried again a while later and take me almost 5 hours with a "slow motion" video, but with an A4 paper it was more difficult than I expected and my origami isn't as gorgeous as yours.

    But I started a little time ago, I don't expected to make perfect origamis yet, I'm training and I'm already happy to make this hard model (another achievement unlocked). Thank you to the tutorial. I'll try easier models now.

    Kisses :*

  5. I appreciate that some parts are considered simple steps, but it would really help if you did not speed up the video through those parts. I am having extreme difficulty getting through the part right after 9 minutes, even with frequent pausing and on slow motion. Its after we finished one side (which was very difficult), and then switched to the other. I'm not a master at the other side, and especially since it is reversed, I still need to be given direction and a normal speed viewing of what to do.

  6. Success! I tried using furry paper, but wasn't able to quite get a perfect square. Still, he came out ok. I'll just have to make him a better-looking friend in the future. Thanks for another high-quality tutorial!

  7. I DID IT THIS HELPED ME A LOT because my dad helped me on this but still I DID IT I'm going to give this to my main teacher anyway can you teach us how to make a pug

    a weirdo from Japan Tokyo

  8. Honestly, people, I've been scrolling through these comments and a bunch of people have unsubscribed/disliked just because they couldn't make the origami. 'happyfolding.com – enjoy origami online' took the time to make this intricate origami tutorial which by the way, takes a while, just for your viewing pleasure. Maybe be a bit less rude in your comments even though you can't make the model? (Not that I can, either XD)

  9. You´re very fast, I barely understood all those moves just for you to tell me that I have to do the same in the opposite side but with the mirror thing I JUST CAN´T. I hate and love this dog.

  10. Hard, kinda gave up, But cool, just saying, in the future don’t speed up opposite folding like on the first two legs (9:32). I think I did one accidental crease so I screwed it up

  11. Goes way to fast I can't keep up while your doing the folds because you fast forward through it and do not explain well

  12. if you would move what you are doing into the middle of the camera area we could see what you are doing. Many times you move the paper area you are folding off the visual field.

  13. I appreciate that you are using vocabulary specific to Origami but slow down just a touch. Perhaps even explain every now and then the simple terms in an effort to force yourself to slow. In addition when you recognize a series of steps are detail specific as you did with the steps around 6 minutes. In which you zoomed in to show their detail. Don't undermine that effort by folding off camera. This is further undermined by asking your audience, which can't reply, if they can see something that they obviously can't. Only to proceed on without giving greater detail. This loses your audience and then undermines the work you put into a the video. This results in not enjoying the the origami and very unhappy folding.

  14. very bad video, if you are interested in providing proper folding steps to viewers then do it properly, otherwise remove this video rather than proving frustration to viewers.

  15. I'll be honest. It took me more than three hours to make, looking at this video and the book. This is a highly difficult origami if not shown slowly. With the co-operation of the book and the video, I did manage to complete this dog.
    If you want people to understand how to work through it, camera angle is key, which i understand can be hard if your fingers are unintentionally in the way. And I agree, speeding up the video for some parts only built up inner turmoil for this piece. However, if you don't give up and be exact I can still guarantee that you can achieve a natural shaped labrador.

  16. Jesus people shes trying to make the video efficient, after all it is a youtube video, you can watch it multiple times or slow it down if you need more time. Its honestly a great video that explains all steps without redundancy

  17. I made it but I gotta say that took over an hour whew but now I can give it as a present to one of my favorite Korean artists:)

  18. Thank you i made this for my mom ad she was amazed and so happy i appreciate you taking this step by step so other people can understand Thank you so much.xoxo

  19. Instead of speeding up, I would recommend doing the extra part at your natural pace without having to explain it, making it fast enough for those that don’t need it, but slow enough to help those that do

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