42 thoughts on “Origami Diamond Star (Francesco Guarnieri)

  1. Bonita la estrella y algo complicadita pero nada de qno la pueda hacer , la estoy haciendo y todo lo q ha presentado super bien explicado ! Eso me gusta muchísimo!

  2. Great model and video! Thank you! Tried to submit a photo but it says my photo is too large…no idea how to fix that! You are an excellent instructor!

  3. Thank you very much, Evan! Excellent video … thanks for the divulging of the model and for the links 🙂
    Best regards, happy folding! 🙂

  4. Lucid directions and demonstrations – you are an ideal teacher! I look forward to trying more of your instructions.

  5. Evan! I need some help here. Can you show me how to position your camera properly for making an origami video? PLZ….I NEED HELP!

  6. Evan,you are one of the people that made me become the origami master in my school. And for that i would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I Idolize you. You were one of the first 5 youtubers that i subscribed to.
    Here are four Origami Hearts for you ♥♥♥♥
    I rate your channel 9/10.

  7. Dear Evan, thank you so mutch for this very beautiful Star-Video! I wish you a good and lovely chrismas-time!

    The Star-Folder-Women

  8. So lovely Diamong Star. i c Your hand make me looks so easy to do.You are so great teacher n` all papers you make different models so really love it. i like so much. This one diamond star not easy to do. bt i learn more times i dunt noe if i can do without watching vdo. Without vdo i can't do. Thanks so hard.

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  10. muy claro sin conocer mucho el ingles lo puedo hacer graciasfrancesco.. very easy with a litlle inglessh I can do it thank you francesco very very nice

  11. Could you do a tutorial for the Stella diamante 1 of Francesco? I can't understand very well the pattern on his page.

  12. I love your tutorial! Collapse folding is such a pleasurable way of folding. Not easy to teach, but you are doing it perfectly!!!

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