Origami: Cube / Block  – Instructions in English (BR)

Origami: Cube / Block – Instructions in English (BR)

hi everyone welcome to a new origami tutorial in this video we’ll make a cube this origami is is to make but needs a little attention and care at the first time it’s done after a little prat see it becomes easier if you want to use these textures of Minecraft just download and print the file on description I hope you can understand my English and let’s go in this video I’ll use 20 by 20 centimetres if you want sides wide it start with the white side up and our first step is to fold in half horizontally unfold n fold the bottom edge to the middle and also the upper edge dividing the square in four rectangles unfold and repeat the same step now in the vertical with this dawn we have 15 squares these three here will fold in half diagonally like this this one is finished now the other two you can rotate it if you want ends like this now to the next step turnover in fold in half diagonally these two squares here at the same time connecting this Center and the corner right rotate the paper in this position and now we’ll make a new diagonal in this square here like this rotate and repeat on the other troop this step hands like this okay we have all the marks and turnover now let’s fit pay attention here water I do and repeat using the longest diagonal we will close the paper in this corner creating a mountain fold like this then connecting this point here to this other on the left and we have something like this in this new corner here close again but now and valley-fold maintaining this step we have this other diagonal here close the paper this little square using it and mentoring in this step repeat the same thing here closing this diagonal and the other creating this chip this flap as I said before what I do and repeat in the end we have something like this now we will fit these three flaps here inside the square first this one in this space here with more layers will fit this flap over the first layer and this order with two flaps inside this space and last one exactly the same thing reinforce the creases and that’s it our QB is read for use it was very resistant and don’t need glue I really like this model because it’s very simple but using several of them with a little creativity we can build really cool things so I hope you enjoyed the video if he has don’t forget to click on like button also subscribe to my channel and follow new origamis all week thank you very much for watching and until the next time you

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  1. Likeee maroto!!! eu não me dou muito bem com as palavras mais vou tentar falar…kkk

    Muito bom o video, eu te desejo muito boa sorte no youtube, e comcerteza se isso for oque você realmente deseja vai comseguir ir muito alem, nunca desista doque você quer sempre vai ter gente ruin e babaca pra te colocar pra baixo… fazer oque né, não liga por que inveja mata kkkk, pois bem mano muito boa sorte pra você!!!

    haa mano se por acaso você poder dar uma olhadinha no meu ultimo video do canal e dechar seu like ficaria muito grato: Mitei muito // Skywars // Minecraft Minigames #2 . se gostar do video claro,
    se quiser acompanhar o canal e só se escrever 😀

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