Origami Crane

Origami Crane

Hello, and Welcome to our Origami Crane video. Start with a square of origami paper, color side up. Fold along the North-South line. Unfold the last fold, and valley fold perpendicular to the last fold. Unfold, and mountain fold along the diagonal. Unfold, then repeat the last fold along the other diagonal. Unfold the paper. Now collapse along the crease lines. This is the Origami Square Base. Fold the lower left and right edges to the centerline. Fold the top point down as shown. Unfold the last three (3) folds. Fold the top flap upwards along the previous crease lines. Squash Fold flat. This is called a Petal Fold. Flip the paper over, and repeat the Petal Fold on the backside. This is the Origami Bird Base. Fold the lower left and right edges of the bird base to the center. Flip the piece over, and repeat on the backside. Valley fold the lower right and left edges of the bird base upwards. Unfold the last two (2) folds. Use the crease-lines of the last two (2) folds to make inside reverse folds. Make another inside reverse fold to form the head of the crane. Fold the crane’s wings downwards. Holding the wings, pull gently apart to expand the body. Press down gently on the top of the body. Your Origami Crane is complete. Enjoy!

99 thoughts on “Origami Crane

  1. Ik heb genoten van je vouw techniek de kraanvogel en hoop nog meer te mogen zien en dan uiteraard het zelf ook te kunnen , echtgaaf hoe duidelijk je het voor doet!

  2. Hello Areeb, the crane's wings don't flap. There is a different origami for that called the Flapping Bird. Check it out on our website.


  3. AT LAST!!  Thank you, thank you so much, finally a clear and precise instruction vid and I have made my first crane on my first attempt with you.  The perfect instruction vid – slow and clear stages with pauses and no confusing commentary.  You are a very excellent instructor!

  4. OMG thank you so much. Thanks to you I can teach my friends clearly and we can make 1, 000 paper cranes to oner Sadako sasaki!

  5. Wonderful tutorial. You make things slow so that people can easily follow and you show the results between the different steps. Well done and many thanks for sharing this video! ^_^

  6. i really suck at making origami, this is my first time at making origami, and the result is a fat bird with little wings and really big tale, HAHA but i'm gonna keep trying my best, btw thanks for the video it helped me a lot

  7. It is a really good video, but I kind of got lost at some parts, if you you would speak during the tutorials I would really appreciate it

  8. Sadako Sadaki was really extraordinary to be able to fold 1000 origami cranes in 3 weeks only while being affected by leukemia illness.

  9. Nice video! I am new to You Tube and would really appreciate people giving me some feedback on my current videos! Thanks so much!

  10. Excellent video. I did like the illustrations in the corner since that's what I'm used to seeing in books, so I could compare the diagram to the real thing. (It was good that the diagram didn't obscure the demonstration at all.) Thank you for posting this; I made a number of gold and silver cranes for my sister-in-law several years ago for her Christmas tree, but she needs some replacements and wants a set for each of the three kids, as well. This was an excellent refresher.

  11. I try to re memories how to make a crane origami,,, then i found this way,,, try it directly and, I made my crane perfectly. Like this video tutorial, Thanks 🙂

  12. It's just so easy…..after a few folds of my own I have ended up with a pelican…..With 3 legs!…I'm hooked…Thank you origami..I'm love you.

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