Origami: Crane [tutorial]

Origami: Crane [tutorial]

for the crane use a square sheet of paper any kind of paper will do the job fold the paper in half both ways as shown in the diagram we have made two valley folds turn the sheet and the become mountain folds fold the other way around diagonally both ways first in one direction, then the other turn the sheet so the diagonal creases are mountain-folds push in the center collapse like this make sure the open part points towards yourself fold one of the flaps to the center line the edge to the center crease same step as before with the second flap now you have a kite shape fold the top part of the kite backwards don’t go too far just align with the edges open the flaps no we’ll make a petal fold lift the top layer and crease those creases backwards so you get a big diamond shape once again the paper moves this way another petal fold on the backside make diagonal precreases open the model lift the first layer pull backwards make all layers flatt you just have to reverse two creases this one and the right one here that one flatten this shape is a bird-base take the part with the two flaps (feet) fold the edge nearly the center not all the way just nearly that makes the inside reverse-folds later easier same for the other flap also both flaps on the backside turn yours sheet and repeat again not all the way just nearly to the center no there are two flaps put one up as a precrease for the inside-reverse-fold this valley-fold that will become a mountain-fold reversed inside into the model hence the name reverse that fold put the flap inside the model repeat with other flap you can do it in one step or with the precrease as before it should look this way now fold down both wings make wings by folding down the two big flaps choose one of the necks to make neck and tail now make another inside reverse-fold and that is already the crane thanks a lot for watching and pleas let me know if you used the subtitles and the diagrams on the right bye!

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  1. I sort of gave up after a while, I don’t have the patience while I’m sneezing and coughing, maybe another day

  2. i am not doing well and this has just proven how dumb I am, it has taken me 5 classes and I STILL CANT DO THIS CNIJFCNFHINVJIEFNVIJHEFBHIFV

  3. I lost everything when you just kept flipping and flipping and flipping and FLIPPING AND FLIPPING! IT’S MAKING ME CRAZY!

  4. subtitles: collapse into this

    me: tries 10000 times.
    * yeets phone across room *


    self-doubt level reaches 100%

    but it made my first sucessful crane! 🙂

  5. Hey guys I couldn’t get the folding inside parts (last 2 steps) so I slowed it down to .5x playback speed. It helped a lot!!

  6. for years I've been trying to do this paper art. And end up not doing well with it. Tell now. Thank-you for your tutorial. Step by step. When I make one I'll send a photo of it. One more thing. it is true when someone is ill to send them a thousand cranes for well wishes. Please let me know if it is true. My best friends son has cancer. A child.

  7. Thank you so much for this video, your voice is so relaxing and the instructions so easy to follow. I like to finish my cranes by blowing a little puff of air into the base opening at the end, it inflates the body slightly and seems to bring them to life almost.

  8. I have to submit an origami assignment tomorrow and all I'm doing is ' wait, where did this go wrong" , "wait, hold on "

  9. my friend taught me a different way at the end we don't do 4:20 but instead we fold the flaps up and kinda inverse the thing then fold the flaps down and make a head

  10. My imported higonokami and pack of paper is ready, I'm ready, for the true samurai trail…. There was struggle, a bit of swearing, lot of sweat, time spent and mind focused…. Now it's done, I'm the proud owner of totaly musshed up piece of paper 🤣

    Thank you so much for this tutorial, I promise, I'll get better and make a crane for the boy. (GitS SAC 2nd gig)

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