Origami Cookiecutter – remake (Victoria Babinsky)

Origami Cookiecutter – remake (Victoria Babinsky)

Fold along the diagonals and unfold Fold in half and unfold Fold in half and unfold Fold the bottom and top corners to the center Fold the top and bottom edges to the center Fold the left and right corners Fold and unfold the bottom right corner Fold again while making a reverse fold Bring a layer to the front Rotate and repeat Mountain-fold along the existing creases Fold like a waterbomb base Fold the points One unit finished
Fold 30 units Insert the tab of one unit into the pocket of another unit Add a third unit They will be locked when 3 units are connected Keep connecting more units the same way When there are enough units, make a 5 pointed star Keep connecting more units and forming more stars Cookiecutter finished!

81 thoughts on “Origami Cookiecutter – remake (Victoria Babinsky)

  1. Made this one a few years ago and just wanted to fold it again. Could not find the instructions so was pleased to find it here. I like the stars in the open spaces

  2. Yes, it is called clover, I follow "happy folding.com" and it was one of the models presented by Sarah Adams, I love her presentations…

  3. Thanks Wolzen for having provided the link, I am still struggling with the comments and am not sure if you get this…

  4. Love your tutorials, I just made the clover kusudama. Are there any other models or modular figures that have good utilization of the double-sided paper? 

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  6. Thanks for the tutorial, Jo.  The model is really beautiful.  I made it using a thicker origami, much like the one you used, and it made a big difference when I was assembling the pieces.  Thanks!

  7. its kinda weird how he's very slow and shows the folds very clearly in these kusudama videos whereas during the complex models he folds really really quick and barely slows down at any point

  8. Thanks for the tutorial, I thought it could bend so I squeezed it and it blew up. So I just put double sided tape inside an not it can bend

  9. Meu origami só cresce para os lados não consigo fazer com que eles se encontrem, o que estou fazendo de errado ?

  10. whats cool about this model is if you make it with 10cm by 10cm paper and glue all the modules together is becomes a good ball to play with 🙂

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