Origami Christmas Tutorial / Fold with Felix: Corona Star (Maria Sinayskaya)

Origami Christmas Tutorial / Fold with Felix: Corona Star (Maria Sinayskaya)

[Felix] In this video we will show you
how to fold this star. [Sara] Exactly. Maria Sinayskaya
designed it and it’s called “Corona Star”. Exactly. We need 8 sheets of paper. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8! And they all have to be square. That means they are as wide as they are long. And look, how large is the star we’ll create? If you put this tip on this corner of the sheet – and there then you can see that the diameter of the star is exactly as long as the diagonal of this square. Yes?
[Felix] Yes. Great! Ok, we have to fold 8 modules
and all of them look the same. Felix, do you want to fold a dark green or a light green module? [Felix] Um, a dark one.
[Sara] Good! [Sara] Then you’ll take a dark green sheet
and I’ll take a light green one. We’ll start with the color side up and the white side is on the reverse. Let’s briefly look at the star again. You can see a pretty white star in the center. And these points will be light and dark green on our star. And the reverse of the star is beautiful, too, isn’t it? [Felix] Yes. [Sara] So, we’ll start with the color side up and now we want to put this corner on the other one, ok?
[Felix] Yes. Let’s put the two corners on top of each other. Like this we’ll crease exactly along the diagonal of this square. Yes. Very good! Good. And now we’ll unfold the paper again. Like this. And then we’ll rotate it. Exactly. And now – take a look – we’ll take this corner and put it on that corner, but this time, Felix, we’ll fold from one corner up to the middle only and no farther, ok? So, we’ll go all the way to the top, all the way and then fold to just – exactly – from the corner up to the central crease line here. Stop! Exactly! And then we’ll unfold again. Now we have to flip it over,
so that the white side is up. And this crease we just made, is in the bottom. Exactly, perfect. And now we have to take this raw edge and fold it so that we create a tip here and here – look – this edge lies exactly on the crease line we just created. No, take a look here, Felix. Don’t start the tip here, but there. But if it’s easier for you like this,
we can rotate the paper. Then you can form the tip here, ok? [Felix] Um, like this? [Sara] Look, like this. This is the central crease line, which is folded halfway only. And then you have to fold the paper in like this. [Sara] Ok?
[Felix] Ok. [Sara] Good. Ok, I’ll rotate my paper, too,
so that it looks just like yours, Felix. Like this. Yes. May I help you correct the crease a little? [Felix] Yes. [Sara] This looks pretty good already, but we want this tip to be very precise, so that we have nice tips in the finished star. So we’ll move the paper over a little, so that there’s a nice tip here and then we’ll stregthen the crease. Exactly. Very good. And now take the other side and also fold it in. Mhm. That looks really good already. Try to avoid a white gap here. Exactly. You can hold it with one hand up here. Very good. And then make a strong crease. Good! Now let’s rotate the model, so that the tip points up. And then we’ll take the right flap and unfold it, but just the right one. Exactly. And now Look, can you see the crease line here? [Felix] Yes. [Sara] We’ll make a mountain fold there. There’s no crease here yet. Let’s just add it. Well, can you take a look what we can do? [Felix] Like this?
[Sara] Let’s flip it over first. [Sara] Look, Felix.
[Felix] But I’ve got it already. [Sara] Yes. And then [Felix] Like this?
[Sara] Take a look, if you put it on the table, it’s easier. Can you put it on the table again? [Felix] But I want to fold it like this now. [Sara] But it’s a bit harder. [Felix] That doesn’t matter. [Sara] That doesn’t matter? Ok, if you hold it like that, then you have to press here. Press, press, press and then continue pressing to the left, so that you create a nice crease. [Felix] Up until here? [Sara] Up until here. And then press press press press press press. Exactly, very good. Now we’ll take just a single layer of paper and then we’ll take this edge here and align it with this line. And we want a nice tip again. You did that really well. Ok. We now also want this small white star in the center. If we don’t want it, then we can skip the next step.
But we want it, don’t we? [Felix] Uh-huh. [Sara] Good. That’ why we’ll unfold this again and then we’ll fold here…
[Felix] Um, how? [Sara] Here, along here, yes, exactly.
[Felix] Ah, ok. [Sara] And then we’ll fold the paper in like this. And then check that this edge is aligned exactly with that edge. Then the crease should start exactly at this crease line. Look. At this one. A tip should appear there. Exactly. Like this. Look, your paper is bent a little. And then we’ll fold this in again And then we have to make a strong crease here. [Felix] Um, mommy. [Sara] Here, along this crease line, which you already have. Are you a bit unsatisfied? Do you want us to adjust the crease a little? [Felix] Yes.
[Sara] Ok. [Felix] Like this. Because before this was a bit underneath. [Sara] Ah, ok. And now we’ll fold it up, exactly. [Felix] Like this?
[Sara] Along the crease line you already have. The one from before. Exactly. And then press flat. That’s right. Now we’ll do a flip, like this. And now look very closely, Felix. Look, there’s a small pocket here.
Can you see it? [Felix] Yes.
[Sara] You want to go inside this pocket up to this crease here. The paper will want to open up like this. Ok? Now we’ll lay it on the table again. I just wanted to show you what is about to happen. [Felix] And here’s a Mickey Mouse. [Sara] And there’s a Mickey Mouse, ok. Ok, now we’ll go in here so that we can fold along here. You have to go in a bit farther. Like this. And then, look, we’ll fold the paper in like this, along this existing crease, exactly. And now? Look. Can you see that. We’ve got this paper here. We want to take it and flatten it so that the edge is aligned with the center. There’s a crease here already,
so it should be fairly easy. Very good. And now? Look, now put your module exactly next to mine. [Felix] It’s a bit farther here-
[Sara] That’s ok. And now our first module is done. Ok? We’ll unfold this again. We have to collapse this again later. [Sara] Here, use your finger so that the paper opens up again. Very good. Very good, now we have to fold it again. So that we have 8 modules in the end. Ok, do we want to fold another one?
[Felix] Yes. [Sara] Do you want to sit on your knees? Then you can fold so that you can nicely see it
in the camera’s picture here. Do you want to fold another dark green one
or a light green one this time? [Felix] I’ll alternate. [Sara] Ok, then I’ll take a dark green one this time and you’ll take a light green one. Very good. Look, here you can check if your paper is always nicely visible, ok? Can you see it?
[Felix] Yes! [Sara] You have to fold pretty far up. Can you do it?
[Felix] But I can’t do it like that. [Sara] You can’t do it like that? Should we move the camera then? Djup djup djup djup djup djup djup djup Is this better? [Felix] Yes. [Sara] Ok, do you still remember the first step? [Felix] Yes, like this.
[Sara] Sehr gut! And the second step? [Felix] Unfold. [Sara] Correct. And then?
[Felix] I don’t remember. [Sara] We have to rotate it. [Sara] And then?
[Felix] And then like this! [Sara] Exactly. But just up to the center, right? [Felix] Up until here?
[Sara] No, not like this. [Sara] This corner on that corner, but when we crease, we just crease up to the central crease line.
[Felix] Ok. [Sara] Uh-huh. [Felix] Reached it.
[Sara] Very good. Exactly, you’ve reached it. And now we have to flip it on the white side. [Felix] Like this!
[Sara] And then It was easier for you to fold the tip in the bottom.
So you have to check that this line is in the top. Exactly. And then we’ll fold the edge in like this. Do you know what to do? [Felix] Like this?
[Sara] Yes, first check whether you’ve got it aligned with the correct crease line. Yes. Then you can add the crease. Very nice. Now repeat the same step on the other side. [Felix] It overlaps a little.
[Sara] That’s ok. Ok, so now we have –
[Felix] And here? [Sara] Shall we correct it a little?
[Felix] Yes. [Sara] So that the tip looks nicer? [Felix] Yes.
[Sara] Like this. But you already did a pretty good job. Now we have to rotate it and then unfold the right flap. Now. This time we’ll flip it over. Like this. And than we’ll fold it up and add a strong crease. Yes. Yes. Look, if you move a bit over here then it’s easier to see what you’re doing in the video. Exactly. Very good. But now we want to look at this side. [Felix] Like this?
[Sara] Yes, exactly. Now we’ll take just the top layer of paper and we’ll take this edge and fold it up. [Felix] Like this? [Sara] Yes.
[Felix] Up until here? [Sara] No, look, all the way to the top. Yes, exactly! Uh-huh. Wow, you’re creating a superb tip! Uh-huh. Yes, very good. Look, you have to fold here where the crease forms. You don’t have to flatten the paper up here. Exactly. Very good. Now we have to unfold it again, because we want to have a small white star in the center. Like this. Now we have to – exactly! You remembered that nicely. Fold it in like this. Good. Very good. And then we’ll refold it. This creates a small white space here. And that will form the white star in the center. Yes. [Felix] Do I have to fold this?
[Sara] Yes, that’s exactly right. [Felix] Which one is nicer now? [Sara] Oh, they both look great! Now, let’s flip it over again. Exactly. Now we’ll slide our finger into this small pocket again, so that we can open up the model here and close it up elsewhere. This top area we’ll close and this area we’ll open so that we can press it flat towards the side. [Felix] And now I have to open it up again. [Sara] And now we have to open it up again. And then 4 modules are done already! We’re halfway there now. Like this, ok? Now, which paper do you want to use this time? Again…?
[Felix] Dark green! [Sara] And I’ll use light green again.
[Felix] Du du du du… [music playing]
[“Ask Rufus” by Audionautix] [Sara] We’ve completed all 8 modules. Now we have to assemble them. Do you want to put them together? [Felix] I’ll assemble these and you those. [Sara] And then we have to put the rest together, ok. Ok, let’s first take a light green and a dark green module. I’ll hold it like you, so that it’s in the same order. Let’s take this light green one and insert it into this pocket, like this. Look, Felix, it has to lie like this. Can you see it? This edge has to be inserted like this, so that the angle is correct. So you have to turn it a little more. Let’s put your model in the frame, so we can show everyone what’s challenging you.
This is how you’re holding it right now. Now you have to turn it, like this.
Turn, turn, turn, turn, turn. Ah, perfect. Ok? And look, remember the last step we unfolded? We have to refold that step, but the creases are already there, so it shouldn’t be too hard.
We just have to be careful that it all fits inside here. Yes, exactly. And this section – remember? – it was open a little. Exactly. And now? Now we’ve got a light green module here, so we need to take a dark green one next. We’ll insert it into this pocket just like before. [Felix] Turn, Turn, turn.
[Sara] Yes, turn, turn, turn. Very good. And then collapse these folds again. Sometimes you have to insert your finger like this. May I show you? Sometimes you have to insert your finger right here, so that you can press the paper inside, ok? And then we’ll close it up.
Very good. And now we’ll add another light green module. We’ll insert it here again – let’s see –
[Felix] Turn, turn turn. [Sara] so it’s rotated exactly correctly.
[Felix] Done! [Sara] Exactly. And then collapse. Nice. Now we have to put together the two stars, because we have no modules left. May I have your star? [Felix] Yes.
[Sara] Your half a star. And I also have half a star. Here’s a dark green and here’s a light green module, so let’s put those together. Look, here it overlaps a bit. We’ll take care of that in a second. Look, I’m inserting it like before. Can you see that? Then we’ll lift this area so that we can collapse the last step again. Like this. Now our star almost looks done. [Felix] Yes.
[Sara] Except for this, right? [Felix] Yes.
[Sara] That looks a bit off still. Let’s turn it like this, so that it points upwards again. [Felix] I’ll do that.
[Sara] Like before. And now look. Here’s one part of the star and here’s the other part. And this other part has to go in here.
[Felix] Yes! [Sara] So we have to bring it to the front. Look, we’ll do it very carefully. We’ll take this and bring it to the front. Oi, we did it! Phew! And now you have to – yes, take a look Felix. Stop for a second. What we’ll do now is twist it inside like this. Ok? Can you do it?
[Felix] Ok. [Sara] In, exactly. And now we have to check that it’s in the correct angle again. Then this hole will become tiny. Tapp, tapp, tapp, like this. And then you can collapse this again. Uh-huh. This. And right here. Ok? [Sara and Felix] Wow! [Sara] Look, the star now looks like this. Do you want to see what it looks like on the other side? Oh! Wow!
[Felix] And on the other – [Sara] That’s a beautiful star! [Felix] Whi… which…
[Sara] And here, too. [Felix] …star do you like better, mommy? [Sara] I think I like
the green one better, the one we folded together.
[Felix] Me, too. [Sara] Beautiful! Ok. Do you remember what the star is called? [Felix] No. [Sara] Do you remember who designed it? [Felix] Um…
[Sara] Do you want me to whisper it in your ear? [Felix] Yes.
[Sara] Ok. [Sara] Say it.
[Felix] Corona Star by Maria Sinayskaya. [Sara] Exactly, by Maria Sinayskaya,
very good. We hope you had fun folding this superb star with us. [Felix] And we wish you happy folding!

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  1. Thank you for sharing Felix with me. Your both adorable and although I can’t understand a word I do understand how to fold Corona Star. Merry Christmas to you both.

  2. What a great tutorial 🙂 You and Felix did an amazing job, I really like the green colours that you used.

    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 🎄🎁 🙂

  3. Danke für deine Hilfe, Herr Felix. Ich habe alles verstanden und war froh, dass du hast mit deiner Mutter gefaltet. Was für ein schöner Stern! 🙂

  4. Super job Felix! You listened carefully and folded a beautiful star. Wishing you and your Mum and Dad a very Merry Christmas!

  5. Wow, Felix, das hast du SUPER gemacht! So ein schöner Stern! Ich wünsche dir und deiner Familie fröhliche Weihnachten!

  6. Sara ist das was anderes für dich so ein Video auf deutsch zu machen als auf Englisch? Es ist richtig gut geworden so verstehe ich das alles jedenfals! 😂😂 Englisch ist ein bisschen schwer für mich machst das aber gut.😄😃😁😂😂

  7. Danke für dieses Video! Deine Art mit Felix umzugehen spricht für sich und begeistert mich. Ich könnte Romane darüber schreiben 🙂

  8. Meine Kids und ich fanden euer gemeinsames Tutorial super!!! Zu sehen, dass die eigenen Kinder ebenfalls Spaß an Origami haben, ist wirklich schön und ihr beiden seid ein tolles Team! Felix ist im Hinblick auf die Feinmotorik übrigens sehr geschickt… muss wohl genetisch bedingt sein 😁… Vielen Dank, lieber Felix und liebe Sara, für das anschauliche Tutorial. LG Gabriela

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