Origami Christmas Tree Cardmaking tutorial with Elizabeth Craft Design

Origami Christmas Tree Cardmaking tutorial with Elizabeth Craft Design

hi welcome to Hedgehog Hollow it’s Sunday
stamping time with Elizabeth craft designs and today we can be making these
gorgeous origami trees I love how they look we’ve got three different
variations to share with you so let’s get started today we’re going to be making origami
Christmas tree cards and I’ve got a few variations to share with you this is one
idea that I had I left the points so there’s lots of dimension that you can
see there in those points I put piles on here and I put smaller pearls on each of
these points as well I’ve used a strip of brown cardstock which we’ll be doing
– this was a piece of 12 by 12 paper from Elizabeth craft some of their soft
finish cardstock and so I scored it at four inches all the way along it’s five
and a half tall and then I’d I cut a circle just using some basic circle dies
that I have here from scrapbook comm and then I used the moder scrap it’s
Christmas time paper I put adhesive all over this panel here and popped it on
there and then I die cut the circle on that middle panel so there was a piece
this side and a piece this side and I put the paper in the middle this flap I
then folded under which is what I’ve put the tree on and I used the candy cane
wishes from the Elizabeth crafts sentiment set called holiday cheer
because everything will be linked underneath the video for you as well
then for another idea I did this one here I put a red bow around a piece of
Desert Storm cardstock in gold hair it says all is calm all is bright and then
I made the same tree and I used some glue dots to glue down the points of the
trees has a little bit better if it’s going through the mail this is great for
a hand-delivered card or maybe you want to put it in a card box you try to paint
a regular envelope that’s a really great way to go and then I’ve put my die
Monte’s here one at the top one on each of those points and on here again that
brown piece and then I die cut some ovals again using the nested ovals from
the scrapbook comm and for this I use in the mode of scrap white Christmas
collection paper and again on this one I show I should just show you I put a star
on the top with a green pearl on the top there now we are going to be doing the
same tree we’re going to be using the mode let it snow and for each of these
you need four squares of paper now I use two co-ordinating papers you could do it
all out one paper or you could do it in four different papers so
if you want to do it in two papers in your first design you’re going to make a
3×3 square and you’re going to make a 2×2 square in your second paper you’re
going to making a two-and-a-half inch square piece and a one and a half inch
square piece so we have three and three inches square two inches square
two-and-a-half inches square one and a half inches square as well now for each
of these you’re going to want to fold it in half lengthways and I have my bone
folder and after much trying out I do prefer the Teflon bone folder I prefer
the fold it makes and I don’t seem to get any marks or anything on my card and
this one I think is one that I got from Ellen Hudson and I’ll link that up for
you as well and then we’re going to do a both diagonals so to do it one way and
this you want to be quite precise with so you want a good paper trimmer my
favorite one is the cutter P which will be in my favorite craft supplies for
2017 and I have it in the smaller and the larger size so again and now you’re
going to do the same thing on all four squares so now we have these put together we can
make our treat pieces so you want to fold it in half on the straight fold and
then when we have these two pieces here you’re gonna fold that inward so you
then get the point so again I’m just gonna kind of push that up and then just
push that piece in and then you want to fold these pieces back so that this
straight piece is along that Center fold there you’ll have one piece down here
and then again on this piece here and then just grab your bone folder and firm
those folds up so let’s do the next one so again we have a straight fold we’re
gonna push that piece in here and we’re gonna push that piece in there then
we’re going to take our piece I just layer and you’re gonna fold in again I
find it easier if I put my nail on that point at the top it helps me fold that
paper in the Elizabeth craft paper is really nice it’s not quite a cardstock
and it’s not a really thin paper it’s got a really nice thickness to it and
out of one piece of 6×6 you could get I reckon three cards using the
coordinating method so two different ones if you are using all the same paper
out for 6×6 I would think you could get one and a half from it at least if not a
little bit more as well so you can make a lot that a one pack of paper and they
have some beautiful Christmas papers here and so you can see how quickly
these come together and I think they look so effective if you’ve been
card-making for a long time you may have made these a few years ago they were
really fashionable for a time and I found one in my drawer and I thought I
must make one of those again I’ve got so many pretty papers from Elizabeth crafts
so there’s our four pieces for our tree so now we can assemble our tree together
and for that I’m going to use my Elizabeth craft double-sided tape I
prefer the slightly thicker one for doing this and I tend to just tear off a
piece like this and then I start by sticking it on here at the bottom and
fold it back then we’re going to take our second one
and I’m going to put it in the pistol pocket here so then we pop our second
one in here and it depends how far apart you want them but you want your lines
here to line up all the way that’s the important piece then I’m going to make
sure I’ve just caught that second one and we’ll put the third one on this
catch that one fold it back and again the same all the way up to the top and
then it’s really easy to just tear this off off on this side so that’s all
completed tree I also have pre-cut my card base half a piece of Neenah solar
white trimmed in half into my base I pre-cut
another piece out of that let it snow paper and I cut that using the my
favorite things stacks the really great basic set that I have there just a fun
little detail but there are lots of ways as you can see that I have put these
together pictures will all be on the blog as well as the end of the video so
you can pin those on to your Pinterest boards and of course they’ll be on the
Hedgehog holo boards as well whenever I mount up I open up my piece of card
stock and then I pop this is springy I have a smaller piece cut as well I put
some foam on the back of all ready to give it some extra dimension and so will
layer up that too and now we want a piece of our brown
this is just a one inch strip and I’m just trimming a little piece off to make
our tree stump again I’m gonna take some of that
Elizabeth craft tape perfect to just tear along the bottom there and we want
to pop this inside of our tree like so and then we’re going to stick our whole
tree it down like this so there’s our tree stuck on I’m gonna leave this one
as a dimensional but if you want to go with the method that I used on this one
if you’re putting it through the mail and I don’t want the extra postage on
there then just put some glue dots under each of these bottom tips so just open
it up here pop a glue dot on here you can see there and then you’ll be able to
stick each one of these down for this I’m just going to take my bone folder
and just firm up those folds even more but I really like the dimension that you
get particularly the way sort of jumps off the card and really feels like a
lovely snowy piece I’m going to add some gems on I have a sheet of gems here and
I put one at the top of the tree so you could either die cutter star as I did on
one of the previous ones or you can pop a gem on the top like this you could do
a colored Jam I like the look of the silver particularly on here so I’m going
to just go down each of those edges popping a gem on Thanks and the same down the other side just a
little bit of added bling and I’m also going to add still up the
gems in the middle lab just press the piece down and pop the gem on like so so
there’s our finished Christmas tree and here are our other two as well all the
pictures as I say available to pin on the blog and on the aircraft designs
blog as well so do check those out plus full supply lists or below the video and
on the blogs as well thanks so much for joining me here today for another
installment of sunday stamping we love being here with elizabeth craft designs
and we’ll be back with you again next month for some more inspiration don’t
forget to hit that subscribe button or stamp it if you prefer and I will see
you again very soon happy stamping bye

13 thoughts on “Origami Christmas Tree Cardmaking tutorial with Elizabeth Craft Design

  1. Hi Alexandra, I am loving this paper folding technique and what a beautiful effect is this Origami Christmas Tree, I love it !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  2. OMG What Gorgeous Cards!!! It was so much fun watching you create your Origami Christmas tree and being able to see your total creation come to life!! All of your ideas are brilliant and sure make for Magnificent cards!! Your Tutorial was Outstanding and thanks for sharing your Tremendously Terrific Tips, Tricks & Techniques. YOU so ROCK!!

    Joan Smith

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