Origami Christmas tree Box -3 Variations : : Caja Remolino

Origami Christmas tree Box -3 Variations : : Caja Remolino

This is Leyla Torres of OrigamiSpirit.com In this video you’ll be learning this lovely origami box. It has the basic shape of a pyramid, and it can be done in three different presentations. For more ideas visit our website at OrigamiSpirit.com Modifying some folds at the end, this box can have three different presentations. One, features a little flower at the top. One is called Mount Fuji, and it has a white top. And one that looks like a Christmas tree. We can add a little star. Here you’ll learn the three presentations. For these and this variations, we need paper of different color on each side. For the Christmas tree, we need paper of the same color on both sides. If we have paper of 2 colors, we begin with the white up. We will make a couple of folds at the center. Bring the lower edge to match the upper edge. We will fold from 1/4 of the distance out to the right and from 1/4 of the distance out to the left Just by eye. We repeat on this side. We could fold all the way across, but we are going to leave the center with no marks to create a firmer base. Rotate and make the diagonal marks. Again, creasing from 1/4 of the distance out to the right. and 1/4 of the distance out to the left. We repeat on this side. We are going to bring the lower corner to the center. But the center is not obvious, so our guidelines will be these two marks. Bring the corner up and match these edges with the folds underneath. Pinch mark. Unfold, bring the point to the pinch mark. Pinch mark again. We repeat on the other three corners. We bring the lower corner across to this pinch mark. Here we have an intersection. We will fold only between these two diagonals. We repeat on the other three sides. If this line is a little short, we can fold again and mark all the way to create a corner. That will be the corner of the base. Rotate and we will fold like so, making sure that we don’t mark at the center. We are going to fold from the corner of the base up to this pinch mark. We fold it as a mountain; it’s easier to visualize. We turn it over. We align this edge with that fold that we just made. Make a sharp crease. We keep the paper on this side and we are going to repeat here. From here to here. Mountain fold… We turn it over and bring this edge to that fold. We have this on this side, exactly the same as on this side. Unfold. Rotate and we are going to fold on this side and repeat it here. Unfold and open. We can see the base at the center here. This is the basic fold for the three different variations. First I show this. We pinch from the sides. Keep in mind that this is the base. It will remain flat. We close. When we press here we can see a pyramid forming. And we fold each flap following a crease that we already have there. With our palm we can softly press here and twist. We have the first box. We will do the same for these two. We see color change at the top because it’s double sided paper. And here we just see the same color. To finish it like this we need to hold it here. We twist all the way. So that a fold we have there will align with the edge of the pyramid. …as far as we can take it and once they align, We can press here and set the crease. And then we fold this flap underneath. We unfold it for the moment, go around and repeat. This is aligning… This is the last one, we can leave the flap underneath, and proceed to tuck in the others. Nice and tight. The Christmas tree box is almost the same as this, but a little looser. We twist. We have this fold there. We do not align this line with this edge. We just leave a little distance here. Flatten that. Tuck this in. Take it out and go around [doing the same] This tab is a little smaller and this flaps are a little looser. creating the illusion of the branches. Tuck the flaps underneath. We can add a star with a pin. If you like this video, subscribe to our Youtube Channel for free updates when new videos are posted.

25 thoughts on “Origami Christmas tree Box -3 Variations : : Caja Remolino

  1. clever object, well taught.This lovely design does not seem to qualify as a box, but I look forward to making it. Thank you.

  2. What a beautiful idea, I will make it for Christmas dinner decoration, thank you so much-muchas gracias. Spend a nice day, Gabi

  3. gracias Leyla voy a hacerlas mañana la 3 sin falta.gracias por seguir encendiendo esta pasión por el origami🎆🎆🎇🎇🎆👌🎁


  5. This must be the best Christmas box I have ever folded…though mine looks a bit squashed! But it is filled with love! I have already thought of a few people that would love this model box and I might fill it with a cute little gift as well!!! Thank you so much and have a very Merry Christmas! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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