16 thoughts on “Origami Celtic Brooch (José Meeusen)

  1. This channel has been a main part in my childhood you helped me learn there is more things to do other than sit down ad playing video games so I thank you for that

  2. I remember first watching you when I was 8 now i'm graduating in 2 years. Its really cool of you to still do videos from time to time.

  3. I love your videos / they are very clear, well done and I can keep up! I now do a lot more origami thanks to you. I would love to try some more animal models, i would just want some guidance or recommendation for a model. Maybe even a tutorial like the one of the Origami Frog.

  4. Try to make a compound of five tetrahedron by meenakshi mukerji the meenakshi's design is exquisite modular origami volume 2 put it on tutorial

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