89 thoughts on “ORIGAMI CAPYBARA / GUINEA PIG (Jo Nakashima)

  1. Amigo, sou seu fã há vários anos! Faço origami há mais de 40 anos. Adoro seus tutoriais de origami que, para mim, são os melhores do YouTube. Gosto de tudo quanto é tipo de origami, mas em especial os de animais e os de flores. Parabéns pelo seu canal!!!

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  3. My hobby is origami and i get guinea pigs and at the moment when you post the video i was searching for "origami guinea pig" and then i saw the video. Nice timing(to me it is a guinea pig so yeah…)

  4. Can you tell some tips for how to make own origami design. I have created my first origami design – heron bird. But can you give some more useful tips. Thank you 🙂

  5. Do you create all these origami by own or learn it from somewhere elseあなたは自分自身でこれらすべての折り紙を作成しますか、それとも他のどこかからそれを学びますか/

  6. Yay! New origami tutorial from my favorite channel!! I love the detail in this model and I look forward to folding it!!

  7. Yeah, you did it very nice, and it all it took, was 22:54 minutes. With a massive intense thinking what the next step is.

  8. Your films are always amazing. I value your work and like you I would like to have so many subscribers. I hope I can do it!

  9. Solo hago machos por qué si hago de distintos géneros se me llenará la casa de papel con forma de conejo :,v

  10. I really appreciate the precision of your folding. Your corners are clean, lines are crisp, and everything lines up tidily. It’s a pleasure to watch.

  11. Dobrei com papel 15×15, específico pra origami, sofri, a recomendação 20×20 que o Jo fez é importantíssima.

  12. Beautiful work. I got frustrated when you made the complex folds for what eventually became the legs/feet. Next time I'll try with a larger piece of paper

  13. Bạn hướng dẫn rất chi tiết, ai đã xem cũng có thể làm được, cám ơn bạn vì video hay nhé👍

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  15. Very nice model, great folding sequence, as always a splendid tutorial – I really enjoyed folding it – fantastic!

  16. Will you make a Cockcroch with paper ?? If you can , please try to make it sir. I am a big fan of you.
    Thank you

  17. It’s crazy how long this channel has been doing this. I remember watching in 5th grade and now I’m a senior in Highschool.

  18. perdon, pero carpincho y conejillo de indias son dos animales distintos.. 😛 carpincho is capybara… y conejillo de indias is guinea pig.. check it out.

  19. Hi, I love your channel and your models because I know I can trust you and that your video are not clickbaits

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