Origami by Rodney Zieseniss | Fans of the Wizarding World

Origami by Rodney Zieseniss | Fans of the Wizarding World

Hi everyone. Follow me as we delve
further into the Wizarding World… OK so this all came about following my – I can’t actually remember how many times I watched Fantastic Beasts – but as you’ll notice in the film there are these cute little fat origami, in the MACUSA wand permit office, and I thought that’s such
a cute little thing to do, I wonder if I can make that? So I was like searching, searching, searching – and I found a little tutorial of how to make it and I did! And I thought I’d show you this one – it’s
so cute! And I was like having a little play with it and folding it, and it was quite
difficult to actually make but it did actually come out quite well I think. Here’s a little bit of magic… And it got me thinking, I was like, I wonder if there’s any other origami in the Wizarding World films? Obviously Harry Potter…
And do you know, there was! There were lots actually, and I’m made them! So let’s first start with the Weasley Howler in the second film. I mean this is quite easy to do, actually. I printed this little ribbon tongue for the Howler. Yeah, so Ronald Weasley! Yes so that’s that one. Moving to the Prisoner of Azkaban, there are actually two but I did
actually struggle to make the envelope one but if you’ll notice when Draco
sends the little bullying message – don’t condone bullying – but the little
crane that flies over to him. But I wanted it to flap itself like do magic,
but I couldn’t manage to do it, just pretend. But then I moved – so obviously yeah, still obsessed – so I’m going through obviously the films to see and I got to
the fourth film Goblet of Fire and was thinking actually there’s not much, actually any
origami in this, I was like scrolling through, scrolling through it until I got to
the name selections from the Goblet of Fire and out popped Fleur’s name and I
was like yeah, this is a good one I’m going to make this as well. Obviously gold
with a name on it, that obviously Dumbledore reads, so that was
that one. And then I going through I was like okay, now on a roll, so this is the fourth film, let’s move to the fifth film. So Iwas going through, going through and then yeah, there is more origami! So then there’s the interdepartmental memo that flies around and again, maybe not strictly origami, but
it took a lot of folding to do so I was like in my eyes that’s origami. And
yeah that was really cool, obviously the gold tint that flies around… yeah it’s really nice. Actually this is like, I’m making a whole proper collection. So
then that was that one. So then we get to the sixth film where quite a happened. I
was thinking, there’s not going to be a lot of origami in this and yes, there was origami in it. So right the very end, when Harry gives Hermione the fake Slytherin locket and she opens it up and inside is a little note. Yes a little note that
RAB, and you know puts for the Dark Lord. Yeah so that was in there and quite
actually easy to make. Yeah really easy, that goes inside the locket, and then, that’s
that one. So moving to the last film, this is 7b or 7.2 whichever you refer to it.
Watching both films trying to find the origami because obviously I’m so obsessed trying to find all the bits to fold and it came up right at the very end when obviously the
trio is now grown up, sending their children off to Hogwarts, which is
actually going to happen this year, which I’m very excited about, it’s happening in September, anyway side note. Going back to the origami which is
flying around the train is the little bird that we actually saw in the fifth film, which actually Umbridge kills. That was actually tricky as well to do. But it was
actually fun. Pretty much the whole January I’ve been folding origami but I’ve
had lots and lots of fun doing it because it just is so much origami in it.
But I didn’t think I’d do a tutorial because tutorials can be quite long, but if you
would like to see a tutorial on any of the origami that’s featured in here, go to my channel which you can find as rodneyz1, find this video
and make a comment in the section saying which one you’d like to see and then a
future video can be that. And you too can make any other origami that I’ve done in
this video. If you have liked this video please like and subscribe to my channel
for more wizarding world content and that’s it!

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  1. I love this video, he really reminds me of eddie redmayne & his personality just makes me smile, i can't seem to find his channel, can anyone help?😊

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