Origami Butterfly v2 (Jo Nakashima)

Origami Butterfly v2 (Jo Nakashima)

Fold in half Unfold Fold in half vertically Unfold Fold the right side
Make only a small crease Repeat on the left side Valley-fold to the crease you just made Unfold Repeat on the left side Unfold Turn over Fold between the existing creases Unfold Turn over Fold the bottom edge a little bit ABOVE the middle line Fold the top edge a little bit BELOW the middle line Fold in half Valley-fold Turn over Valley-fold Turn over Start a crease from the top left corner and squash-fold
(no reference point on the right side) Open and reverse-fold Valley-fold Cover the point under the other layer Valley-fold the corner Repeat on the other side Squash-fold Open and reverse-fold Valley-fold Cover the point with the other layer Valley-fold the corner Reverse-fold the corners Valley-fold Repeat on the other side to flatten the model Reverse-fold the corners Reverse-fold Open the wings Press the body to shape it Butterfly finished!

78 thoughts on “Origami Butterfly v2 (Jo Nakashima)

  1. one day you should upload a video where you show us the model from the thumbnail but when you begin to fold, you show us a completly different model to fold. like you show us a dragon but you showed us how to fold a shark

  2. wow! I'm so impressed by the way you fold the paper! I mean like, you're doing it so well off! How long do you do origami?

  3. faz um origami de zunbi the walkn dead um dos meus sonhos e conhecer o elenco e participar dessa serie maravilhosa que e !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jo, You inspired me to try Origami and I liked it as my hobby. When I get bored, I make Origami especially when a new Origami video comes from your Channel. Keep up the Good Work Jo! 🙂

  5. jo nakasina um dia quero te conher so tenho 13anos mas um dia quero fazer origamis como vc e sabia que vou ter ate um canal de origami !!!!!!!!

  6. Wow que linda sua borboleta. Tenho uma pregunta, quanto tempo precisa você para criar um modelo novo de origami?

  7. Around the 3:55 mark it becomes far too difficult to tell what you are doing, and the diagrams do not help. I've been pausing and rewinding this tutorial for an hour, and all I have gotten out of it is wasted time and paper. You move a bit too fast when someone is trying to break this down step by step.

  8. If i can get 250 subs by february 22 ill do a 24hr livestream of origami models simplified, subscribe for the stream guys!

  9. after 7:00 it gets really hard i dunno even if i did it right but below that its pretty easy
    liked subscribed good job mine does not look as good as yours so i thought i did something wrong. 🙂

  10. Despite following carefully and double checking each step mine does not look right. The instructions for folding at angles with no reference points are too vague and affect the overall shape.

  11. Just when your creative patience thinks you are done there are some last minute most tricky folds!
    Also difficult to find your special paper.
    Will try till I get it right.

  12. I love your channel and I think your Models are really creative.
    And now I am stuck at 07:06. My model just doesn't look like yours.

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