Origami Bride – remake (Jo Nakashima)

Origami Bride – remake (Jo Nakashima)

Valley-fold the corner and unfold Fold the right side to the crease and unfold Fold the right side to the crease you just made and unfold Fold the left side to the crease you just made and unfold Fold the left side to the crease you just made and unfold Make a pinch mark on the half of the square Fold from the corner to the pinch mark Make a pinch at the intersection Use this intersection as a reference point to divide the square into thirds Accordion fold Divide into thirds horizontally Fold the diagonals of the middle square on the 9th segment Fold and unfold this segment in half Fold and unfold the 14th segment in half Mountain-fold along the long lines Make a little waterbomb base Fold the diagonals of side squares to make the arms Fold 1.5 blocks at the bottom behind Fold the diagonals of the rectangles Fold the flap to lock the base Fold diagonals of the side squares of the head Fold similarly Shape the body Fold two segments Bride finished!

98 thoughts on “Origami Bride – remake (Jo Nakashima)

  1. I can't see you know when you fold the paper zig-zag can you make a other youtube vid. show the same remake but diffrent backround/paper color? Btw good video except the color can't see it Thanks alot! 🙂

  2. Jo, você poderia ensinar a fazer as letras do começo do video?? se você já ensinou, qual é o link?

  3. I made it on my first try… but i kind of got annoyed trying to get her to stand up straight, but i got her to stand straight now. Also, for some reason, the veil on her is shorter than the veil on yours.

  4. If u do this with white paper than your surface must be take in different color.its very difficult to see what you do..because your table and paper both r white.so next time remember it.

  5. Can you make another one? I cant see what your doing. So, Please make another one with different color. So I can create easily. Thank you.

  6. podrias hacer una mujer, no a peach, sino solo a una chica, asi como con pantalones, con su pelito, su brasos, lo que sea de cada quien pero tiene que ser chica^w^ por favor, asi como la de aqui, pero con piernas, no con vestido ok??
                                    by: vocado

  7. Achei muito bonito. Consegui fazer, mas achei que ficou pequeno, gostaria de fazer para colocar no meu bolo de casamento. Vou tentar dobrar as medidas para ver se fica com um tamanho melhor. Parabéns pelo seu trabalho!

  8. OMG!!!! I'm so mad!!! My mom thought I made an angel and now she threw my 1 hour bride away!!! 🙁 not I'm in my bathroom crying,,,

  9. いつも ありがとうございます。

    センスが良くて しっかりした折り紙、いつも 参考にして作らせていただいてます。

  10. bride de jo nakasia, tradução: noiva de jo nakasia… não fiz jo… faz com o papel colorido não faz branco não tá se não eu não dou link

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