Origami Box

Origami Box

Hello, and Welcome to our Origami Box video. The Origami Box is a traditional origami that is very useful Start with a square of origami paper, color side down. Make a mountain fold along one centerline as shown. Crease well. Next make a mountain fold along the other centerline. Using the crease lines as a guide, fold each corner to the center of the square. Now fold the left and right edges of the square to the centerline. Next fold the top and bottom edges of the rectangle to the center. Now unfold the paper almost all the way… Now we start to collapse the piece into a box. Fold the top flap over and into the bottom of the box. Repeat on the other side to form the 4th wall of the box. Crease the edges well as shown. And there you have it! Your completed Origami Box.

100 thoughts on “Origami Box

  1. Thank you..it was interesting for me that you had chosen to go without background music. At first, it felt odd, because we are all used to it. But I think it works better this way. I can concentrate better without it.

  2. U went so slow and talking would’ve helped too!!!!!:( I got so mad I threw the paper away!!!!😡😡😡😡😡 I’ll bet ur pet sloth is faster than u!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. why are u doing so slow? huh? like u littarly use like 5 hours on just taking one paper tothe other side!!!

  4. Thank you – slow and easy to follow! I am folding newspaper so i can make containers for my kitchen waste to compost – perfect!

  5. You can adjust the speed clicking the gear or three dots at the top right.

    You can turn on Closed Captions by also pressing the gear or three dots

  6. I really love how you take your time to fold things up so everyone will get it :3

    Unlike some videos who don't reveal things… coughs

  7. Guys stop hating the video on like “omg he is so slow blah blahhh” 1. He is trying to let you guys catch up to him without constantly having to pause the video. 2. And if you have a problem with that, you can adjust the speed with playback speed you know..

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