Origami Box Instructions

Origami Box Instructions

Hello dear Friends of the folded sheet! today we will learn how to fold an simple origami masu box it’s an traditional modell any kind of paper will work for it in this demonstration I will use 15 times 15 centimeters origami paper also called kami with this model there is no dual color effect I just used dual color paper so you can see better which side is up and which side is down but if you do have dual color paper fold diagonally so the colored side is outside this will be a yellow box right now make sure you did it like that open it up again and fold it diagonally in the other direction too corner to corner and edge to edge take your time, make the creases nice and neat because the creases in the beginning are an orientation for all the other points later on now fold all corner towards the center of the sheet the center is marked by the two creases we just made in beforehand number three and last but not least corner number four this is, by the way, often called a blintz base and now we fold a cupboard-fold , folding the new edge to the center and make it look like a cupboard we fold and unfold this again we open up this cupboard and fold in the other direction so we get a four time four sqaure-grid in total this creases are pre-creases which will make the collapsing of the box easier later on and also we have a digram which hopefully will help you open up two flaps, the left and the right and fold in again to make a big cupboard this big cupboard now we fold in a 45 degree angle the end-pieces of it just like this so we fold the squares two and three if you count the flaps like this I think also the diagram helps to understand where the creases need to be made we fold and unfold one more time nice and neat flaten everything and now we make the sides here stand up like this so it looks a little like a ferry and now we collapse the whole thing – all creases are at the right place allready so we just need to reinforce them – like this and make the side stand up fold the long flap in wrap it around this is one of the edges of the box arrange the flaps nicely – and repeat on the other side fold in the large flap again and that already your box – you’re done! congratulations on finishing your first masubox if you want to the more like this and enjoyed this pleas esubscriebe to my channel – it’s free I also enjoy reading your comments see you next time byebye!

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  1. I have an orgami idea,what if you made a lamp?
    (out of paper of course)
    it would look nice on a desk or something?

    I'm not sure if a lamp is possible, but it seems like it would be a cool challenge

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