Origami Bouquet. How to make paper Tulips. Origami Flowers for Beginners

Origami Bouquet. How to make paper Tulips. Origami Flowers for Beginners

I greet you on the channel “Origami cat”. Here is a beautiful bouquet of tulips we do today. All the flowers move like the real thing. You can put a bouquet on the table or give to the girl, her mother. Take a square of red color in the size 6×6 cm. Fold the paper in half. Fold the corners along the center line. I will show a large paper so you can be clearly seen. Divide in half a line. Put point. The upper segment once again divide in half and place a check mark. Cut the paper along the lines up to the mark. Make the crease on the label to the corner. Do everything akkurano, without haste. Well removes creases. Do the same on the left side. Align the cutting edge to the fold. Make skadki as shown in the video. Check. You should have the same folds. Lift up the right end of the figure. He comes to a little over an average vertical. Make a crease. Repeat the same procedure on the left side. Already it is clear that it is the flower petals. Turn the figure on the other side. From the top lobe make a vertical crease. At the bottom edge should be smooth. Repeat the steps on the left side. Fold a small corner. Figure takes the beautiful shape of a tulip. Make 6 more tulips. You can use different colors of paper. Take the green square 6×6 cm in size. Fold the square in half diagonally (from corner to corner). Fold the sides of the center line. Turn the figure. Fold the sides to the center line. This will be a leaf. Does exactly neat folds. Place the figure horizontally. Fold the corners to the center. Fold in half figure. The result was a piece of a tulip. Make 5 of these leaves. Take colored paper 15 cm long. Cut strips of 0.5 cm width. This stems for flower. There should be as much as tulips, 7 pieces. Apply glue to the stem of the flower and glue. Apply the lower portion bud (the tip of the stem). These are the beautiful tulips we did. If you like these flowers, place the thumbs up! Take a large sheet of paper. We will do the packaging for a bouquet. Circle the plate or draw a circle with a compass. Diameter 15 cm, the radius of 7.5 cm. Vystrigite circle. Fold the circle in half. Fold in half again. Rotate workpiece obliquely upward. Make a pattern on the edge. I obvozhu lipstick. Vystrigite scissors pattern. Expand the circle. Raise the lower edge. The top and bottom are equal. Make the fold at the bottom. Bend figure in half vertically. Lift the left side, as shown in the video. The size of both parts is. Uncover. Bend in the planned folds up. Schedule new folds. There must pass the fold “mountain.” Bend on planned lines. Return the figure to its original position. Fold the paper as I show in the video. Fold “mountain” rises. A layer that is turned in the bottom under it. It should look like. Make an incision to pass over the stems. Glue the leaves to the backing layer of the package. Now you need to insert into a bouquet of tulips. Who for the first time on the channel, please subscribe! I have a bell icon next to your subscription. Click on it! When the bell is pressed, you should definitely be informed of my new video. Write in the comments if you like tulips? And please rate this video. I think you put your finger up, right? If the hole is narrow, it is difficult to move the stems. Flowers cling to each other buds. Show patience and accuracy. Beautifully arranged flowers in a bouquet. still leaves glue. This gives the hand-made article 3d volume. Secure stems glue. Lovely flowers! Extreme tuck the stems to the center, to avoid sticking. Take a strip of 30 cm long, 1 cm wide. Let’s make a tape for decoration bouquet. Repeat folds as I show in the video. For crafts you can use this tape. This ribbon invented myself. It turns out very beautiful. It is possible to decorate other crafts. For example, boxes. Glue the ribbon to the stems. Tighten the belt edge. Origami bouquet of tulips ready! Please rate this video. If it is worthy to share them on the social network, please do so. Thank you all for watching videos!

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