85 thoughts on “Origami boat : How to make a beautiful paper boat that floats on water- easy kids idea

  1. Dear viewers, Please see the full video or see at least 2 minutes of the video, then you write comments or any other things such as share, like, etc.

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  3. What an awesome instructional video. It looks challenging but you make it look so easy! We’ll try this soon! Thanks!

  4. I like Origami but its really hard. I have a good friend that is great at it. I will try to follow your tutorial because she gave me some origami paper.. Please come check out my channel too, i think you will like it. Comment on one of my videos and subscribe and i will do the same so we can be you tube friends and stay connected…

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  8. Здорово, как же быстро и легко у тебя получаются оригами, Супер!!! Большущий лайк от нас!)

  9. Great instructions! Great idea to let everyone know to watch at least 2 minutes. I read its only 1 minute to count as a view, but it is annoying when people don't even watch and leave a comment. Keep up the good work.

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