Origami Bird Base

Origami Bird Base

Welcome to our Origami Bird Base video. The Bird Base is a very useful piece.
It’s used in a number of birds, including the very popular crane, and flapping bird. We start with an origami Square Base, and the open side of the square base will be facing downwards as we’re showing here. Take the left corner and fold it into the centerline. You want to make all the creases nice and sharp, because we’ll be making a petal fold later, and we’ll need these
creases to be sharp. Repeat that fold on the right side. And then we’ll fold the top point downwards as we’re showing here. You want to make another relatively sharp crease. Now we’re going to unfold those last three folds and do a petal fold. The Petal Fold is really a type of
Squash Fold. We take this first layer and fold it straight up like this. Those sharp creases we made in the previous three (3) steps will be our guide for where to recrease the petal and squash and fold it flat. So make some sharp creases here, so that the crane or whatever bird you’re making will be very well folded. Turn the paper over, and you’re just going
to do a petal fold on this side. So again
make those three folds: the left side / the right side / the top
down. Take your time here… It’s time well spent to make the final origami piece look really good. So nice sharp creases Now unfold these three and make the petal fold. And it’s really that simple, and very useful to know. And here’s your Origami Bird Base! Just a Square Base and two Petal Folds.

17 thoughts on “Origami Bird Base

  1. Awsome vid – be good if you could upload the COMPLETE video, why jump straight into folding something that's obviously already been folded, genius champ :-/

  2. Hello McCone,

    Thanks for your feedback. Since many origami are built around the common bases (square base, water balloon base, bird base), we chose to refer to those bases rather than start from fresh paper everytime. Otherwise the videos get very long…In this case, there is a link to the square base video near the start of the bird base video.

  3. I am watching this video to learn how to make a bird base, but now I gotta look up a video on how to make a square base. Thanks.

  4. Agradeço pela maneira tranquila e caprichada como nos ensinou a fazer a base para a estrela. Muito obrigada! Thank You! I loved the way I learned this base!

  5. oh for god sake i've just been directed here from the goat face vid and now i have to find the square base video? please put them together next time. people can just skip to the but they need but keep it in the same vid

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