origami basketball hoop  instructions

origami basketball hoop instructions

The basketball hoop is a simple traditional model and you can play office basketball with it you can use any rectangular paper – A4,letter or half a square and open the same in the other direction the short edge to the long edge diagonal fold both ways thus gives a cross turn put the corners together Fold along this line (see Diagram) align the creases the crease passes through the center of the cross open and turn push the middle- pull down the sides this is the waterbomb-base flaten take both wings tuck one wing into the other shape Both outer edges toward the center fold vertically so that the edges align Open the sides up and ready! A lot of fun with it, until next time – bye,bye!

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  1. Man, i like your background, when i equipping the background, of my Channel i re size the picture and become blurred, how can i get background clearly as yours. Thanks 🙂

  2. if you mean the channel-background: I used a png file with transparent background, so my picture isn't that large but crisp

  3. You can use the upper part fot basketball and the lower part for penalty finger kicks. 😀 This is my new favourite desk sport! lol More fun in the office.

  4. I also use a tripod. I put the middle part upside down (not all tripods can do this). Also there are tripods that allow to tilt the middle part so they are horizontal. I hope this answers your question.

  5. Ideas for girls easy… The boys not so easy!! They will LOVE this!! And materials recyclable. Thanks!

  6. ich hab noch ne schiene drunter gemacht so das die bälle immer wieder zurück kommen^^

    praktisch für die schuleXD

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