Origami Basics: Perfect Square

Origami Basics: Perfect Square

In this video I am going to show you How to fold a piece of paper that is just about the size of a Square into a perfect square First, we want to create one nice edge So take one of these ragged edges and fold them So you get a nice and straight edge then, turn the paper around and fold that edge in half So that the two halves exactly lie on top of each other and then you unfold that again and you can see, you have created a crease right here Now, I am going to turn the paper like this and bring the nice edge to the top of paper. So that the crease you see here aligns with the crease down there Like so and you crease that and then you unfold that and you can see again you created a crease and these two creases now meet exactly here what we are now going to do is we are going to fold this paper diagonally so crease those exactly through that intersection So you can pinch this a bit. Just pinch it. and then what you want to do is you want to align this crease (on the Top) with that one down and here again the crease on the top with the crease on the bottom Like so So you get exactly the right angle on that diagonal and when you unfold that you can see you created this diagonal crease Let’s fold this crease back again and then turn the paper around Now, what we want to do is we want to fold this edge in half. So that we exactly go through the intersection of the creases from the fold So just go along there and then again align these two edges so they perfectly align on top of each other and then you get something like this and you can see, you got a top layer here Now what we are going to do is take a scissor and cut exactly along that edge. Like so and then when you unfold, you can see you still got one edge here and cut that with scissor and then you have got “A Perfect Square”

17 thoughts on “Origami Basics: Perfect Square

  1. @Fylers3 Its not dumb, it is art! Making a "perfect square" is not impressive or beautyfull at all, but it is very usefull when folding origami, which is- as i said ART

  2. Just what I needed to show me how to cut a perfect square of material! You took a lot of stress out of my day ! Thanks!!!

  3. When I was 7 years old I would soak up all the information you so happily shared in all of your videos. Because of you, I later on excelled greatly in mathematics and trigonometry remembering these basic rules, and I want to thank you so much for that. I graduated high school, and now I'm going to major in architecture in college. I just wanted to say thank you, and I hold you in a deep place in my heart because I feel as though it was you who inspired me and subconsciously helped me throughout my math (mainly trig and calculus-related math) career in high school. I still hope you are still able to post awesome content on your channel in the future! I am coming back to your channel and I'm overwhelmed with all these great videos I used to watch and fold along to when I was younger. As for now, thank you so much for being a figure in my life.

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