Origami Basics: Octagon from a Square

Origami Basics: Octagon from a Square

Hello, there is a quick video – Octagon from a Square You fold Square into half in one direction and then fold the diagonal in one direction and then you take the point that you got from halving the paper and you align it with the diagonal by folding at the centre So this is the centre and then you align with the diagonal and fold Just show to you the alignment these are aligned We folded through the centre we got that folded Cut this Off. Cut that Off On the other side too, cut those off so once you have cut those bits off from both sides, Open it up and you have got a nice octagon

13 thoughts on “Origami Basics: Octagon from a Square

  1. There are different version of the flower tower, which start from different regular polygons. Yes, there's a version from an octagon, too.

  2. the fact that she is brittish ( or at least it sounds like it ) and the fact that she said one direction just made my day better!

  3. #remake this is a very useful video. I think it would be a good idea to make newer versions of basic origami tutorials 🙂 like many other folders I often need (and forget) these basic shapes so I watch your videos quite often
    Thank you for your amazing work!

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