Origami Basics: Cut a Pentagon from a Square

Origami Basics: Cut a Pentagon from a Square

In this video I’m going to show you how to fold a pentagon from a square. We’re going to start with the white side up, and fold edge to edge. And then turn the paper to mark the halfway point. So first we’re going to take the angle bisector and mark it in the center only. And then get the intersection to mark the half by folding the edge to the other edge and again, marking the center, kind of trying to get that intersection to work. Now rotate the paper so that the closed edge is on the right, and the open edge is on the left, and then take the lower right point and bring it to that intersection. Right now we’re folding two-fifths of this angle because we want to create a pentagon which has five sides, so we need a fifth of an angle. So this is two-fifths, then using the angle bisector, gives us one-fifth. So we’ve got one-fifth, two-fifths, three-fifths, and so these again, are two-fifths, which again we’re going to fold in half like this. And then we again, have two-fifths, which again, we can fold in half. Then we have one, two, three, four, five-fifths and we have this top layer, and this top layer is going to be the edge of the pentagon. So we’re going to take some scissors or a cutting knife and cut exactly along that edge. Then your pentagon is all done. A perfect pentagon. Hope it helps, and Happy Folding!

38 thoughts on “Origami Basics: Cut a Pentagon from a Square

  1. If you wish to cut a decagon instead of a pentagon, you want to cut a line 90 degrees from the 1/10th angle bisector, as though you had folded an edge over to make 1/10 the angle, unfolded, and that created a middle crease 🙂

  2. @Selur91 It's ok to cut to get the initial shape. Even when you need a square, you will often have to cut that first. 🙂 (Or buy it precut.)

  3. @Arhana23 This is more a technique to get the paper into the shape you need before you start with the actual folding.

  4. @Aleksandar998 There are actually quite a few models out there that start with a pentagon. I'll be posting a video soon for one under the user papierfalten.

  5. Has there ever been a way to cut a heptagon? But I doubt there would be a model that would need a perfect heptagon, but maybe there are some variations of models?

  6. Hi there, I LOVE your videos and have used them off and on to make my 6-year old nephew cute origami. I had a question on this tutorial if you don't mind. My "pentagon" ended up looking a bit more like a star. The edges were more angled in than out. I was wondering what I might ahve done wrong. Great video!!:)

  7. @illusionistdave Chances are that when you are cutting off the tip the angle of your scissors isn't quite right.

  8. @GirlsBieberFever99 Sure, you can. But if you only have some paper and scissors, you can use this technique. Drawing a regular pentagon wouldn't be easily possible.

  9. I learned this method from Carmen Sprung. I'm not sure who came up with it first, but Fred Rohm is one of the people who used it early on / came up with it independently.


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  12. the second time I did this I freestyled the last part (folding it back and forth before cutting it) and ended up with a perfect hexagon instead

  13. Gibt es eine möglichkeit ein "pentagon grid" für tessellations zu falten? Ich hab es mal versucht und bin kläglich gescheitert😂

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