100 thoughts on “ORIGAMI AMERICAN EAGLE v2 (Jo Nakashima)

  1. Jo, I have a question: when you design your models, do you start with a particular thing in mind, or does it just form from a base?

  2. i love this model could you make a tips and tricks on Kade Chans Hell Cobra i keep messing up the scales and have no clue how to fix them

  3. I enjoyed folding the the American Eagle but I should refold it in order to obtain a better result.You can see it in my Flickr .
    Herman Mariano

  4. See also the simplified version!
    It is still a bit complex, but it takes half of the time to fold compared to the normal version and it's more suitable for smaller sheets of paper:

  5. o/
    from algeria
    faviourate is flexiball because unlike the magic ball it can get squashed at all directions

  6. wow. i am beyond flabberghasted… i mean… you spent so much time on this and i love it. It almost exceeds the standards of perfection…
    my only suggestion is the eyes. other than that i give this a 10/10

  7. Did it! Cooooool birdy 🙂 https://scontent.frix3-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/37407114_10209533894544362_2547626410730586112_n.jpg?_nc_cat=0&oh=14370b99a1eb63506540d153e54d3b59&oe=5BCAB4DA

  8. as dobras nas asas sao bem dificeis,me lembra um leque,depois aquelas dobrinhas na ponta da asa,aquelas dobras nas costas..,parecia que eu nao conseguiria faser,mas minha persistencia foi grande,emfim consegui!

  9. I try to make it from paper with 10cm x 10cm but then decide not continue because hard to fold, but the last fold looks a bat

  10. 頭の中、見てみたいです。

  11. This is now my Favorite Origami to fold I did it in standard paper and foil. I have folded just about everything on youtube at some point or another. This one is truly amazing to see it transform Foil is an absolute must for this but it can be done in standard paper the foil is much easier and looks sooo much better. Jo my friend your a true inspiration and craftsman

  12. Please Master Jo What kind of glue do you suggest me to use in substitute for methilcelulose(for in Brazil you know origami stuff is either hard or expensive to get) … something cheaper yet effective

  13. o/ Hi Jo
    I know its easy to you to make hard origamis but I'm sure you can make safari origamis too
    My pleasure

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