Origami Acorn (Beth Johnson) + Spread Hex Tessellation (Eric Gjerde)

Origami Acorn (Beth Johnson) + Spread Hex Tessellation (Eric Gjerde)

One sheet for the top and other for the bottom First, let’s cut a hexagon to make the top of the acorn Fold in half and unfold Fold in half and make only a small crease at the center Fold the bottom to the center and make a small crease near the right edge Turn the upper part of the crease into a mountain fold Bring the top of the mountain fold to the small crease on the right Now bring the mountain fold to the left side along the crease you just made Fold in half Valley-fold and mountain-fold on the existing creases Make a little pinch mark Cut from the pinch mark to the corner Hexagon done! Download and print the crease pattern to make the bottom Diameter=width of the hexagon from side to side Cut the circle from the other sheet of paper Circle done!
Now we’re ready to fold the acorn Fold and unfold the top and bottom to divide into 4 parts Divide each part in half Divide each part in half Divide each part in half to get 32 parts Invert the valley and mountain folds
This will make it easier to fold later Rotate and divide into 32 parts again Rotate and divide into 32 parts again Now we have a triangle grid
Next step is making Eric Gjerde’s Spread Hex Tessellation Find the center hexagon with 2 units in length on each side Mountain-fold the line from the left corner to the corner of the center hexagon Mountain-fold two sides of the center hexagon too Valley-fold the lines next to the mountain folds making pleats Flatten the model Mountain-fold the next edge of the center hexagon Unfold the pleat and make a mountain fold from the corner of the center hexagon Make the valley folds next to the mountain folds Flatten the model Repeat the same procedure on each side of the hexagon On the last side you have to deal with two corners at the same time Continue making more hexagons as indicated Now the hexagons overlap, so only make the visible sides You can find where to make a hexagon on the direction of each corner Make a hexagon between each of the hexagons from the previous step Make two hexagons on the direction of each corner Make a hexagon between each pair of the hexagons from the previous step Spread Hex Tessellation complete! Rearrange the flaps of 6 hexagons surrounding the center hexagon Push from behind to pop up the center hexagon This is the simple version of the top
You can also try the advanced version Turn the vertical line into a valley fold and bring the sides together Mountain-fold the horizontal line to lock Repeat on the other corners Top of the acorn is complete! Use the printed pattern as a template for scoring on the paper
(You could also print it directly into the paper) Use a pen or other thin object firmly on the lines of the crease pattern Make the curved folds
The blue lines on the crease pattern will be mountain folds (with white side up) Now the red lines Fold everything and shape it Make a point
Twist the bottom tip if necessary Attach the top of the acorn Acorn finished!

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  1. Did you get the brown tissue foil from origami-shop.com too? I bought some from there and it looks really quite different to yours. It doesn't have the rustic, white flecks on it.
    The copper foil looks identical, though, beautiful paper.

  2. I kinda shaped the top by not using the Spread Hex Tessellation instructions. But mine 
    But it still looks good.

  3. This video is fantastic!!! I love the acorn 🙂
    Este vídeo es fantástico!!! Yo amo las bellotas:-)

  4. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Wow, during the video: see also advance version! I think this is already pretty advanced!! But I just started, so maybe it's me.. But this is a freakin masterpiece!!

  6. Hey Jo I know this is kind of a bad question but, whenever I went to the website to print the crease pattern, it wasn't a square, but a rectangle along with the "ACORN BOTTOM CP" title, and I'm not sure how to save it and print it to say a 15cm by 15cm square. Sorry if this doesn't make sense, but if you or someone could possibly help me, it would be great! Thanks!

  7. I dont know if this is my place to say this but do you have arthritis or carpal tunnel? Your hands looked a bit strained. Im not sure if that's because of the origami or if you do something else, and you might not even have arthritis or carpal tunnel… even so you should take a brake once in awhile so you don't strain your hands as much:) I hope I wasn't insensitive, I do love what you do, it's very intricate and beautiful!

  8. why not start on the collered side … that way you dont need to reverse all folds .. i would have expected more insight from someone who does this design

  9. орех у меня неполучилось сделать неразобрался в складках

  10. When I went to the link for the cp for the bottom of the acorn, it showed a page that said "the content i was looking for was either moved or deleted. " Is there another way to find this cp pattern?

  11. Merci pour ce tutoriel mais je fait ce modèle avec une feuille de 20 cm et je trouve que les triangles sont très très petit alors avec une feuille de 15 cm c'est impossible.Merci

  12. muito linda essa ''noz'' de origami,da pra ver que e bem dificil de fasela,so vc mesmo jo,pra faser com tanta tecnica e perfeiçao!

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