Origami 6-Fold Heart ♥

Origami 6-Fold Heart ♥

How to make an origami 6-fold heart Instructions in English. Video instructions to make a 6-fold heart in origami Start with a square sheet of paper (same color on both sides). Make a fold to bring the lower right corner up between the two upper corners. Then fold the model in two perpendicularly to the first fold you made. This is the 2-fold heart. Fold back the two top tips to make them more round. Fold back the two outer tips to make them more round. Turn the model to the other side. And here is your very heart-shaped heart! I hope you like this model and this video! Please share and like the video. 🙂 And comment if you liked it! Thank you!

6 thoughts on “Origami 6-Fold Heart ♥

  1. This 6-fold variation of the original 2-fold heart has a very nice round ♥ shape! What do you think of it?

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