Origami 4-Fold Heart ♥

Origami 4-Fold Heart ♥

How to make an origami 4-fold heart Instructions in English. Video instructions to make a 4-fold heart in origami Start with a square sheet of paper (same color on both sides). Make a fold to bring the lower right corner up between the two upper corners. Then fold the model in two perpendicularly to the first fold you made. This is the 2-fold heart. Fold back the two top tips to make them more round. Turn the model to the other side. And here is your heart-shaped heart! I hope you like this model and this video! Please share and like the video. 🙂 And comment if you liked it! Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Origami 4-Fold Heart ♥

  1. What do you think of this heart? Do you prefer the 2-fold, the 4-fold or the 6-fold version? The 4 folds make a very original ♥ shape don't you think?

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