Opening YOUR Squishy Packages | SO MANY Squishies!

Opening YOUR Squishy Packages | SO MANY Squishies!

WARING: Participants in the “Fixing Your Squishies” series should watch the instructional video linked in the description before mailing squishies. Squishies are sent as donation only and may endure long wait periods. *Quack* Hey guys, so today I’m gonna be opening squishy packages that you guys have sent to me for my new series, “Fixing Your Squishies.” Oh MYYYY GOSHHHH!! I never expected to get so many! *dramatic voice* Long… lived squishy makeovers, because this series is gonna be going on for a while… Oh my gosh! Do you see this? Do you see this whole box? Oh my gosh, dah-HUH! I hope you guys understand how grateful and thankful I am that so many people are willing to put their time and money and effort into this series. I feel like we’re doing this series together, it’s not just me spending all my time and effort on it. Like you guys are helping me so much and I really appreciate that. Obviously we have many victims to choose from! Of course, I’m going to do all of them eventually, BUT, I do four at a time, so I want to keep you guys involved in the process of selecting which ones get to go when. Keep your eye out for which ones you really want to see next episode and leave them in the comments and I’ll let the majority choose! So, let’s just start and get into this finally. Okay, and don’t worry I have marked out all the addresses. If you see any addresses, it’s mine! It’s a PO box. It’s safe. Don’t worry. Ok. Oh my gosh. This box is so beautiful! So this one is from Kiara. Oh my gosh! Look at that. Wow, this is actually really cute though. What is this? It’s a, like a heart brownie. whOooooh! A strawberry! I did a strawberry last episode, but I could definitely stand to do another one. This little treasure! Ooh! What happened to this guy? This is a project for sure. That… wow, yeah, three really awesome candidates from Kiara. So, thank you girl! Okay, and this next one is from Alisha, and she sent me three squishies as well These aren’t in too bad of shape Actually, they’re a little bit yellowed and dirty. But as far as rips not too bad So these would not be too challenging. They still have their cell phone straps and everything. What? Oh my gosh She made this. It’s like a little clay star charm. This is adorable. I love this *Drops charm* Ooops te heh I’m very clumsy, but I do love it. I’m gonna hang this up somewhere so I can look at it all the time Oh my gosh this person so this is cater bug Kate. I remember her because she comments on a lot of my videos Hi, I see your comments all the time. Oh my gosh So this is enormous huge Then we have a cute little panda with its head almost coming off. Oh my gosh you sent me So many look at all these these little mini ones and a muffin with the drizzle missing Oh and quite a lot else missing as well. Ooo a poop! Yay poop I see tons of awesome poop squishy designs. So poop has potential people awesome Wow, so generous, how am I gonna choose actually? You guys are gonna choose okay, so I just read the note this is that Kaylee that’s her YouTube name and she sent me a A Panda bun. Whoa, if That is a deep deep rip. Also a significant amount of dog hair. So, thank you I feel like I’ve been acquainted with your dog. Now. This panda bun is screaming out in pain He she needs help. So Consider this one guys. Thank you so much that Kayleigh. This is from Evelyn Oh, oh my goodness. What happened? What happened to this? Okay, so maybe it explains it in the letter the letter did explain she explained to me the whole long story Basically, this was hanging on her backpack and her friends would not keep their hands off of it So it’s been squished a lot by a lot of different people. So yay your friends. Oh you a new squishy It looks like it was cute at one point though. It’s like a little cat ice cream cone Thank You Evelyn Oh my gosh. So this one I’ve had for a while. It has my face on it This is from Michael you decorated it so beautifully saltines Cool so he sent me a homemade squishy. This one is not for a makeover. It’s just a little gift so cute It’s a little baguette. That is adorable. Oh my goodness this Hello Kitty waffle a stack of chocolate chip cookies Wonderful. These are actually in really good shape a donut. Wow. This has so many possibilities I love Donuts and a hotdog. Wow. This is a nice squishy. Oh my gosh, you are so generous I cannot believe it. This is so amazing. Okay guys go back in your house Okay next oh my gosh look at these So these are Corina Garcia Sprinkles if you haven’t seen it already. I tested out that kit on my channel. Thank you for these I’ll definitely definitely use these y’all know. I have a sprinkle addiction so So what do we have here we have a little Chris salt crystal a eat me cookie a french fry Oh, I’ve never had french fries squishies before and then a little bun and these are from Jolie. I just read the note So thank you Jolie great squishy options. You are wonderful. Oh my goodness Wow Okay, so we’ve got a little bread we’ve got what is that? Wait, what is this? I have no idea what this is. What is it? It looks like I’m sure you guys will inform me of what this is if you know what could it be? Yeah, I have no clue oh my gosh, this is Freaking adorable. I think I’m in love. It’s a little bun with ears and it’s a little bunny No way. Yeah. Oh you are not getting painted I’m just kidding. I will paint it but I don’t want to these are like brand-new But they’re like the cheap ones that you buy like 30 at a time So yeah, these are perfect for makeovers and this one ooh, this is okay. This is like a stress ball I think it’s a little fish As a stress ball and look at this rainbow letter so stinkin cute. Oh, thank you. Okay, so this is from sage Thank you. Thank you. Thank you sage. Oh, okay So this one she didn’t write for squishy makeovers on the package But she actually messaged me and told me that so this actually went in with my regular mail for a while But then she told me and told me which package it was and I was able to find it So yeah, this is from Lauren. Oh Okay, so she sent me my mushroom thing little mushroom Pretty cute, but it’s got a little chunk out of it. It’s a little dirty little worn, but it’s pretty cute So yeah, there’s a little mushroom guy. Thank you so much Lauren. Okay. So this one is from Jackie. Oh wow Oh wow So we’ve got this bun which is plain but cracked this little bun whose face has been ripped off we got a lot of Minis in here. We’ve got this little bread. Oh and this is nice. Actually. This is a cake roll a pink cake roll This is really pretty actually Awesome. Love the cake roll so much. Thank you Jackie. So this one is from Harley they didn’t write for squishy makeovers on the outside But I made a guess because the whole package was very squishy Please write on the outside so that I know guys cuz I don’t want to make guesses But yeah, oh my gosh. These are actually really nice squishy. So maybe they weren’t for squishy makeovers. I don’t know I’m confused. Now. Most of these are actually squeezed toys though. These are crazy cute You can’t decorate squeeze toys. Obviously, they’re very different from squishies, but Wow lots of squishies as well we’ve got a couple mini ones here little buns and little animal heads this I think is a Tofu, I’m pretty sure and this one. I’m very excited about it’s a stack of macarons I’ve seen this before and I wanted to get it but yeah, I don’t have this so, that’s awesome I’m so excited about this one Thank you so much for this and a little whale I’ve seen these everywhere but never had one before so that’s amazing Thank you. These are great. Okay, this is from Kiara. I already had a carrot didn’t I? I don’t think it’s the same person though. It’s different handwriting. Okay, so this is a panda bun Yes, a green panda, but it has handwritten Panda on the back. Nice touch. Okay. Awesome. Awesome. So a little green panda bun That is super. Okay. So this one is from Hanna her YouTube is scooby-doo 3:41. Oh Yes, so I’ve seen the squishy everywhere and always thought it was so cute It’s a little milk. Carton. That’s been very well loved. Oh my gosh. I’m so excited about this one. We’ve got the milk Carton from Hanna Thank You Hanna. So this one is from Lexie Oh, there’s a package within a package. Wait. This does say for squishy makeovers, but it doesn’t feel squishy What? Keep put it in a little box. Oh, that’s cute. This is adorable. It’s a little fox head It’s so soft She drew me a little ice-cream cone. It’s so cute Thank you. You know what? He’s going back in his box that is where he lives and I’m not ripping him from his home. Not yet. So yes. Oh My gosh These are homemade Polymer clay creations you’re so talented. I absolutely love these Thank you so much for including those that is so sweet. And your stationery is on point. So this is It’s a little bear that’s missing. Its eyes poor thing. But this has potential guys. Come on. You got to see the potential Thank you. This was such a sweet package. Okay. So next I have this one from Penelope. I love to cactus bag Oh my goodness, you’re packaging. Oh Goodness gracious So two little fellas here. This one is something this one. Is it something this it’s something So it’s got a big chunk missing. I wonder if I could do this. I don’t know this is advanced right here I might have to level up before I can tackle this one. This one is definitely doable And actually it’s really cute. This whipped cream is Literally, just hanging on Wow. Thank you so much, Penelope You’ve given me something to think about and this one. I love this is from Lillian. Oh look at dad That’s a tall icecream. Never seen this one before Huh? Thank you. She drew me a little hippo. That’s so cute. She loves rainbows and create this book Thank you so much for the ice cream. That is perfect. This one is from Nina and let’s see here We’ve got the faceless twins two Faceless buns big once did have faces, but they have been removed or ripped off. Um, but that’s great So one is very soft and squishy. The other is just kind of foamy. Thank you so much, Nina Oh my gosh, this package is so cute. Look at that. This looks exactly like my drawing. When did I draw this? Oh, This is the cupcake from my intro, oh my goodness, this is from Sophie. So thank you so much I love that you included this little cupcake drawing and let’s see. Oh It’s a little frog but she’s right. This could be pretty much any animal that you want it to be It doesn’t have to be a frog. In fact, it doesn’t really have a frog kind of body I think this needs to be a different animal. I think you need a species change. I love it. Great Thank you so much. This is from Eleanor Hmm I’m totally fine with squishy makeovers taking over your channel Thanks. I’m glad you are because I’m it in might let’s see the Squishies Oh Oh We’ve got a little gingerbread man and this little I’m not sure what this could be maybe a bear or something I don’t know. It looks like a little mochi like an animal. That’s also a mochi. I don’t know but it’s super cute Thank you. Okay. This one is from Orion super decorated envelope. That’s pretty awesome I love that please read info first Oh information This person has been watching my videos for like five years Wow and let’s see the squishy. Oh my gosh, it’s one of these costume animals, but yeah, it goes into the costume It’s a little bear so I could keep the costume and work with the colors that are on the costume or I guess I could Repaint the costume as well hmmm interesting situation here What do you guys think I don’t want to hurt you but I kind of have to be aggressive to get you back in there and thank you so much for watching me for such a long time that is Amazing. Okay. So who is this? Gracie oh my gosh. This thing is filled to the brim Okay. Oh this has been painted. It looks like maybe Acrylic paint so it’s gotten a little cracked. Uh Wait, what is this? I think it might be a slipper or something. I don’t know what this is. Mm and oh He’s on his deathbed. Okay, this guy is in trouble. Will we be able to save you? I don’t know sweetheart you are dying. Oh my gosh a tooth a tooth. Look at that the truth It’s a truth. We’ve got this one a little bun. Oh This one is super super cute never seen it before you really went all out and sent me on to. Thank you so much Gracie these are awesome. Another pink bubble mailer. This is from Celia. What is this? Oh, it’s a s’more very interesting. I actually really liked that make over these sad squishies. Okay? Yeah, it is a little sad. It is all a little sad, but it will find happiness again, don’t you worry? Oh, if it did spinner nice, I haven’t played with a fidget spinner in a long time Thank you for that and a little red panda button. Awesome. Okay. Oh Let me not cut off my fingers cuz I kind of need those to paint This is from cadence. Oh my gosh. Look at these. Oh, yes. Yes. Yes I love this this bread thing with a dipped ear and a big chunk missing. This looks like a little egg This would be perfect for around Easter and this big cake roll Look at that. Look at dad. Nice. I love the cake roll I love love love the bread. This one has a lot of potential guys Thank you so much cadence. This one is from Sofia Oh some little googly eyes Cute little addition love that and the squishy is a little purple unicorn Yes friend, you could use a makeover. Your eyes are falling off super cute love this one. Awesome Okay, who is this Sharleen? Okay, hopefully Charlene hasn’t clicked out of the video already. Oh Thank you Charlene. I love your rainbow writing on the letter so freshest Oh a peach a peach It’s not a hole in its crack. I’ve seen a lot of designs for peach squishies recently So I i’ve gotten some inspiration for peaches and also this little thing. I think it’s just like a little bread or something So awesome Thank You Charlene. This is the last one and this is from the Smith family These are the sweetest letters. So the story behind these questions, is that the little sister ate them and Little sister has a healthy appetite. Well, oh There are quite a few chunks missing I don’t know if I could fix them. I think this one I could probably fix a little bit easier this one Mmm, you might be dead son. You just need a head transplant Thank you so much for sending them and your letters were amazing. I loved to read them So yeah, that’s it. If you’ve sent me something and I haven’t opened it It’s probably still on the way, but I will open every single package that I get on camera from now on so don’t worry Thank you guys so much. Oh my gosh. My head is like buzzing with ideas because there are so many possibilities here So I’ll show you all of the squishies that I’ve opened. So you guys can look at them all and make your selection I’m gonna let you guys choose three of the four that I do so You guys can choose three and then all choose the last one Oh and don’t forget these guys these I opened last time but they’re still in the running obviously so I’m so happy that I got to do a whole separate video dedicated to opening these because I felt like Last time when I just put it in the beginning of the video was really rushed. I didn’t really get to Properly go through everyone’s package and thank everyone. So yeah, I’m really happy I got to spend a little bit more time with each person. Thank you guys so much for watching I am so excited for the series and you guys are the best. Bye

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