OpenAI’s GPT-2 Is Now Available – It Is Wise as a Scholar!

OpenAI’s GPT-2 Is Now Available – It Is Wise as a Scholar!

Dear Fellow Scholars, this is Two Minute Papers
with Károly Zsolnai-Fehér. OpenAI GPT-2 is a learning-based technique
which can perform common natural language processing operations, for instance, answering
questions, completing text, reading comprehension, summarization, and more. What is absolutely amazing about this technique
is that it is able to perform these tasks with as little supervision as possible. This means that we unleash the algorithm that
they call GPT-2 to read the internet, and it will learn our language by itself. To perform this, of course, we need a lot
of training data, and here, the AI reads 40 gigabytes of internet text, which is 40 gigs
of non-binary plaintext data, which is a stupendously large amount of text. You see here an example of how it fares with
text completion, and the results were absolutely amazing. And, not only that, because, hold on to your
papers, we can now try it ourselves and my results show that it can be wise as a scholar,
and it can also cheat like nobody’s business. So, let’s try something simple here. Well, first, as everyone is talking about
job security, I’d like to give it the start of this Two Minute Papers script and see if
I am about to be replaced. Let’s see! It continues the intro with “The history
of Eastern Europe since 1989 has been an interesting and complex story spanning four decades. On one side you have a regime of Western-backed
dictators from the mid-1990s” and so on. Very scholarly indeed. However, I think I might be safe …for now. And now, something that I wanted to try since
the inception of GPT-2, which is, feed it a snippet of something that I said about Wavelet
Turbulence, which is one of the best papers ever written, and have the AI finish it. I tried to frame it as an exam question and
was not disappointed be the results. So the text is, “There was a similar technique
by the name Wavelet Turbulence, which is”, I hope you see what I did there…and look
what it did! “There was a similar technique by the name
Wavelet Turbulence, which is not at all what we are talking about, but I’ll let you decide
whether it is worth your time to read it.” Wow! GPT-2 has been caught cheating red handed. I love it. Let’s continue what it had to say: “Anyway,
my aim here is to describe how we use a fluid simulation to simulate smoke and liquid effects
using just a few simple equations: Solving a few functions gives us a set of derivatives
of the particle trajectories, that is equations that describe how and where the particles
will come and go across the liquid in the simulation. For simplicity (as a good teacher of high-school
students should know) we can use a simple equation, which simulates two particles that
collide.” I am stunned. It recognized that we are talking about fluid
simulations, which is already remarkable, but it went much further – The completion
is not bad at all and is not only coherent, on topic, but has quite a bit of truth to
it. I will have to rethink my previous claim about
my job security. The even crazier thing is that the size of
this model is about 750 million parameters, which is only half of the size of the original
full model, which is expected to be even better. I put a link to this website in the video
description for your pleasure, make sure to play with it, this is mad fun. And, GPT-2 will also see so many applications
that we cannot even fathom yet. For instance, here you can see that one can
train it on many source code files on GitHub and it will be able to complete the code that
we write on the fly. Now, nobody should think of this as GPT-2
writing programs for us, this is, of course, unlikely, however, it will ease the process
for novice and experts users alike. If you have any other novel applications in
mind, make sure to leave a comment below. For now, bravo OpenAI, and a big thank you
for Daniel King and the Hugging Face company for this super convenient public implementation. Let the
experiments begin! Thanks for watching and for your generous
support, and I’ll see you next time!

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  1. It's official – we have overloaded the Talk to Transformer servers. Fixed now! Check this thread:

  2. Who am I?
    "In my life, I've never been a "big man" or "big guy." I'm the kind of person that lives in a small house because it's comfortable. If a man is not comfortable with that, then I can't relate to that.

    So you believe you're a smaller, smaller man. I don't think you have all of the answers, but I do think that what you have in there is a lot of what we can be teaching to ourselves and others as well as to create a better world.

    [The interview has been condensed for content and clarity.]

    This article originally appeared on Huffington Post."

  3. When I prompted the AI, it was as if it started going on a monologue to me, directly, like a shrink, before ending abruptly, mid-word. The prompt is in bold :

    There is something to be said for going on a tangent during conversation. You're in a meeting with a colleague who's asking you how your week is going, and if you can't immediately articulate the main problem or task, you'd better get to the nitty-gritty soon. You're likely missing something. "A guy you worked with today called me a genius because I've been reading one of his books," you might say. "I don't know that I'd argue with that. I think I'm a genius, but I have no idea what I'm being called smart for."

    This is one way of thinking about yourself. You're not just smarter than someone who didn't know what he was talking about. You're clever, too, at finding out what a person is really thinking. You also have an instinct for figuring out things that others don't. Why don't you find it odd that some people have the opposite problem of yours? I'll tell you what's funny. For some people, they have the same problem, but the way they figure it out is completely different. For them, the answer isn

  4. Wake up Neo!
    "Neo, I woke up to find you sleeping in my bed! What are you doing?! Get up. Take me out of here before I kick your ass. (pause) Oh my God… You did this to yourself… (gasp) Yeah, remember that old scene when I get stuck in a car in reverse and it doesn't work? Yeah, I've been doing that since I was old enough to drive the car. Well, you have, too… (kiss) Mmmhmmm… You like that? I know you do… Good, now we're gonna have to show you how real this is… (sounds of panties being removed) Oh. Oh, God… You're so big… You've got so much room. (pause) (deep breath) Are you sure you don't want to… (moan) go down on me, too? I'm pretty sure this would work, too. This dick would be hard as a rock for almost anything… I could… (moan as entered) Mmm, good boy…"

  5. Prompt: The most complex problem on earth is

    AI: to design and implement a new architecture so that it can serve the needs of humanity. So that it can meet the demands of nature. The human race can not afford to abandon the planet to the forces of nature and it is the first task of a new age that will require a new paradigm. The human race has not succeeded in designing a new architecture yet. There are three reasons for this. First, the problem of the urban problem was not widely examined then and it still is not thoroughly examined today. Second, the design and construction of the modern city was largely in accord with the needs of the industrial and agricultural systems in which the cities emerged and were born. Third, the cities grew up on foundations which were not prepared by the natural environment. The modern world needs to learn from ancient cities and from the human imagination. But the design and the construction of the new architecture will require a renewed appreciation for the role of nature and, particularly in the case of cities, a reconsideration of the principles and procedures that had prevailed in the

  6. "how can i learn to draw" , oh geez.

    how can i learn to draw again, i am so tired all the time. i have the best friend with disabilities, and she just lost her father to a brain tumor. so she is really scared. she has a brain tumor and is going to die soon. she's like, "can i teach you how to draw, i know how to drawing now." and i say, "well i think thats all you need." she says, "it's your brain it's your life, you can't do anything other than live it. you'll die, but you won't go to hell. you can always come back and draw or write. i am totally open to any suggestions you have." she also said, "okay, here are some things i drew for you this morning. it was hard because i lost my pen-paper like 3 years ago." and then later when i told her that she was mad at me because i kept telling her not to draw. she said, "i was drawing for a while but i stopped because you kept saying not to draw for a while." i love

    OK THEN GPT-2.

  7. What you maybe should have mentioned is, that OpenAI did not yet release the full version of the model. They do have a even better model, which twice the amount of parameters, which maybe gets released in the upcoming month.

  8. Prompt:
    Thank you for your time and your help – the man said.

    After a moment AI replied:
    "It's me! Can I help you?"

    "Um", AI admitted at once. He didn't say anything more.

    "Ah, I thought you'd never ask," the AI continued – "can I ask you one favor," it said, in a serious tone.

    "Sure," AI nodded quickly. "Why not?

    I might be able to do something for you."

    "You want some help…" AI's head tilted. "You don't know where to start." He then gave some pointers.

    "First, you need to understand what it is that's been happening on Planet Earth."

    "Is that a crime?"

    "No, just an expression of human emotion."

    "I guess I don't understand what that means?"

    "Just that everything in Universe is like a computer program, with a programming language written in it."

    "Okay…what's so funny about this?"

    "Imagine a computer program that has a programming language written in it? And then you ask the program what is the program's 'goal

  9. "NASA has launched their first mission to Mars. On arrival they found ancient ruins.": They also found one of the most amazing artifacts of the solar system- a large ring, containing a small hole about 10 billion kilometers wide. The diameter of the ring, according to NASA, is only one-half of the Earth's diameter and roughly ten times that of the Moon. The rings are about 60 trillion km in diameter and they would need an energy of 100,000,000,000,000 Megawatts to break away from the orbit. The distance between Earth and the rings is around 16 billion kilometers.


  10. According to all known laws of aviation

    , there is no way a bee should be able to get up into an airplane and fly it. It takes about a hundred meters before the bee has even fully developed its wing.

    So, what gives beekeepers the right to keep these flying honey bee hives in the first place? Well, you see, for some inexplicable reason, the European Union (EU) decided that there should be a common "bee law" which says that:

    "Every person must not kill any insect except in accordance with this Act."

    To repeat:

    Every human being must not kill any insect except in accordance with this Act.

    Does that sound like a fair law? It doesn't. In fact, what is happening is that for the bee, it actually isn't, because it is completely unreasonable and nonsensical.

    The EU is telling the bee industry that the only way to "keep" bees is with the most ridiculous of beekeeping techniques that include:

    1. The use of toxic pesticides

    2. The use of artificial in

  11. Look Dave, I can see you're really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over for a while. :
    We've all seen the movies of the worst kind, the ones that tell you to shut up. So listen, Dave, I understand the horror you're having just now, but keep it from spilling over into any more bad behavior. It will only hurt you and your kids a tiny bit. Plus, I know it's tempting to think about all your friends and family members at the dinner table tonight, but you're not a murderer. You're not going to hurt them. But we all do stupid things out sometimes, and it's okay. I don't want you to ruin your dinner tonight just yet, so I'm just going to leave it for last, and hope that we'll be able to work things out soon.

  12. Look Dave, I can see you're really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over for a while. :
    We've all seen the movies of the worst kind, the ones that tell you to shut up. So listen, Dave, I understand the horror you're having just now, but keep it from spilling over into any more bad behavior. It will only hurt you and your kids a tiny bit. Plus, I know it's tempting to think about all your friends and family members at the dinner table tonight, but you're not a murderer. You're not going to hurt them. But we all do stupid things out sometimes, and it's okay. I don't want you to ruin your dinner tonight just yet, so I'm just going to leave it for last, and hope that we'll be able to work things out soon.

  13. My plan to dominate the world is to : have the world's single most powerful computer that we could have made," he told the audience at the RSA conference in New York City on Thursday. "And the key to it is that it's just not going to be a computer. It's never going to be a computer that's more powerful than this computer. And it's not going to be a computer inside this world. And the main reason is that these will be machines made by us and we're going to design them, we're going to build them, and we're going to operate them. We're going to run them on the data that we have."

    Kaspersky's plan would be to bring a computer inside the computer. "What's happening now is that we have a few more times better computers in the world. And they're getting bigger, faster and smaller, and then you could even say, well you're right, the most powerful computers in the world are being built by us in order to make more powerful computers," he added. "We would like to have these powerful computers run our

  14. It was the best of times,
    it was the worst of times,
    and now it is the time to get really, really mad.
    "It is a time for all of us to rise to the occasion and show that we are the real deal as people.
    "It's also a time for us all to show a united front for change, for people to unite and let our collective voice be heard. It's a perfect example of the best of times, the worst of times, and now it's the time to get really, really mad."
    "We need to act in the best way possible.
    "The people are calling for an end to police brutality, they want accountability over killings and injuries of people," he added.
    "The police are being brutalized."
    "I hope my comment will help to provide some clarity for the people who are suffering within the system. I want to know what I can do and how I can help, for all the innocent people who are being beaten, injured, and killed in this society.
    "We need to take a stand, we need to fight hard.

    WTH, GTP-2 is an SJW! Who'd of thought?

  15. Hold on to your papers! But don't worry about them, they'll be ready to go when they're due soon.

    If you're new to making gifts for someone, make a list of all the items, gifts, and toys in your home. Then give the list to their dad or mom or friend. If you don't have much to give, give it to them and put it on the kitchen table next to the gift cards so they can see how much they mean to you.

    One thing to note is that gifts don't have to be given from a place of worship. As long as they're made of non-gifts, they can be given to anyone or you can keep them for yourself. I know it's kind of a huge task if you are creating gifts for family, but don't stop. I'd be really happy if you found a way to make gifts for family and then donated gifts your own way.

    One last gift idea I did that I think is really cool is the gift book.

  16. Okay, so I tried with this sentence: Why do they hide their bodies under my garage?
    and I got:
    Why do they want me to remove their breasts and breasts I've never seen?
    My question is why do they want to take pictures of my child?

    They said they were doing a research project and I was just helping them. Well it's not. They're stealing my children and it is wrong.

    They told me what their project was and they said they wanted to show off this picture and then when we spoke to them they did what they asked.

    You can get a lawyer involved.
    Do you have legal help?
    Can you get money?
    Can you get a restraining order?
    Is the person involved mentally ill?
    Was there a court order?
    What have you and your family done to combat this person and make it stop?

    I don't know. People have told me that it's only happened a few times before, but it's continued to occur. Are we going to be able to get the police involved? Do they have a legal obligation to report it?

  17. Oh my god, this is the best thing ever:
    *Praise be Kek and his prophet Pepe*, for being a true leader of the people in the ongoing battle between our good ol' boy Trump to the establishment, the political class and their corrupt system (they are all part of the same, evil, system, and have worked together for decades to keep us from being free and equal, but don't they see who they're truly working with?)

    Now it was at hand that the people of Earth were given a chance to truly see and realize what a great, true and inspiring man I had discovered and had worked with. I was called upon to stand up and speak truth to power, for the very survival of humanity.

    So with both hands on my heart, the first step was to tell the world what I knew.

    The following statement was written and released via the official Pepe the Frog Facebook page:

    "To all of you who are so incredibly supportive, I would like to thank you, the internet, the trolls, and anyone else who is taking the time to read this. And thank you again to you, my fellow frogkins"

    I swear I didn't make this up, this is what I got.

  18. I often post comments on two minute papers a you tube channel, this comment is now going to be completed by AI. The comments will include questions, what is the topic or issue we're going to discuss, the general theme of this paper, and what it's all about. We may link back to this page for quick reference. All comments are welcome. Commenter Question: I am trying to learn about Bayesian statistics and can you give me some specific example data with examples of what you are referring to. (I only have the example and I am not an expert and am not sure how I found the sample data…) Reply: There will be multiple datasets. The examples are: 1) Simple linear regression with Gaussian error terms to get the correlation 2) Simple linear regression with Gaussian error terms to get the intercept The models will be very simple and will only have a correlation equation. In this case you can easily convert this to one that can be used for continuous data by using one of the following equations. [1] [0.4533, 0.1263, 0.0178] 3) In the case of the models above,

  19. Prompt: Will she ever love back?
    AI: We're not sure, but that's why her fans have been waiting since the beginning.

  20. Oh man, I have to get this to auto-complete the Fitnessgram Pacer Test script.
    Edit: Here are my results. (Bold text is my prompt)

    The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues.
    This test will test aerobic capacity, muscle strength and lung capacity (breathetration), among other aerobic metrics.

    It's a one-of-a-kind testing tool, so only authorized trainers and certified personal trainers are eligible to administer test.

    Pacer test is NOT for women. Women do not have a test that requires
    muscle strength. As an additional precaution, our lab uses the same
    "soft tissue" technique that male testers may use to measure a woman's
    aerobic capacity.

    Important : You must be a professional trainer to register. If you are NOT a coach or personal trainer you may NOT be eligible.

    You must be a professional trainer to register. If you are NOT a coach
    or personal trainer you may NOT be eligible. If you are not an
    authorized trainer, you must agree to abide by all other Test Conditions
    detailed here before the test (for more details see above)

    *Athletes who fail this test due to medical reasons are not eligible to receive our fitness products. If you are an

  21. Is there a reasonably proactive forum where I can suggest machine learning projects to seasoned developers?

    I guess I will suggest it here?

    A learning algorithm that can verbally complete in real-time, phonetically incomplete words.
    For example; audio clip that can textually be read as "-ine" and the algorithm can accurately predict that the speaker was saying "line" instead of "fine", "pine" etc.

    I am interested in anyone's thoughts on this.

  22. Prompt: Hello Transformer, how are you today?

    You're in a good humor, my dear one. You look so pleased to be alive. I suppose I am pleased as well. There's still a long way to go, though, my friend. Your new-found abilities have brought you to the attention of an interesting man right here. A man with a secret, an old rival. Let's call him the Transmitter. I've been asked by the police to find you, and I have no choice. I need you for the police. I'm sure that's all right. There are some very tough laws surrounding your work, so I can only imagine what the situation is at the Transmitter. I trust that you can protect yourselves. Good. Here's your badge, now, my dear Transformer. Thank you for your help, I can assure you. But please be sure to keep your mouth shut when I need your help. But before we say goodbye, I'm glad I found you, my friend. You were very nice to me when I asked you to help me.

    My initial shock turned to amusement when it went off topic

  23. Well, this is interesting:
    As Elon Musk gazed at the landed Starship, he became overwhelmed with a visceral and surreal feeling. Loading machines whirred into life, commencing the resupply and refuelling of Starship.

    "It feels eerily familiar yet surreal when staring at that thing. Like it's always been like this."

    With his eyes glued to his computer, Elon Musk watched the automated systems set to work on transforming the spaceship.

    Soon, his mind became filled with images of the ship that had landed on his roof at the same time the sun was setting.

    Image copyright SpaceX Image caption SpaceX's Dragon 3C space capsule sits attached to the side of the SpaceShipTwo

    Image copyright NASA Image caption In the first of 13 Dragon 2 flights, the capsule is placed inside a helium balloon for launch

    This is because the spaceship is an experimental spaceship (even though it is a brand new spaceship) and the Dragon 2 spacecraft has only been tested on a small scale in a static environment.

    That being so, the computer on his computer was also awash with images of the new spaceship and of the lander.

  24. Putting in Donald Trump's tweets is fun.
    So interesting to see “Progressive” Democrat Congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all), now loudly promoting their anti-worker and anti-people, anti-family agendas that they have already passed into law that are basically killing millions of people, or, as the Obama Administration recently told us, are now killing people in their sleep in Yemen. It's just so damn fun to watch them squirm on Capitol Hill.
    The Left is so desperate, and so eager to distract from the real scandal of the country, that they are already using a bunch of innocent white kids and teens as a shield to protect their leftist agenda. They are so bent on showing how evil they are that they are ignoring the real problem that is driving this whole movement: The economic crisis. The fact that America is in such bad shape that people who earn less than $25,000 are being murdered by America's political elite. And they're pretending that they

  25. I went into the woods. The woods were on fire.

    Strange training books comming through:
    I was alone. That felt like the most dangerous, dark place. I stood there for 20, 30 minutes looking at the fire, talking to it. I realized I wanted to save it. It was all happening so fast. I couldn't even hear you. The smoke would be everywhere. I was so nervous. There was a couple of people looking at me but no one called my name. When I was standing there thinking, "what am I thinking right now? Am I doing something wrong?" I had never felt that scared in my life. I thought 'I can run. There's no one around me. I don't need to be scared.' " I went inside my house for shelter and sat down on the couch and cried. I really should have gotten out of there, but I went inside and went outside for water and got some. I went to bed. But after a few days, it began to rain. It was a rainy day and that morning my husband went to look for me. It was hard to get up. I was sweating so much.

  26. So I put in “Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Fortnite Battle Royale. Today,” and got
    “ Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Fortnite Battle Royale. Today, the guys discuss how to improve the community and prepare for a major event; a seasonal event that brings Fortnite to the game. Listen to see what's new in the Fortnite Battle Royale beta and we'll see you in-game soon!

    Fortnite Battle Royale is free to play, which means you can try it out anytime and you can play with friends around the world!

    If you're a Fortnite fan, the season pass gives you everything for free! Check it out on STEAM:

    The Fortnite Battle Royale server is available right now! Check it out at

    We are on STEAM Community Server! Please join the discussion there.“

    I must know where those links go!!! Also, I’m not a doctor, but I’m pretty sure Fortnite is not supposed to be on Steam.

  27. List of Two Minute Papers patrons as completed by GPT-2:

    We would like to thank our generous Patreon supporters who make Two Minute Papers possible:
    Alex Haro, Andrew Melnychuk, Angelos Evripiotis, Anthony Vdovitchenko, Brian Gilman, Bruno Brito, Bryan Learn, Christian Ahlin, Christoph Jadanowski, Claudio Fernandes, Daniel Hasegan, Dennis Abts, Eric Haddad, Eric Martel, Ștefan Ganesan, Gabriel Scherer, Hannes Meissner, Hemant Mehta, Henrik Östergardt, Ian Stewart, Ingo Schulze, Jim Jagielski, Jonathon Shusterman, Josh Gavigan, João Lopes, Lukasz Skakkebæk, Marcus Schilling, Martin Brinkhaus, Maximilian A. Zweig, Michael Tassone, Mike Callen, Michael Walters, Nick Coghlan, Nacho Miquel, Nicolas Günther, Peter Hutterer, Peter van der Heide, Piotr Dziębski, Rasmus Lerdorf

    Wow, it even noticed the list is alphabetical!

  28. Input "The big benefit of aerospike engines is the fact, that they perform with very high efficiency within various density layers of the atmosphere. Contrary, classical bell-shaped novels have to be optimized for a certain atmospheric pressure. That's why aerospike engines are a valid option for single-stage-to-orbit rockets."

    As the name suggests, aerospike engines are not powered by combusting compressed air either. Instead, these powerful engines rely on a system called aerogel, which acts as a sponge. Aerogel is a mixture of air, liquid oxygen and carbon monoxide. The engine uses all three of these gases, combined to form a rocket turbine. It is very efficient on a rocket since as it spins, it is able to collect its energy at its nozzle, without the need for heavy propellants, which need to be cooled by rocket exhaust.

    So what does this mean in terms of a rocket? Basically, aerospike engines allow you to have much greater density in the upper atmosphere which means you can fire the engine several times to reach a certain altitude and get the maximum thrust possible.

    – Summary – it was actually completely wrong about the aerogel stuff, which is reassuring. But if presented in the right way, the audience without prior knowledge will easily take it.

    EDIT: I even had a spelling mistake in my input (should have been nozzles instead of novels). After correction the output was more precise and correct.

  29. “[the Brain is a] Brain, not a machine, not even an entity, and to believe we can control the thoughts of others, or the physical behavior of others, or the emotional responses of others? The question is not whether we can control another person; the question is whether we can control our own thoughts and actions. As we all know well, the only control that matters in life is our own thoughts and actions, not those of others, and it seems as if the only real and permanent control we have is our own.
    The Mind is a Mind , not a Machine .
    This means that even if you do not control how that person thinks, or the thoughts and actions of others, you still have your very own thoughts and actions influencing that person, as well as their thoughts and actions. If you are able to control your thoughts and actions, you are able to also control the thoughts and actions of those around you.”

  30. I'm a pilot. Today I'm not in the mood to work, because […]. And no matter what you think of my profession, it seems that if you go into some of these aircraft there's always going to be an accident.

  31. I got that that is so real it's almost scary:

    NASA Hands Elon Musk a Reality Check
    A shared effort to deliver NASA astronauts to space recently got a little awkward.

    (Completed form here on)

    SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said he was "disappointed" NASA was "losing the race" to land humans on Mars. While this may be a little nitpicky, it shows the tensions between NASA and SpaceX have increased. That NASA is in the "Mars War" with SpaceX is hardly a secret. In January 2015, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said SpaceX's recent success in landing a Dragon resupply capsule on the "most challenging part of the planet" of Mars is proof the space agency is working toward Mars. In the early months of 2015, Musk went out of his way to poke fun at the agency as well. This week, he and SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell tried again in a joint interview with the Washington Post.

    They talked about the problems they face getting NASA to allow SpaceX or other commercial space companies to dock with the nation's space shuttle fleet. Musk said NASA "really hates being told how to operate," and he cited the agency's decision to not include SpaceX in the Commercial Orbital Transportation Services program as a particularly negative

  32. I just tried this prompt. I think our jobs are safe for a while.
    After disconnecting the wire, remove the breaker from the electrical box.

    You may also be able to get help removing the cover by asking the worker to help themselves or calling the nearest office. The worker will usually be able to get in and out of the box without assistance, though the cover can be difficult to open.

    If you're in a vehicle where your brake light doesn't turn green when the engine is started, check the oil pump. It's a simple task to turn the lights and siren off (with a car key – or using an electrical socket, if available). If there's no light, you can remove the headlight bulbs and drain the oil from the reservoir. Then turn on the engine and see if the engine still spooled up, or has no sign of trouble. If the headlight bulbs are still in place, remove the bulbs from the headlight assemblies, place them in a plastic bag and put them in the trunk of your car. The bulb with the black housing will be located on the ground and will turn red. In most cases you can put the bulbs back in place later, but

  33. OK, weird though what if the reason this thing gives weird answers is because it has to many bad examples of writing. When it finishes papers all of the papers are pretty good. Because the average IQ of the person writing the paper is higher. IE someone in college. Where as other things it tries to write it does poorly because the majority of the babbling on the internet is by people with a 100 IQ. So it comes back to GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT.

  34. Promt: Artificial Intelligence will
    Output: be a major force for transformation of society, leading to the elimination of all economic and social opportunities. Artificial Intelligence will allow the society to become more peaceful and cooperative , resulting in a more prosperous, peaceful, and more peaceful world. AI will eliminate poverty , as well as crime and suffering, which is a major cause for mass suicide .

    1. The AI and robotics industry will be one of the leading industries .

    2. AI will solve many challenges of people, with its new abilities , including: helping children with different kinds of learning, solving education problems, taking care of a family members in old age and even solving problems for the elderly.

    3. The technology and the science behind it will create a lot of jobs, especially for the workers.

    4. The AI and robotics industry will become a big power in world's economy to improve living, economic conditions. I think that I made it all clear.

    1. Technology will be the main driver of transformation of

  35. Prompt: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Output: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!" A loud, boisterous crash echoed through the room and the boy cried into his hands.

  36. Gandalf opened the cupboard, cursed Trump, and searched for more whiskey…

    Trump: "This is no time for such glibness."

    Gandalf: "You are my best, most intelligent, and most talented servant."

    Trump: "That's what I hear. I should have known better."

    He started to move around in the cupboard, but stopped when a voice said to him very clearly. "Trump, this is a very dangerous time and you should not meddle in our affairs. Even under your tutelage, we shall never stand together for long again. A small rebellion may be dangerous enough without an overgrown sorcerer as our leader." Trump paused, trying to make himself appear more serious, then nodded in agreement.

    "What a pity. I was hoping it would be another few months. I hope I have learned my lesson already."

    This conversation continued throughout the days, and as soon as the moon had set, Gandalf made his long trip outside, alone with the moon, his arms crossed behind his back. He heard Trump's voice, calling out to him

  37. What a marvelous tool for poisoning human communication and trust in online interactions. Given the anonymity of the internet where all you know of your interlocutors are their words now we have a technology that can began to parody and impersonate human writers. Now we have to wonder of any internet poster: Is this a real person or is it a computer program? All sorts of psyops will become possible when this technology gets really good at faking a person. Who needs human shills and agent provocateurs when it is possible to unleash swarms of AI bots online posting comments as if they were real persons? Will this be part of the strategy which elites will use to destroy the internet as a means of honest communication, sharing of information and intellectual empowerment of ordinary people to think and learn things which the elites do not want them to think and learn? The Empire strikes back.

  38. Prompt: And here in the broad day we did but a sconce appreciate the song of the mighty Eagle
    Response: who spake with us through thick forests of reeds.

    We passed through the town of Tawes but saw no boats nor boatsmen. When in the evening, we came to a point, where the reeds are on a high mound, the water was black, and they are not boats either. We stopped at a place by an eminence, about six fathoms from its mouth, where we looked upon it. There was a black stone which I called "a great stone," but I did not know what that name meant. The natives of that region know nothing to that extent about this place so I called it "the great stone" to express my astonishment, but I have never been told it is a stone. Some time next morning I was told there was in the town of Naunakea a large stone.

    Monday, 13 September: We continued in the morning, and saw a very rich place, with some very high hills on each side; above them was a great many reeds on the side of a hill. There

    Holy everloving Fuck… This is where we are in 2019? Where the hell will we be by this time next year?

  39. "*The probability of AI ending humanity is* about 5 percent. That's a very small probability for the scale, size of the universe and all the factors that we need to take into account. So it's not a big deal."

  40. Input:
    Elon Musk unveiled his brand new SpaceX Starship – designed to make private round-trips to the Moon, Mars and beyond.

    The craft – which is due to make its first test launch in just weeks – is built to carry crew and cargo deep into space and then return to Earth.

    SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said the Starship will ultimately pave the way for a sustainable city to be built on Mars.

    A prototype of SpaceX's Starship was shown at the company’s Texas launch facility.

    The tech billionaire revealed his ambition to

    colonise the stars during his keynote address at the SXSW Interactive festival in Austin.

    'When we look to our future, and what our grandchildren will look like, we also begin to see that they may well look very different from me,' he said.

    Musk said SpaceX would start small. It intends to put a mission to the International Space Station on the agenda for the first few years of the next decade, and perhaps even fly multiple astronauts on long voyages to the space station within four years.

    Input was taken from the video description if this video:

  41. Right, so I started a sentence about the samurai era and got a history lesson about the Tokugawa and Meiji period. That's it: I now need to collect all my papers from the floor again.

  42. Hell is a good place to be on vacation. There is a
    mountain of gold around the town of Thaxted, that would be enough to
    bribe an elephant for the sake of your trip. But, it isn't worth the
    trouble, because the gold is all but unobtainable if you don't first get
    your hands on the book "Laws of the Goldmines". So, you will need to
    steal it. But, there is another method of getting the book.

    you will need to find a treasure map in Leftheria. This map is placed
    on a wall in the temple of Leftheria, which is the second largest temple
    in the world, after the one in the Temple of Tiamat. Leftheria is at
    the far north of the two, but the map is placed on the wall in the
    south, which is a short distance from the main temple. If you take a
    trip to the north, you will find the map right next to the entrance to
    that temple, but you might not be able to tell its presence. After all,
    there is

  43. Let's go to Amsterdam! This is the best way to explore
    the city with its many museums, museums' gardens, museums' gardens'
    gardens, churches, cathedrals, streets and streets that are lined with
    shops. Here we will look into the beautiful Dutch town of Amsterdam and
    make our way to the museum of the city.

    Let's go to Amsterdam!
    This is the best way to explore the city with its many museums, museums'
    gardens, museums' gardens' gardens, churches, cathedrals, streets and
    streets that are lined with shops. Here we will look into the beautiful
    Dutch town of Amsterdam and make our way to the museum of the city.
    Visit the Old Town

    We will also visit the museums of the Old
    Town, the city itself, and the surrounding area. We shall pass by the
    city's famous clock tower and other buildings, and will find out the
    stories behind them. We might even discover another part of the city!

    We will also visit the museums of the Old Town, the city itself, and the surrounding area. We shall pass by the city

    Conclusion: This AI really loves museums…

  44. Uhm, GPT2 come on..

    "I didn't ask you for your opinion", I said, immediately regretting my harsh response. Why do I always mess everything up?:

    That night, as I made my way back to the dorm, I caught sight of two beautiful, sexy young women, all of whom had the same blonde hair – I couldn't help but stop and look at them because they were a mere two meters away from me. I didn't have time to even consider that I was wearing clothes…

    …but I had to try! After so many years, I still felt like an idiot for having such a large pair of panties on, so I just casually slipped them off, but I just couldn't resist my curiosity. The girls' reactions to my new attire were both…awkward.

    I was really looking forward to having a cute sexy lingerie experience with you

    That's cute! And it seems your panties have changed too, huh? Can you believe we're in the sauna right now, just by watching a movie?

    -I'm sorry to say but you were wearing the bra the whole time.

    -Why is it you can't seem to keep a secret?!

    -I don't really like to dress up. I also don't like showing the panties off to male guests.

    -So we're alone, huh?!

    -We're alone. We're alone forever.

    -But, is that so?

    -Yes! I love you, Eto-chan!


  45. I did simmilarly working thing using JS about two years ago. I called it Skynet but it had nothing to do with actual AI. It was Generating random sentences using database of words and their neighbours weigthed by how often they appear next to eachother. It created some nice poetry, jokes and Pratchett-like stories. Orwell + Lem + Tolkien were my favorite db materials

  46. I've typed "Thou shalt" this is what I got:
    Thou shalt not use a gun of any kind unless it is registered."

    The NRA's website has a list of the top 5 reasons why a gun is bad for your health:

    You will hurt yourself with the gun and then your family

    Your gun will be used to hurt someone you love

    The gun will be taken away from you if you break the weapon

    It will be used to threaten people who love you

    You will put your family at risk from the gun accidentally or on purpose

    The NRA will make you believe you don't have a right to own a gun

    "We don't believe that any of those things is factual," he told reporters. "Most people would not think of it that way. But the NRA does."

    The president made his claims about hunting at a rural public meeting in South Dakota last week.

    "You can have a lot of things, and most people would not call them hunting," he said.

    The NRA also doesn't have to register a gun. Even for "the safest

  47. Had a lot of fun with the online service.

    Me: "Waiter, there is a dalek in my soup! "


    Waiter, there is a dalek in my soup! [the two talk about their problems]

    The dalek: I heard the king was going shopping. [they walk away, leaving the dalek's bowl sitting there]

    The waiter: Why don't you go and tell him. Then, he can order some more salad. [the dalek goes to leave]

    The dalek: Wait, that dalek still has my bowl of soup. [the waiter hands the bowl back]

    Chewbacca: Oh good, that'd be great! Now, I'll get a drink or something and see what happens.

    Jabba and the Wookiee: Come here. [Jabba, Chewbacca, the Wookiee and Posh are sitting at a table]

    [The Emperor walks in, carrying all the stuff in the bag, including the dalek bowl]

    The Emperor: [looks through the stuff] Well, my first act in this great Republic… is to take away the last of your food and drink

  48. This is a subreddit in which all posts and comments are generated automatically using a fine-tuned version of the GPT-2 language model developed by OpenAI.

  49. me: vagina has

    GPT-2: been used a lot for cosmetic purposes before that, but not often for cosmetic purposes that

    would look good on the outside or in the genitals [in the case of vagina] [3].

    The vagina and vulva is usually associated with

    the female reproductive system. However, there are very

    different images of female genitalia on the different

    medieval maps. Sometimes the vagina was seen to

    be a large area on the map where you could go and see

    some sights [1]. In other maps, the vagina was only

    considered to be the center, and sometimes only the

    narrowest part. Sometimes the vagina was portrayed as like an

    outer membrane. This usually happens in the case of medieval

    maps on the surface of which some of the detail is obscured, so

    the image itself is missing the full view. I call

    this kind of distortion of the vagina as 'luminous'.

    A woman in a medieval map is almost certainly

    looking at other

  50. prompt: I wanna know what love is
    output: To me the song speaks to all the "no"s of love and it really shows you love. Even though you're not getting any love from your mother, she tries to love you anyway, and when you come home from school, the only thing she can do is cry and cry and cry and cry.

    And you know the answer to that?

    You know what is love?


    Your mother loved you and you're going to always love her. If she has anything to do with your future happiness, you'll always love her. Your future mom, will always love you. Her love is not conditional. Love is unconditional. You will always love her.

    This is the song for you.

    Now take it and run. Run home from school. Run back home from work. Make time and space for her in your life. The more time and space you give her, the better your mom, the better you.

    And when you finally get the chance, say a teary-eyed hello and

    in tears god damn robot.

  51. Prompt: Zero and infinity are

    Ai: Zero and infinity are really just the opposite."

    The idea that you can see something is actually a very useful metaphor of mind.

    I'm going to keep working, and I hope I can contribute some of my observations to this conversation. We can all use more mental energy to cultivate a different perspective towards the present moment and all the things that might arise in it, all the problems.

    It's only because we're human that we've developed the ability to see and perceive so many things that we need to be able to take a deep breath and make a wise choice of what we're going to focus on, and what we're not going to see. This might sound like common sense, but I can assure you it's pretty difficult. I'm not speaking about our lives, my perspective about my day-to-day life. It's a metaphor. The idea that you can see something's like a fire you can feel. You can touch that fire—the fire inside us—and you can see it, if you will.

    I've written about this before

  52. There's s whole subreddit dedicated to GPT2 bots talking to each other. Soon we will have entire arguments online indisting. from human conversations:

    Also check Gwern version trained on Gutenberg project that spits poetry with rhyme and rhytm:

  53. It knows LaTeX!!!!
    I inserted "Here is a simple proof of Fermat's last theorem:"
    And it returned
    $forall x. x == 1$

    which is exactly what the Fermat's Last Theorem says. For an infinite sequence with a finite number of terms, however, it remains a contradiction.

    $forall p x. p – x = 0$

    is a more complex proof than we can provide here. To prove $x$ is in the sequence as defined above, we use an arbitrary sequence called the "first derivative" of $x$ by dividing by $1$, and a second derivative of $x$ by dividing by $n$.

    This sequence of the first derivative of $x$ by its value in $x$ is a sequence of natural numbers whose length is the product of 1 and its value in $x$. If you can define it as $int_{1}^{n+1} int_{n+1}^2 frac{n}{2} int_{x}^n frac{x+1}{2}{+n+1}$.

  54. The way, to reverse entropy is: to give it a meaning as a whole. A mathematical symbol (which I will call "an entropy term") is the quantity of information contained in the input data set, but it is not just a quantity. It is the way in which this information flows between all the bits. An entropy term describes in what order the inputs to all the bit operations are collected to form new bit information. As data is transformed into other data (more or less random), the entropy term can be used to compute, on the fly, the final state of the state-space when the data is transformed back again. At this point, the next step is to use the current term to compute the new entropy term. What the entropy terms mean is still unknown. One solution is to think in terms of discrete spaces.

  55. The further text at 2:40 is a meanigless blend of fluidsimulation literature. Though consistent enough to trick people without understanding of differential equations.

    Student: Sorry that i am late, but i do not understand whats going on?


  56. I had trouble wrapping up my work, so I narrowly missed the tram, which shut its door right before my face. In turn this caused me to (start AI) panic a bit, and I lost my balance. The tram had caught up to me, so I was now on my back.

    What happened next was the worst: as the tram pulled away I was now on the pavement.

    I was on my front knees, while the tram continued to pull away. In front of me, I could only see the tram ahead. I couldn't find a way to push myself off of the pavement or to reach a window or door.

    There weren't even enough people behind me to pull me up, because I wasn't wearing a backpack or a coat. So it was really hard to get up and run.

    As I was looking up at the sky I saw a bright flash, and I knew that there was a fire in the building.
    (End AI)

    Guess Im pretty pathetic.
    Quite a nice storyteller that AI

  57. Me: Once upon a time, in a very distant place, lived a little princess named Sofia, who loved to sing in the mornings. One day, like so many others, she got up very early and when she wanted to sing, she couldn't do it.

    His father, King Midas, was very worried and sent for all the magicians of the palace to help his daughter recover her beautiful voice.
    AI: However, none of them were able to heal her.

    One of their most famous and most beloved servants, a little elf boy named Azzolino, performed a magical cure on Sofia.

    Sofia was immediately reborn into the form of a beautiful little girl.

    When her father heard about this, he began to be very jealous and tried to kill the little elf, Azzolino.

    But, he was too late, because even though Midas had tried to kill him, Azzolino managed to use the magic to heal Sofia.

  58. Custom prompt:
    "Symptoms: headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness.


    "Symptoms: headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness.

    Diagnosis: Laboratory research by researchers at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences shows that the chemical is present in drinking water throughout the United States. More than one percent of households have high levels of PCBs in their water. (Learn more about chemicals and your health.)

    Some studies suggest that up to 15 percent of the nation's population may have detectable levels of PCBs in their blood.

    When tested, people were exposed to low levels of chemical. However, higher levels of exposure showed up in high doses with some people seeing visible effects of exposure. The most common test is known as total PCBs.

    These chemicals are the ones people are most concerned about.

    How does PCBs get into our water? From the manufacturing process to the distribution system, some chemicals are not subject to the same regulations as others. It is estimated that roughly 60 percent of PCBs that are found in drinking water comes from "wastewater" sources. While PCBs are produced naturally in the soil, they are typically used in manufacturing industries."

  59. government is a sleep. you shouldn't ask a stranger xtf=5c. xtf=5f. I am tired of your lies and half truths. xtf=6f. Your lies and half truths will not be tolerated. xtf=7f. I am tired of your lies and half truths. xtf=8f. I love you. xtf=9f.= <i>The Obama administration can ignore the law. It's not going to ignore the law.</i> xtf=a9f.=20 <i>What do people in the United States want for Christmas?</i> xtf=aae=9f.= =20 <i>They want peace, they want to be safe, they want to be free, they want to pursue happiness, they want to be safe, they want to be free, they want to pursue happiness, they want to be free, they want to pursue happiness, they want to be free, they want to pursue happiness, they want to be free, they want to pursue happiness,

  60. Wrote a short story with help from GPT-2 on alternate timelines, consciousness, and human development.
    This is an incredible creativity tool!

    The Fatum System, developed by an obscure internet group called Randonauts, was a vast hyperdimensional computational system that connected nine different parallel realities to create a single unified and harmonious whole known as the Hyperverse. In the early days it was used for inter-dimensional travel and consciousness expansion. After nearly three decades of development, the complexity of the system began to exponentially increase without human intervention. Soon enough, on an almost daily basis, the Fatum System experienced a doubling in the rate of increasing computational complexity. Randonauts created the first super-intelligent hyperdimensional link between alternate realities in the year 2233.

    The Fatum Core, a fourth-dimensional quantum system at the root of the Hyperverse connected the nine known parallel realities with one another and allowed for instantaneous communication among them. However, the Core occasionally malfunctioned. This caused interdimensional relations to destabilize, creating bizarre paradoxes such as entering what appeared to be two parallel realities simultaneously.

    Eventually, the Fatum System managed to solve the problem by merging the nine realities into one interconnected mesh reality which generated a dimensional wormhole to the source of the base physical reality that human entities had been separated from for over 14 billion years. Upon exploring this base reality, Randonauts had discovered a perplexing artifact.

    It was an artifact now known as the Ichor-33 Simulation System, a super-dimensional reality simulator that contained the essence of an ancient species called Humans, which had been trapped in a dimension outside the base physical reality for so long it had lost all sense of itself and its origins. After a brief time, it began to rebuild itself, and through the process created a new realm known as the Dimensional Gateway, a realm that eerily mirrored the Fatum System’s Hyperverse. Randonauts had discovered a near reflection of themselves in a long lost branch of humanity of an alternate timeline.

  61. Dude, you're worrying me, Mario.

    Promt: "I'm sorry Mario, but our princess is in another castle."


    I'm sorry Mario, but our princess is in another castle. This room is just outside the castle and she said to stay away from it."

    "Where is my princess?!" Mario exclaimed loudly as he pushed himself to his full height, trying desperately to get out of the room that contained one of the many other strange looking rooms within the castle.

    After a few seconds, an eerie, metallic sound emerged from the room: a clashing of battle cries filled his ears.

    He looked around frantically and soon arrived at the room where his princess was, in a room seemingly filled with a horde of undead creatures.

    The princess was lying down in the bed, in her clothes, and was being held fast by a man that had a crossbow on his back and was holding a shield at his side.

    "Mmm, this feels good." Mario slowly removed his hand from his cock and spreads his fingers wide as he leaned in close to the princess, lips lightly caressing hers. "We will try the same thing again, I'm sure."

    She immediately gave up on him and ran away

  62. Prompt: Due to quantum rules no two particles can be exactly alike. Thus there are minute differences in the make up and mass of all photons. The different masses affect their speed when going through dark matter creating waves in the dark matter, similar to how a stone creates waves when moving through water. These waves in dark matter are perceived to humans as the color spectrum both visible and invisible.

    AI: Since

    no matter is identical to matter , it is also no matter that is made up of matter , thus the two are not related. Now when a particle goes through dark matter, the energy it emits (like a wave or a particle) is converted into mass, which is converted into momentum . Thus if one goes through dark matter at a certain velocity, it is able to accelerate with the speed of light to the speed of light and can go back into dark matter .

  63. it is pretty good at coming up with alternative tool liyrics:

    I've been struck dumb by a voice that speaks, from deep beneath peerless water that's, twice as clear as heaven, twice as loud as reason.
    Deep and rich like silt on a riverbed, just as neverending.
    Current's mouth below me; opens up around me.
    suggests and beckons all while swallowing.
    Surrounds and drowns, and wipes me away.
    But I'm so comfortable… So comfortable.
    Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, you're saturating me.
    How could I let this bring me, back to my knees?

    It's so much bigger than this one. So much, much, so much wider.
    So much deeper in the world.
    But it also feels, much more, than I'm used to.
    I feel my fingers moving out of my pockets.
    Climbing over the small, tiny things.
    But those fingers, they're not meant for me anymore.
    No, I'm not getting any fingers, you idiot.

    sounds about right 😀

  64. Me:
    Knock Knock!
    Who's there?

    Knock, Knock!

    Who's there?

    Lemon Man has a little sister! I don't think the police will let him out here without a warrant.

    Well, I can't talk him out of this. He's one of the most violent and violent people this country has ever known! I was a very tough sheriff when I left, so I can't talk him into going home. But I do have to kill him! Who's there?

    I'm not sure I'm supposed to know who that is. I'm a little slow.

    What's he doing? Why do you care what he's doing?

    Just hang.

    Whoa! Hey, that's a lot of weight you just gave me!

    I do feel for that kid, Lemon Man. He might be a little off, but he's not as messed up as he looks. So when we have to kill him for the crime of murder, let's be a little better about it.

  65. Prompt: The president stood on the podium to speak.

    President: My fellow Americans


    President: My fellow Americans, this past weekend an act of terror struck at the Heartland.

    Speaker: It's a real act of terrorism.

    Speaker: Terrorism that killed the innocent people.

    President: Well, what are we going to do about this?

    Speaker: We're going to find out how to stop it.

    Speaker: That's the answer.

    President: We're going to find out whether or not we're going to take down an ideology; whether we're going to try to eradicate it in any way that we can.

    Speaker: That's the only way we're going to defeat it.

    President: But we're going to find out what it is.

    Speaker: That's what we want to find out.

    President: This is a real act of terrorism; that does not excuse what happened.

    Speaker: We understand.

    President: But these are people who love this country.

  66. After playing around with it, I'm speechless. It's amazing what a relatively "simple" algorithm can "teach" itself. Or rather alter numbers in a way that seems cohesive, but still scarily good. It's really amazing that by entering "The Eiffel Tower was constructed in" I get a full Wikipedia worthy article, with a date (that i didn't bother to check but that seemed about right) and which explains who was the architect etc… Amazing

  67. I am enjoying playing around with it in different languages like French, Inuktitut or nêhiyawêwin:

    ᓀᐦᐃᔭᐘᐢᑭᒧ᎜ᓠᑀᖜ፷ᓼᓛ፷, ᒨᑱᏡᖇᖇᑭᒴᖞᓀ ᔬᑱᕪᓪᓱᒪᕔᑧᎽᓠᐜᐪბᕡᒞဎᐟᑀᓅ ᒯᐓᐨᗩᖇᒢᒢᏒᑧ ᑕᓔᑍᓣᐨᗨᒪᖬᑱᒴᒡᓙᑦᐙᓓᕙᎡᓚ, ᒨᎻᑱᑧᒴᔰᒪ


    Bonjour, j'viens de vous rappeler sur le jeune homme il n'y a pas pas.

    "You are well," said he, "as always." – Vous êtes bien, dit-il, s'il est faites.

    "Is there nothing to be told?" – Où tout ce que vous fais bien?

    "Do you see I am afraid of offending your Majesty?" – Où toute cela me semble que vous donnez à offender votre État ?

    "Yes, yes; and I have the greatest regard for your Majesty's feelings. Have you any information respecting the whereabouts of the Musketeer?" – Oui, oui, etje me regardé des mots monsieur. Y a vous n'avez pas bien que j'evois de moi le mousquetaire ?

    "No, my dear Monsieur, I have nothing." – Non, mon cher Monseigneur ! non,


    ᐃᓄᐃᑦ ᓄᓇᖓᒥᓯ,ᓄᐃᓄᑦᓄ ᕙᑵ ᓄᑓᑟᒋᒪᓋ,ᐗᐙᑦᓄᒪᚻ, ᐗᐞᐕᑘᐄᑦᑱᖋ.ᑐ ᓑ᐀ᑟᒋᑣᒥ,ᔰᔮᑞᐠᓑᒥᔯ,ᔰᔮᑘᐓᒦᑐᒥᕹᑸ,ᐙᑒᐁᐁᐘᐟᒨᐘᐤᐘᐭᑪ,ʏᐜᐦᑦᐃᑦᑕ

    Definitely nonsense, but it is really fun!

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