Open Road India – 4 – Puppets with a purpose (Prakash Bhat – Jaipur)

Open Road India – 4 – Puppets with a purpose (Prakash Bhat – Jaipur)

Which country? We are Indian. How much time will you take? A Little bit, We will ask you a few questions. How many years have you been making these? Many years, I’ve become old. 60 years. I’ve been making them since the time i got a pencil Whats your name? My name is Har Din. We are not on behalf of any company, We are three friends who have nothing to do with any company. How do you benefit from this? There’s no benefit for us, We are making a documentary in which… You’ll defame us, by showing we are poor. How can you talk like that? Does someone who know this art become poor? So what is the price of this art? I’m poorer than you. So what is the price of this art? The value of this is that your making and selling it. Our job is to show how for many years you have been making this. So how will this benefit us? Your benefit is that once people see this they will become more aware. Everyone is aware of our puppets, they sell and perform as well. Its not always about the puppets, Sometimes its about who makes the puppets. What goes out in the market is this, We make them. Yes. People want to know who makes these? How many years they’ve been making them for? How they make them? That is your personality. There’s no money in that. So that will not help us sell more. It’s nothing like that. OK, it’s your wish, i do not want to argue. We will not let you take our photo’s for free. Its not about “free”. Thousands of people have taken our pictures. Its not about taking photo’s, We’ve not come here with money, nor are we from any company. We will not let you take our photo’s. OK, doesn’t matter. Listen, you want to take a picture? One minute, just give me a minute. I’m also doing social work for this area because they are not educated people. Sir, please let it be, I’m not taking your picture. Let me explain to them, then you can. I also travel the world making puppets. What is your name? My name is Prakash Bhat. I’ve worked in America, London everywhere and got a diploma in puppets. You also do this work? Yes, this is my fathers big brother. I started making puppets when i was 8-9 years old. My father used to teach me. His father used to teach him. I kept looking and learning how to make puppets. Earlier i used to make the face, Over time i learnt how to carve, paint and how to attach the cloth. We used to go to hotels to do shows, It was a passion to help people. 15-16 years ago there were a lot of problems here So i opened a small school. Only a tent, nothing else. Over time people became aware and we got some benefits. There are many problems here. I publicize on my own. I go to other cities, and meet people and communicate them. Widow women are jobless, The puppeteers don’t get any help from the government. This is puppet colony, but other caste’s get benefits. Our puppet caste doesn’t get any benefit, They have many problems. They have water problems Electricity problems Education problems. And they have work problems. Its not possible to sell puppets on the street. Shopkeepers will buy them, and sell them to the tourists at double the price. Even if i wanted, I could never forget it This art is such. If a child holds it and sleeps, He wont be scared, He will always be happy and feel as though he is among fairies. Our caste is never going to leave this art, Because it will never get over. We keep teaching this art. This art is 3000 years old. My family has been puppeteers for 20 generations. My forefather’s taught their children how to make these puppet’s. And it is very important. When i come back from Mexico in December, I’ll finish making this room for my children.

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  1. If you click on the CC for English, the video runs to the end, skipping the story. Is there a way to fix so that readers of English can see the whole thing? Thank you.

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