On A Flying Boat!

On A Flying Boat!

(loud whirring of motor) – What’s up, guys? Woke up with a sore throat and a headache. We leave in two hours to drive four hours to then fly two hours
to end up in Vietnam. Nellie’s still in bed. But, yesterday, I found out
that there’s this flying amphibious hang glider boat out here, and just a bunch of kids fly it around. Feels a little sketch but looks awesome. They said that if I got
here in the morning, they would take me for a ride. We’re going to try this out. Hopefully they know what they’re doing. Cruz was feeling sick yesterday, he’s feeling better now. – I’m 100 percent better right now. – That’s awesome. We need to do a video
of what foods to avoid and what water to avoid
when you’re traveling ’cause it looks safe, the
locals tell you it’s safe, but your body just isn’t used to it. So, about this flying boat thing. Yesterday, when I saw it, we were looking around
to see who’s it was, no one showed up. So, me and that Rastafarian guy, (ping) we sat in it, hung around, hoping someone would show up. No one did. Then finally, I just
kept pointing at people and pointing at the boat. I was like, “Is this yours?” The one guy’s like, “Yeah.” So we walked over to it and then he sees someone else walking to
him and points at that guy. I was like, “Is this … can you fly?” And he’s like, “Yeah, I can fly.” I was like, “Alright, good enough for me.” (slow, bubbly music) I see the boat, flyer
amphibious hang glider thingy. There it is. No one’s by it. (laughs) I see it. Going to make a scene
until someone shows up. Some guy started yelling at me
that they’re eating breakfast and to wait five minutes. Okay. Cool. Says he’s going to call someone. That’s good, they have someone they call, so this has got to be more legit than just a motorboat with wings. Look at this thing. It’s solid enough. I’m not going to mess with it actually. Don’t want to jack it up. It’s got to be good, I don’t see any rips, sweet. Funny story, one year for my birthday, Nels and I were just dating, and she said she had a surprise for me. So, we drive to a place
called Point Of The Mountain, which is like a world hub for a hang gliding spot and you talk … Seriously, people come
from all over the world because there’s this perfect hill with all these thermals right there. And as we were driving to it … that’s the one thing I never wanted to do, was hang glide, because I’ve
thrown a paper airplane, I know what happens. Eventually it falls, right? And so, I was like, no, what … Like, I would rather bungee
jump, skydive, do whatever. But she was like, “I already booked it. We should just try it.” And we get there, and
no one else was there except the guy that’s going
to take us hang gliding. Come to find out she set up parasailing and the guy called her
that morning and said, “I’m sorry, we can’t parasail,” and it was on my birthday, and
she’s like, “No, we have to.” And he said, “There’s not the right wind.” She’s like, ‘Well, we have
to do something.” (laughs) It was, like, putting my life at risk. He’s like, “Okay, I’ve got a
buddy who likes to hang glide, usually when no one else does.” And, so, he contacted
him and the guy’s like, “Yeah, we’ll go check it out.” We get up on top of this
hill and we’re, like, attached to this hang glider. I was like, “Look,” I pulled him aside and I said, “Hey, I know that my
girlfriend’s bent on doing this. I’m fine if we don’t. Like, I’m totally fine.” He’s like, “No, no, no,
let’s just check it out. We’ll just get strapped in and see.” And we’re standing on the edge
of this cliff and he’s like, “Jump with me.” And I’m a foot taller than him, so really, I’m the only one standing
while he’s strapped in with his feet dangling. And, so, I jumped and he’s like, “Feels good enough, let’s run.” No joke. So we ran, caught some
air and then flew off. (ping) And it was the coolest
thing I’ve ever done. We were up in the air and,
after a while, I asked him, I was like, “So, can you
see when the thermals are perfect in one spot, of
where we can just sit?” And he’s like, “No, I just
saw that bird over there and thought we’d check it out.” (laughs)
I look over and there’s a bird just
in the sky next to us. And all of you professional hang gliders, if any of you are watching this, maybe I have no idea
what I’m talking about, maybe I misunderstood him but I swear that happened. And we’re flying, and it
was the coolest thing. We ended up flying back
close to the mountain and we’re diving towards
the mountain and he told me, “Whatever you do, just hold onto your straps
here and don’t touch the pole.” Because sometimes people
get nervous and they want to push the bar out, or they’re holding it and
he can’t push it out to fly. So I’m just holding, like shaking, holding, and we’re coming closer
and closer to the hill. And I’m thinking, you know
what, he’s freaking out but he’s just keeping cool with me. We’re going to totally crash. And, literally, seconds
before we hit the mountain, he pushes the bar out
and we just … phew … graze the top of this
six foot tall weeds grass on this hill. It was crazy, so cool, and after that I was like, “Okay, I love this sport.” I’ve never done it since, now I’m doing this. (slow pop beat) It’s 7:45 now. We have to leave at 9:00 am. I still haven’t seen the driver. It’s 7:55, they said five
more minutes then we launch. They love that phrase. Also, I think he’s drinking right now. He’s mixed a few things in
his cup and he seems a little sorry, he’s like, “Five
minutes, five minute, launch.” I don’t know if this is a good idea, or it’s a great idea. (engine whirring) Getting that running. (engine cuts out) (engine whirring) (loud revving) I don’t know if those are
life jackets or parachutes. This is my protection right here. I’m scared. Trying to think of something
motivational to say. I’m scared. (men giving instructions) Alright guys, here with the pilot, I think … whoo! And, uh, we’re going to go for a ride. (slow, relaxing beat) (loud whirring) Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Yeah! Whoo! Yeah! Whoo! Woah! (loud whirring) This is our stop. (engine revving) (loud splash) (laughs) Whoo! Oh, my gosh. (loud whirring) Oh, my gosh. (engine cuts out)
Yeah! Whoo! This guy is a legit pilot. That was good. He’s the man. If you ever come here, check that out. That was so sick. (laughs) Dude, that … (laughs) That was incredible. Oh, if you get a chance to do that, I mean, just find an approved pilot. He’s got a license, I’m sure. That was awesome though. That was so cool. Oh, sweet, I’m fulfilled. Thank you, Cambodia. Let’s see, it is 8:30. We leave in 30 minutes. I should probably get some Pha, or Pho, however you say it. It’s Vietnamese soup, really hot. That’ll be good for my throat, but if I don’t have enough time for it, that was still worth it. I’ve done one thing that
scared me this week so far. Hey, two! Tarantula eating and that. This is a big week. – You’re home. – You’re back. – [Bryce] Yeah. – [Mother] How was it? – [Bryce] It was epic. – Yeah? – [Bryce] It was so good. I’m alive, guys. – [Mother] That was so weird. – Yeah, I was freaking out. And here’s Nell. – I’m feeling better. – [Bryce] Are you? – Yeah. – [Bryce] Good. – It was the first night I didn’t, like, shiver and sweat and all that good stuff. – It was my turn to do that. Just kidding, I’m just a little bit sick, but we’ve got 20 minutes to pack, get some Pho, and then take off to the airport. Okay, do something that scares you that’s mostly safe
(laughter) and let us know about it
on Instagram or Twitter. Peace! We forgot to bury treasure in Cambodia. Well, we didn’t forget. – I just was so sick that Bryce … – And then I got sick. – Yeah. – And our driver, we had to rush, so we didn’t
get to bury it on the beach. So, we’re here at the airport, leaving Cambodia to go to Vietnam, and we have to leave
one in Cambodia because some people ask, “Are you going
to leave one in Cambodia?” And there are some people
that watch this that live in Cambodia; they watch our vlogs. So, we’re outside the
airport in Phnom Penh and we’re just going to
give you some clues here. So, in the parking lot here, there’s L2. The L2, that says L2. There’s a parking lot right here. There’s a long road coming in. In the window of the airport, right in there is the Blue Pumpkin, so directly across from
it to this tree pot here, and this is where we’re going to bury it. Here’s the treasure. It’s good for an adventure
package, from the Jurgys. We’re burying it. Whoever finds it, you know what to do. Read the instructions on there, tag us. If you don’t understand
English, find someone who does. We’re going to bury it right here. – [Nellie] There. – [Bryce] There it is. – It’s in the bush (giggles) at the Phnom Penh Airport. Super classy. – [Bryce] Woohoo, treasure. – And if you’re traveling to
Cambodia and you stop here, make sure you run outside
the airport and grab it. – [Bryce] Seriously, do it. – Hopefully nobody throws it in the trash. Sorry, this one was, kind of, not our best but we did it. That’s all that matters. Yeah, let’s go catch our flights.

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  1. I was going to make a joke about two vehicles getting romantic, but then I remembered the line on SNL was "blimp trying to make out with a bicycle", not about a plane and a raft

  2. It's pronounced phoe. The only reason I'm certain of that is because this guy did a video with his son that sounded like they were cursing, but they were talking about a Vietnamese restaurant. ๐Ÿ˜†

  3. Dude I think you need to get your pilots licence or get an ultralight !! Nelly I'm glad your feeling better. Safe travels!

  4. Very cool thing to do! Might want to tuck long hair in for anyone else who tries it, although it looks like the motor & propeller are set back a long ways, on other motorized things like go-karts hair will get caught up in the rotating parts and best case is you get scalped, worst case is well…very bad! Live large and have fun.

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