Omega – MAX LEVEL (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Omega – MAX LEVEL (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial! Today we are going to create the new legendary skin Omega from Fortnite in the MAX LEVEL upgraded version. Season 4 is only a few days old and this is my very first tutorial after the big update and there were so many changes. Of course, I only focus on the visual changes which would be the map and the new skins, of course. So as the first tutorial I thought it would be just great to create the new legendary skin Omega and also in the maxed out version and the upgraded version. And I can tell you it was quite difficult to find any images of the max level version of Omega, because I think there’s no player on Earth who has already completed the Omega challenge, but I’m not sure about that. But in the end I found some images I could work with. Here we go. Let’s create the Omega skin from Fortnite and the max level upgraded, updated version. Oh, yeah! Yes, I started the tutorial as always with the aluminum wire skeleton and after that I started coating with the black clay and the great thing about this skin is that it only contains out of I think three different colors. Yeah, I think so. So, this first working step looks difficult, but it isn’t, it’s quite easy. Yeah. Sometimes I’m just comparing to the blueprint and this helps a lot. When creating characters one big mistake I make quite often is I make the feet and also the hands too big. So this time I wanted to focus on these body parts and didn’t want to make the same mistake and to make them too big. I posted a cool pic of this black character on my Instagram account yesterday, yesterday evening and I asked you why is it that black creations always look so cool? I mean the last creations I made from black clay were the Reaper from Overwatch and and the Pokemon Necrozma. And both of them also look pretty nice. But back to the feet. I told you this time I will spend some extra time and just focus on the feet and not make them too big and also for the hands. I’m not sure about the feet. I think the hands are turning out quite well but the feet, well… Let me know. Write it in the comments if you think the feet are too big. So after one hand is finished we will also create the other hand. This will be the one where the harvesting tool will be in. Okay let’s put this into the oven! Freshly baked jumpsuit, black base layer of the Omega skin. And now we will mix a slightly brighter black. I mixed it with silver clay and it gives us this nice dark cool color which looks a bit like metal, but also just like the black from the suit. Now I’m just working on some of the details on the armor, well, I think this armor right? Yeah. While working on some more details, I want to share some details about next week’s tutorials with you. Yes, I hope there will be two tutorials as there’s also a new card in Clash Royale and I’m also looking forward to create this one. And for the Fortnite tutorial next week I thought we would not create another skin as we created so many now. I thought it would be just amazing to look at the new changes of the map in Battle Royale and to create one of these locations. So please participate in this poll. I’m really looking forward to create this and let me know which location, which scenery I should create for next week’s Fortnite tutorial. But for now let’s focus on the creation and I’m currently creating the texture with my scalpel. I think I used the same technique also on the Reaper from Overwatch. And yeah, it’s a great way to create the texture of I think this is carbon. Is it? I’m not sure about that. Some more details on the front. And before we put the filling in the glowing color I think you can customize this in Fortnite. I’m not sure about it, but I decided to go with the orange red one. It is glowing. I saw this one the most and it was quite difficult to create a glowing color just from clay. So I thought I make a mixture of orange and yellow and I would paint it red with acrylic color and this would just look great and glowing. So I’m curious how this turns out. We will see in a minute. Now let’s work on the legs of our Omega, of this skin and this was one of the problems while looking for good images and there were so many contradicting ones. I didn’t know… Yeah, I didn’t know how the details would change within the Omega challenge, so I just picked different images I found of this guy and combined them to get this next level upgraded version. If I made some mistakes well let me know in the comments. Maybe I can do some changes afterwards, but to be honest I’m pretty happy with the end result and how the Omega skin turned out in the end. But maybe you will just create it a bit different and that’s also okay, maybe you’ll like one of the other levels a bit better of this skin and you decide to create it with different details. Now this is one of the most important parts of the whole tutorial of the whole creation. It is the head. The helmet of our nice little Omega guy. I used my scissors to get the helmet into shape and it’s way more easy than to use the scalpel because this helmet has this corner inside. So these are the antennas or just nice little details. I just wanted to let you know what’s under this scary mask, this scary helmet. Yeah, now we will create the part for the eyes and we will fill in some orange clay we mixed before, but again you can also just go with the red clay or do it the same way I did it and use the acrylic paint afterwards to make it a bit more glowy. I know that this is always an issue and quite difficult to create with clay glowing characters for example. Although I think there is the dark glowing clay. I experimented with that, but it’s not working. Well at least it didn’t work out for me pretty well. This is the last detail for the head area of our creation. Just making some more of textures and we can put it onto the plate. I’m fixing it with a cup. We are ready to go into the oven and meanwhile we will focus on the Omega harvesting tool. And I’m using Excalibur from my former tutorial just for size comparison so that I know how long the wire has to be. So this is the bottom part of the harvesting tool, and this is a bit tricky and I highly recommend using a sharp knife for this for all the details of this ax. And now we will add just some silver grey to the harvesting tool. Some more details as always. If you like can go crazy with all these details especially on the tools and on the armor of Omega. So this just looks great, I think this harvesting tool and as this one is also finished we are ready to go into the oven! Freshly baked Omega max level legendary suit. Skin sorry, yeah, these were some details I created just in case and it turned out I forgot some details on the legs. So I glued them onto the skin afterwards This is the acrylic red paint. I’m using a very thin brush for coloring. And look at that it looks just so glowing. I love that effect. I don’t think it would have worked if I would have only painted onto the black, so you need really a bright clay color beneath the acrylic paint in order to shine and to get glowing. Oops this was too much color. And this is the last working step for our skin and after that we will also assemble the harvesting tool. It just looks great. I’m really happy with the end result as I already told you. So, these are the details. I think this is some kind of a knife maybe. This is the big blade of the harvesting tool and well now we have to glue it onto the head of the ax. Here we go for the last part. I’m using the super glue for this. It’s very fast drying and it fits perfectly into the hand. I’m relieved and guys I guess… Oh I forgot the glue. Finally that’s it Omega MAX LEVEL! Guys I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please let me know what you think what you would have done differently and write it down in the comments. Next week there will be not only Fortnite, but also another Clash Royale tutorial. There’s a new card. I guess that’s it for today. Thanks a lot for watching and take care. Bye!

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