83 thoughts on “Ombre Glitter Tumbler Tutorial (Rainbows, Too!)

  1. You should properly prep your cup if your going to do tutorials on tumbler making. You need to sand your cup.

  2. What do you do with the top part where there is epoxy running? It looks like there is a drip or some that somehow got under the tape? how do you get that off? is there a better type tape to keep a smooth edge without the residue? and do you seal the glitter before epoxy or next coat?? thanks so much. I am very much enjoying your videos….except they are very relaxing for me…lololzz 🙂

  3. Do you have tutorials on how to turn tumbler and what type of gloves. I’ve seen a lot of reactions people have from epoxy.

  4. I love how you showed the 2 different ways to ombre the glitter. Tyfs all the great tips! I would love to see how you did the heart stencil, mainly how you got the Loctite spray only where the heart was😍

  5. Thank you that is going to help a lot!! I do the cups and struggle with the ombre even though I do nails that way and it's much easier, the glitter is so much different than the control of nail polish 😀

  6. I haven’t even unboxed my first Cricut, but I love watching your videos! I don’t know if I’m inspired, or intimidated, but I’m definitely procrastinating! 😂

  7. I love the narrow neck bottle! How did you do THAT one? I love the stencils too! Please do a vid on the narrow neck one!!!!

  8. once the glitter is on, do you remove the tape and move it up on the tumbler so that you get the epoxy to cover the glitter? thank you

  9. Hi Jennifer, Sophie here in the UK Love your videos I am going to get my very own Cricut soon! Thank you for giving me the gift of Kraft! <3

  10. Your step by step is so wonderful! Please show us your tricks for the stencil! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas.

  11. This is not related to tumblers but thought you could help me with something else. I'm having problems transferring cut files that I purchase to cricut design space. When I try to upload them it says none available. I would appreciate any help that you can give me. Thanks

  12. Yes Please more tutorials on tumblers, more info about the materials and where to get them as well, thank you for sharing I really appreciate you 💖

  13. for the glitter on glitter tumbler you could use a vinyl sticker mask to mask out the outside of the area you dont want glitter on to get crisp edges ya?

  14. Hello Jennifer. love your content on every video you do. i was wondering if there is a different way to resin bottles compared to tumbles? can you please fo a video on this please

  15. Please please please do a tutorial about the stencil and getting the glue within the lines. You're wonderful. Thank you!

  16. Please show us how to make those Michelob Ultra tumblers, i haven't found a video that shows how to make them.

  17. When I remove the electrical tape why am I left white like a small almost clear strip? Maybe I'm leaving the tape on too long?!!

  18. Hi Jennifer, love your videos! I have attempted ombré tumblers but my glitter looks more like stripes then a fade. Any suggestions?

  19. Jennifer Maker, I would like to epoxy photographs to my 30 oz. stainless steel cup. Do you already have a tutorial for epoxying photographs?

  20. Would love to see how you did the black and purple tumbler. Love them all. You are amazing! Thank you!!

  21. What colors did you use for the rainbow? Just the brand of glitter and the color name I can look online for rest.

  22. I just came across your channel and am SO happy I found you. I love your tutorials. You are very thorough.

    Question…. how long is the working time with the locktight method? Does it dry pretty quickly?

  23. Love this video, the tumblers are gorgeous ❤️ We would love to see you use some of our glitters for your tumblers 😍

  24. Just discovered your tutorials, they are informative, concise, and professional. I subscribed and look forward to watching more and checking out your blog. I have a tip on the glitter, instead of using your fingers you could use baby spoons or the little ice cream sample spoons. Thank you for teaching and sharing your talents!

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