Old Man Saxon reflects on epic battle with D Smoke | Rhythm + Flow: The Aftershow | Netflix

Old Man Saxon reflects on epic battle with D Smoke | Rhythm + Flow: The Aftershow | Netflix

♪ So go ahead and spit
your bars all hype ♪ ♪ ‘Cause you gon’ have to face time ♪ ♪ Behind bars all night ♪ ♪ Two on one, no that’s not all right ♪ ♪ Hold up, I’m Puerto Rican ♪ ♪ I been eating beans my whole life ♪ ♪ What’s up ♪ ♪ You got skills and
you lackin’ in spark ♪ (triumphant music) ♪ Hold up ♪ ♪ Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa ♪ ♪ Get out the way ♪ ♪ Get out the way ♪ ♪ Get out the way, yeah ♪ – Welcome to Rhythm
and Flow the aftershow. I’m your host Scottie Beam, and listen, the contestants went crazy on this past week’s episodes. Today, we’re going to get into all of that with our guest
MTV News correspondent and Rap Radar host B. Dot, Senior Editor at Complex, Frazier Tharpe and last, but certainly not least, reppin’ Baltimore,
Maryland, rapper King Los. But, before we bring in our
panel, we’ve got a special guest joining me here in the
studio to kick things off. Take a look. – This was a really hard
decision, like I’m sad, I want to go home. (laughing) – [Chance] Smack, do the honors. – The judges decided to go with (suspenseful music) D Smoke. – Ey!
(crowd cheering) – [Announcer] D Smoke, Inglewood. Congratulations. – Old Man Saxon welcome, I’m so happy to have you here on the show! – Glad to be here. – Yes, listen, I’m a big fan. – Thank you. – Huge fan and I hated to see you go. That decision was some bullshit though. – I mean, I’m fine with it. D Smoke came with it, I came with it like honestly,
what was special about that is I was fine, I was really confident and then D Smoke came up and he said, I will honestly beat yo ass
and I said I believe you. (Scottie laughs) I believe that shit! (both laughing) As soon as he said that, I was like okay, I might’ve lost this. So yeah I’m not mad at
it, he came with it. – During the decision, I’m
sure it took a long time for them to actually figure
out who won that round, but, what was going through your head while that was happening? – Well yeah with the editing
they make it seem like it was a quick edit like we
figured out, D Smoke you won. It was, me and Smoke were
sitting there for 20 minutes just trying to figure
out like okay, what’s up? We had our conversation, they huddled up, they looked at us, they talked
to Los, they huddled up, they looked at us, they
brought the lawyers out, they huddled up, after that
I kind of knew it was like all right, someone gotta go home. So, yeah once again, I’m
not mad at it, at all. – ‘Cause I honestly believe
that they should’ve let you two battle this out later
on in the competition because you two are some of
the strongest contestants they had on the show. – Yeah. – So, I was kind of like
bummed out, I was like damn I really wanted to see what
you would do with the song, how would you make a song
you know what I’m saying. – Yeah like I said
it’s, it was like it was two number one seeds like battling it out, so like someone had to go home. But yeah, I would’ve loved
to be in a later round because, not everyone on that
show was a battle rapper. Me or Smoke were not battle
rappers but it made for good TV. But yeah, if I would’ve made
it to the music video round, it’ve been some other shit. Can I cuss? – Yeah you can cuss!
– Alright, it’ve been some other shit.
– Come on we grown. – Also if, I think all the
judges knew that if I was to get to the point where we
were performing live, my stage presence was unmatched. – It’s crazy. – So they wouldn’t, yeah,
it would’ve been a– – It’s crazy. Well I know you’ve been
getting a lot of DMs too. I know, including myself, I want to know where to get your stuff,
where do I listen, what’s next for you. – Old Man Saxon, there’s only
one Old Man Saxon google me. Um, yeah. (laughs) – [Scottie] What streaming
services though don’t be just– – Spotify, y’all got sponsors
that I shouldn’t say? Spotify, Apple, Tidal, everything. – [Scottie] Name of project? – I’ve got a project
coming up very soon called The Peacock Honey, don’t worry about it. It’s going to be a nice one for the bae. – Okay, shout out to you. Well I know that you’re booked and busy. – [Old Man Saxon] Naw, I’m chilling. – So I know you have to go but we wish you nothing but the best. – I appreciate it. Thank you so much
– Thank you, Scottie. – Old Man Saxon for sticking with me. – Absolutely. – Absolutely. Well this week’s episodes
were all about the cyphers, battles and the music videos. And they were lucky enough to have some mentors help them
through the process. ♪ Who the best dog, we gon’ see ♪ ♪ I watched my mom get beat ♪ ♪ So now I beat on beats ♪ (groans) – I suggest that you write with space. Who’s the two greatest
rappers of all time? – [Crowd] Pac and Big. – Space. Because space, creates cadence. Cadence creates, rhythm. (air whooshing) – Hooh, Lord, well joining
me now we have B. Dot, – Yo. Frazier Tharpe, hey love, and King Los. How are you? – Chilling. – Good, don’t act, nu-uh we not about to do this on this set. (men laughing) We going to smile, we going to be happy. Look at my friends, I’m
so happy to have you here. King Los though, I was extremely happy to find that you were going to be
a coach on this competition because I think that the
contestants deserved a trained ear, to actually help them
throughout this process with the competition. What was the hardest part
when like coaching these? – The hardest part was just
getting them to believe that what I’m saying is going
to benefit you right now. And a lot of them, a
lot of them surprisingly just you know, wanted
to do it their own way. – Right, B. Dot what would you
say would be the key elements to a successful and a great cipher? – Quotables. I think of course having
rhythm and great flow is important but I just
love a good quotable. Something that I could, you
know put on my Instagram page, or Facebook, or twitter. Like something that’s just memorable, that’s going to stick
with you after you leave, like wow that was, that was really dope. That’s what I like,
that’s what I look for. – [Scottie] Frazier? – That but you also need the wow moment. – Yeah. – You need everyone oohin’ and ahin’. – Yeah, absolutely. – Over every bar at least. You know? – King Los what would you say would be like the super duper key? – Truth. I think truth beats out
quotables and wow moments because there’s people who don’t have this elaborate sense of lyricism. They don’t, it’s not,
they’re not that inclined. But they go up there and
they say something so true that you like, that is a wow
moment, that is a quotable. You know, I mean, the dude almost had one, he was like I watched my mom
get beat now I beat on beats. Like, if he says that, there’s no metaphor that you can cook up
that’s gonna kill that. Everybody’s gonna be like, whoa! That truth is what connects. That will win you. – That’s true.
– All right, King Los. (B. Dot laughs) Well I think it’s safe to say
that people had a lot to say on social media about the cyphers. – Oh, word. – @_sheavirgo tweeted, “Finna start tellin’ mother f’ers “they’re hanging on by a vagina hair.” – [B. Dot] Damn! – [Scottie] Because
that’s what Cardi B said. – [King Los] Cardi B said a lot of stuff. – Yes, she did. – A lot of profound, things.
– Things. Okay, that was a good one, okay. @steph_bonchi tweeted, “Unfortunately, Sasha Go
Hard couldn’t go at all.” – [B. Dot] Yo! – So, my question to you guys
is how much should a slip-up, mid-rhyme, or just forgetting
your rhymes period, affect your chance in winning
a competition like this. – Well with her in
particular I was disappointed because I’m like you’ve been here. – Yeah, facts, I’ve heard
of Sasha for so long. – [B. Dot] Exactly! – [Frazier] I remember her
coming back in the day. – Yeah, like she’s probably
the most recognizable notable person on the Rhythm
and Flow, for her to flub, I was like come on man, you can’t do this. Not now. – [Scottie] What do you think that was? – It can’t be nervousness, because she’s been here before, you know. So, I was expecting more,
we expected more from her. – It could’ve been nervousness, right? – Proper preparation
prevents poor performance. – Hello! But Frazier, go ahead. – [King Los] Lack of preparation. – I think it still
could’ve been nervousness, ’cause, clearly, you
know she’s still waiting to ascend to a higher level. This is that moment and you
know, nerves are still a factor. – But, she’s been here. Like, she’s gotten national coverage. She’s been on many stages. So for her to be on this
platform and to flub, like to drop the ball? – Michael Jordan and Mike Tyson both said that they get nervous. – True. – So, if you’re still using
nerves as an excuse, not good. Not good enough. – After the cypher we shifted to battling and while there were
a few tough decisions, the battle between Jakob
and Troyman was one that really stood out. Take a look. ♪ I put the city on my
shoulder till my back hurts ♪ ♪ How you look like Safaree
but you rap worse? ♪ ♪ You startin’ to look like prey ♪ ♪ I’m here, it strikes fear, ♪ ♪ Bruh just look at his face ♪ ♪ Keep it a hundred ♪ ♪ Mattie shoulda took your place ♪ ♪ Move along, pass the baton ♪ ♪ This ain’t your race ♪ – [Audience] Ooh! – Just keepin’ it g-real
with you, Tip said Troyman. I said Jakob. Cardi said, Troyman. – Troyman. (crowd cheering) – Did you guys agree with
the judge’s final decision to send Jakob home, Dot? – Yes, I agree. (laughing) He ate him! Especially that closing bar. – [King Los] He didn’t eat. – It was a good– – That’s ambitious,
that’s an ambitious word. – It wasn’t eat. Eat is like equivalent to murder. He didn’t get murdered.
(Scottie laughs) – Listen, he had a better verse. That’s all that counts. – There’s still food on his plate. – How?
– Frazier? – I like Jakob. I was pleasantly surprised by Jakob. Troyman was good– – Troyman didn’t have the better verse, he had the better delivery, you know, maybe in the end
he’s the better artist. – [Frazier] That’s part of
what goes in to battles though. – But he didn’t have
the better battle verse. You know, I’m just saying the white boy had a better battle verse. And he’s got a awkward
delivery ’cause he’s you know, his timing is different, by nature. But Troy, he didn’t have more quotables, the very thing that you
stated that you need. – Yes– – Quotables– – And wow moments.
– He said, The race line was pretty good and at the end he said like this is how– – [King Los] Yo, how
good was the race line? – That was clever. – [Scottie] That was cool. – That was good, he’s a white guy! – How good was it, something back verse, it’s so sad you look like
Safaree but you rap worse. That was better? The race line was better than that? That was crazy! – Yes, because it was
like a double meaning, because it ain’t your race and of course, hip-hop is predominantly a black– – Yo, but, okay. – I just thought it was
clever then in the last, the closing line, I was
like oh, he finished it. He dropped the mic with that line, so. – They didn’t even show
the whole thing just now. Like the whole thing, he
got what, way more oohs. Way more judge reaction. So tell me this, why did Chance say, “Yo, imma keep it a g-real right now.” – Okay. – Why did he have to say that? – Why? You tell us why. – No, I’m just, I wanna know your own, I don’t wanna, I wanna
know like why you think somebody’s like aight, choose who won. All right look, I’ma keep
it a g-real right now. Ah, you know, Tip said, son. (laughing) – Like, think about that, come on bro’. – It sounds like the
fix is in a little bit. – It sound like he’s
letting you know like, all right it’s a, ’cause
Chance don’t have no filter, like he’s like, you know. So, he’s got that like
satire, that dry like, look, this is the truth, this
is what it is, you know. I ain’t gonna lie. It was wack and I wasn’t feelin’ it. That’s Chance, right. So, he’s letting you
know, like, all right, I don’t completely feel this
you know, I was feelin’ Jakob, I was feelin’ Jakob,
Cardi was, she was mixed, she was tossed up. – Right.
– Right. – I think at the end the
collective decision was, okay, but in the scheme of things, in this entire competition, I think Troyman is a better fit, you know. And he just went his own way. – So what happened at the end? – So at the end
– He kept the peace. – When he went backstage and
he was on his high horse, I ran up on his high horse
and I knocked his ass off that shit and I said, bro, nigga you almost went the fuck home. Like stop gloating right now. – But I have to ask
you guys realistically, is battle rap still a
priority when creating a successful rap career? – Yeah. – [B. Dot] No. – Yeah it is, yeah it is.
– Nah. – I’ma come in the middle. – Okay, hit me with the middle Frazier. – It’s not, but, comin’ up you should be
well rounded in all facets. – Every battle, everybody, even mumble rappers go at each other. Everybody. They’re still battles! Just, you thinkin’ of battle
like it has to be like set up, metaphor, punchline
like the old conventional style. – Hip-hop is competitive
yes, but, I don’t feel like– – Everybody. – I don’t feel like you need– – Yo, Cardi and Nicki? – Who’s Chance battled? – Yeah, but I’m gonna say but
you don’t see those battles. I’m talkin’ about actual, you had these guys in a
battle, doing a battle. – Because it simulates– – Because some people are
just good at making music – [B. Dot] True – Some people are good
at doing other things – That’s kinda what Beanz said. – Right, like, I’m not good
at this battle rap shit, but I’m good at making a song. – But this is the thing,
so when she makes it as a huge artist, somebody creams her, so like, Nicki Minaj, huge artist, right? Like one of the queens of hip-hop. She had to get into a battle. Some people may say it went her way, it went the other way. That was a determining factor. Drake and Meek Mill. They’re not battle rappers. – Yeah, they are. – No, no. – But come from the element. – Drake is not a battle– – Drake is not, Meek is. – He’s a fan of battle and he can battle. Drake get down. But I’m just saying, per say, right? – [B. Dot] But that is Meek’s forte. – Per say, that’s more so Meek. But who came out?
– Pff. – In one essence you had
Drake doin, you know? So, it’s like that is a
necessary component in hip-hop. – Jay-Z, Biggie, Nas,
everyone’s been battle tested but I don’t think it’s a
requirement in 2019 to become a star like, Chance. I can’t think of any– – Your top five, like
my top five right now can battle rap and freestyle. But you can’t ask that of
the generation after me. Their top five probably doesn’t know how to freestyle or battle rap. That’s not really a bad
thing, I mean, to some people. – The whole thing is like
a curriculum almost, right, becoming a rapper? – Yeah it’s like a curriculum,
it’s not like a necessity. – I’ll take it, I’ll take it.
– That’s a necessary course. – To respect, you about
to win 250 bands, bro. – I think it’s important
to be battle tested if you want to be considered
amongst the greats. – I think so too. I think so too. But one of the most talked about moments from this past week’s episodes was between Big Mouf’ Bo and Rae Khalil. Take a look. ♪ Cookin’ I think I need a chef hat ♪ ♪ I done went and brewed up
a celebrity death match ♪ ♪ Cut nasty, physically flashy, ♪ ♪ Flame out of this contest,
nigga you ain’t fuckin at me ♪ ♪ I got the energy, all my
niggas they feelin’ me ♪ ♪ This thing will know baby
hottest up in my city ♪ ♪ I’m doin’ this shit nobody
can ever fuck with me ♪ ♪ Lyrically gifted, these mother fuckers ♪ ♪ Wanna hear this like, eh ♪ – Decision came in, the judges chose, Big Mouf’ Bo as the winner. (crowd cheering) So, she’ll be moving on to the next round. – Listen, there weren’t any clear rules set for the contestants
before entering the battle but do you think Bo should
have been disqualified? Was it too much? – I didn’t like what she did, I thought it was a little corny. But when they were deciding
in my head I thought, it’s a battle you can’t
disqualify her for that. You can’t. – There’s no rules in battle rap. I think anything goes, it’s gloves off. – Rae had bars, I just, I
slaughter her in terms of just like her personality wise. – [King Los] It was, it was a slaughter. – She’s very meek,
– As far as performance, – she didn’t really need to do this. – [Scottie] it was a slaughter. – Yo, it was a slaughter,
I mean I was in the room. And it was a slaughter. It was a slaughter. – I just didn’t feel that battle too much. I feel like both of their bars
were just eh, it was okay. But I didn’t feel – [Scottie] Yeah, I wasn’t
taken back by anybody’s lyrics. – Yeah, I wasn’t invested in it. – Yeah, we just say like
the best of what we saw. Right? – Right, that’s true. But let’s get into these
music videos for a second. Some were super dope while
others lack creativity. Somebody tweeted, @whatupdoe tweeted, “So you got the Netflix bag to
make any kind of music video “you want and Ali Tomineek made this?” What did you guys think
of the music videos? Who were your favorites? B. Dot? – My favorite was the first one. Michelangelo? – [King Los] The one in the church. – [B. Dot] Yeah, the church. – [Scottie] Yeah, Michelangelo’s. – [King Los] The song was fire. And the video was fire. – [B. Dot] Video look like, it was an outtake from Jesus Walks. – [Frazier] Great video,
but can I just say– – You’re gonna say it,
you’re gonna say it for me. – Oh, Los please let him say it. – No, he’s gonna say
it for me, watch this. – Can I just say, and I felt
this from the first batch of episodes too, every one
that does like church stuff is trying to pander to the Chance vote. – [King Los] (laughs) You think so? – Listen man, as soon as he
went in there, he had it. – But no, no, no.
– Who was your favorite? – The song was dope. – [Frazier] What was the
first video in Cascade? – [Scottie] Oh, Troyman? – Yeah, I liked his and
I liked D, of course. – [B. Dot] Yeah, D Smoke’s was amazing. – [Scottie] I loved D Smoke’s. – I think Londynn had the
best song video combination. – Right, but right now, right
now, what are some essential elements that you need
for a music video now? ‘Cause you know, it’s
kind of hard to get people back into music videos. – I would say a budget
but sometimes you gotta use your creativity, you know? Like that guy in the, with the rubix cube? – [Scottie] Oh, Ali. – That was Tomineek. – [Group] Tomineek. – That shit was terrible. – The visual amplifies the audio and it just didn’t, you
didn’t get that connection cause the video’s, really
like it really was bad. – Well, things are heating up as we get closer to the end of the series. Who will be the last artist left standing with the $250,000 bag? And crowned the champion of
this season’s Rhythm and Flow? – Sam, I like the fact that your video had some acting to it, it was like a little bit of a narrative, you know what I’m saying. It was like, oh this guys gotta work a double shift, that sucks. (laughing) And I’m like, I feel bad for this guy. But this week, it was
a little less strong. In terms of like the competition. Tomineek, my boy, Ali,
it wasn’t too gimmicky, great punchlines, it wasn’t out of the box where it’s like this shit is corny. But the video was really boring. It’s really tough I guess,
only one of you can go through. We’ve all conferred and decided that… – Ah! – At the end of episode
107, we see Sam Be Yourself and Ali Tomineek on the chopping block. Who do you think should be sent home? Should be? Dot? – Man, I think they sent,
Tomineek shoulda been sent home. But then I don’t know. I’m kinda conflicted, I
didn’t like his video at all. I thought it was really corny. I thought it was gimmicky. It just didn’t make it sense. It had no rhyme or reason to
it, so I think he shoulda been, I think he shoulda gotten the boot. – Hm. The contradiction. (B. Dot laughs) – They were both mid. – [Scottie] They were both mid, okay. – I see a little bit more promise in Sam. But I, you know, – As what? (B. Dot laughs) – Wow. – As an artist, as an artist. – Oh, as an artist?
– As an overall artist. – [King Los] Really? – Could you let him finish Los? Let him finish.
– I’m askin’ a question. – Frazier. – It always feels like he’s at the next, you know, he’s like setting me up. (B. Dot laughs) – No I’m not I wanna know what you think, cause I really– – Well, we were talking
earlier that you know the video kind of
obscured Tomineek’s song. – Right, right the visual,
yeah, it was horrible. – Yeah, you know, I feel
like his song was good. And I liked his segment
at home with his dad. It connected me to him a lot more. Like showin’ the struggle. – [Scottie] I liked that one, yeah. – It’s tough. – But here’s the thing it’s not what we, it’s not what we do up to this point. It’s like in the moment. This is the Superbowl. It doesn’t matter how
the regular season go. This, did you win the game? And I felt like Tomineek’s
video was just poor. I think, other, what’s
the other guy’s name? – [Scottie] Sam Be Yourself. – Sam, Sam’s video it
had somewhat of a visual. It had like an element to
it that I could understand. And I got where he was going. – But what about the song? – The song was eh. But someone had to go home. – But like he switched up the flows up too a little bit in that too so– – I wouldn’t be mad if
both of them got sent home. (laughing) But you tell me, Los? – [Frazier] Bring Beanz
back for both of them. (B. Dot laughs) – Right, facts! – Free Beanz.
– Facts. Or Old Man Sax! – I don’t think we had, I don’t think we’re into white struggle. So I just think like, it’s kinda, yeah it’s kinda 8
Mile-ish, kinda Eminem-ish and if we’re gonna compare you to that, then you got a lot of steppin’ up to do. So, Sam Be Yourself, just paled in comparison
to really, Eminem. – Sam’s video’s a little Wire Season 2. (laughing) – Oh child.
– Yeah, you seein’ it? You seein’ it, it’s like it was like, kinda almost like super,
like, like Cardi was like you look like you build computers. You look like Bill Gate’s son. – Who’s going all the way? You know? I don’t wanna get stuck on this episode, but as far as taking it all, who’s taking $250,000?
– It’s the three that we said. – It’s always been a three way tie. – It’s between Flawless,
Londynn, and D Smoke. – Yeah, I definitely agree. – And I think Flawless
comes in at the bottom three of that because he just more
of a straightforward, you know, – Rap.
– Rapper guy. – rapper, mid-aughts kinda guy. He woulda been clear cut. – Also I guess he didn’t
have the strong music video. – [Frazier] That’s what I’m
sayin’, that’s what I’m sayin’. – If we’re talking about all three, he didn’t have the strongest video. Both of them did D Smoke and
Londynn B had a great song and a great music video. – I tell you what though, Flawless is great at
conceptually locking in. So like, he may not be the
best song maker, right? But a lot, I mean, I write
for a lot of artists, I know personally, that a lot
of people can’t make songs. – But watching him perform
on stage, even back then, you know what I’m saying, I think that he has what it
takes to really go all the way. – I just think maybe Londynn and D Smoke have a better chance at
actually being a artist. But you don’t need to be an
artist these days to thrive. All you need to do is have visibility and be on the internet. – Yeah I was about to say
I think Londynn’s going– – But he doesn’t take
me as an internet guy. – [Frazier] Yeah, Londynn and D Smoke– – Once he raps, once
he raps, it’s internet. Like, yo, I’ve been,
I’ve been eatin’ beans, I’m Puerto Rican, I’ve been
eatin’ beans my whole life. Once that’s online, it’s viral. – Can we just say that
Beanz versus Flawless was the cruelest thing. (laughing) – I think it’s a ladies
first game right now. – What? – Londynn to me definitely
has the best shot of taking it all the way. I think she has the image. – [Scottie] She has the best song. – Yeah, she has the best song– – She had the crowd was like singing along as the video was going on. – Exactly. (King Los clears throat)
– And she’s the only one that has that. – (B. Dot) Humble brag. – And you notice that
even in the audition. In the audition they were hyping her up. So I was like, wow she has it. – When I went in with Londynn, she had all the things in there. But they were like all over the place. And I said, mm, your verse, is the hook. Naw. Your verse is the hook, Londynn. Got on her nerves. Londynn, your verse is the hook. Trust me. That thing is not the, this is the most memorable
moment, make that the hook. – We all have to thank Coach Los. – [B. Dot and Frazier] Coach Los. – They didn’t even show enough
of the stuff that I said to these children, man. – But we got the first scoop here. – This is what every
artist is looking for. Every artist is looking for criticism that’s actually constructive. Not just like, yo that’s not good. Like the judges was giving out like a little bit of construction
but for the main part they was like, they told a lot
of people it sucked, right? – [Frazier] Yo, they got harsh. (laughs) – I talked about this last episode. Where I talked about judging. And we look forward to
the future of hip-hop we have to give these people great advice for something to do later. You know what I’m saying? – But Chance does it with a smile. – He does with a smile but he, you know, I really like Royce. Royce and Twista gave great advice. You know what I’m saying? – But these are hip-hop like, legendary, I have songs with Royce and Twista, these are geniuses who understand who can actually be coaches. Like a lot of people
that can perform stuff, can’t tell you how to do it. This is something that
I’ve been doing for years. That’s why I’m saying
the show it didn’t show how infectious it was. They had like little moments
where people are making it the biggest moments of the show. They’re like little facets of what I said. Little moments, but I’m telling you, the stuff that I said to these kids, ’cause when you see it not work, that’s the greatest education. When a kid gets to see
me say this to a kid and then see the kid do they
own thing and it not work then they’re like, oh crap. – We kinda saw that,
a little bit with Sam. Not to say that he didn’t listen to you but it was a interesting
case of, especially compared with Londynn, it was an
interesting case of you giving as much advice as you can and the person only going so
as far as they can take it. – Yeah, cause I, like in the
studio with them, every moment. – ‘Cause he had the hype man too, singing along in the background and then we heard the full thing I was like man, see that’s
the, that’s the dangers of yes men right there. (B. Dot laughs) – Yeah, but it’s very
imperative that these kids have somebody, so I’m
definitely, gonna put out like a Master Class for different artists and I’m gonna have like
other artists come in. Like other celebrity artists
come in that have mastered their facet of the game. And just help, like I always wanted to do like a hip-hop university. So, I’m gonna do like that online. – Put that on Netflix. – Do it. – Yeah, oh for sure. You know what I’m sayin’,
Netflix, you know what I’m sayin. (B. Dot laughing) – Well I guess we’re gonna keep watching. Tryin’ to figure out who
wins that $250,000 bag. I mean, phew, – That’s a bag, bag.
– That’s a bag, bag. Next week we’ll be back
with all new guests and more from the hottest
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your predictions below on who you think will
win it all this season on Rhythm and Flow. Keep watching. See you next time. (triumphant music) ♪ Hold up ♪ ♪ Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa ♪ ♪ Get out the way ♪ ♪ Get out the way ♪ ♪ Get out the way yo ♪ ♪ Yeah, get out the way ♪ ♪ Get the fuck up out the ♪

100 thoughts on “Old Man Saxon reflects on epic battle with D Smoke | Rhythm + Flow: The Aftershow | Netflix

  1. @Netflix It made no sense to have each battle send the loser home. Battle rap is a sub-genre of hip-hop, it's not something that ultimately results in being "the next rap superstar". Don't get me wrong, D Smoke is dope, and out of the remaining contestants I'm so glad he ended up winning. But, how many mainstream "superstars" have you seen get on stage with a full-time battle rapper? If you had wanted a battle-rapper to win, I get this decision to make the loser lose the entire competition. But since that's not the case, not only were the artists judged on a niche, almost completely underground facet of hip-hop that shouldn't matter (based on the premise of the show, up to and after this point), you're also losing some obviously better artists and that really struck me as a flaw to the show. I would hope this changes if more seasons are produced. I would actually like to see a special season of nothing but battle rappers (I enjoy the sub-genre, but it's a little rare to see a battle rapper take their career to the hit-making side and vice versa). Maybe do a season of duos/groups, perhaps a producer season or half producers/half emcees. You can hire me on for more ideas if you want, I would love to be a part of something like this 🙂


  3. if tomineek was able to edit it on his own his video wouldve been so much better. hes said that they were supposed to rely on the director and producer and even after asking them who edited the video, he still had no answer on who edited it

  4. it's still nerves with Sasha, up till now, she hasn't competed like that, she got on a magazine cover, made some lists, and performed shows. never once was there a judge sitting in front of her debating how talented she is

  5. My only criticism of the show was allowing Big Mouf Bo to remain, she should have been disqualified. Bullying should never be tolerated on any platform. Everything else from the judges to the winner was Excellent.

  6. Ol boy was good. I actually liked him better than Sam Be Yourself. But he wouldn't have had a better finale performance than Troyman. Idc Idc Idc. Troyman should've won.

  7. yall NEED to check out ali tomineek's videos like his own videos the man goes CRAZZYYYY on the edits when he has control over it

  8. If this battle was solely judged on the battle, Old Man Saxon won. Sucks that one had to go home. I love D Smoke but based on the battle, Saxon definitely won

  9. Saxon was so dope. I hated to see him sent home. Same with Jacob. I think they both deserved to advance if it was solely based on the battles

  10. King Los is the GOAT and knows exactly what hes talking about. Anybody else vibe the awkward tension because of his opinion on rap battles being significant and good point on flawless being able to make hits and go viral. I feel at the end they didn't want to listen anymore about his opinion especially from the girl damn lol it was rude but the guy next to him is chillin with all good vibes lol

  11. Anybody else just waiting for King Los to get his own show?! I couldn't wait to hear the advice he gave every time, even here!

  12. battle rap isn't a necessity to being a great artist – writing great lyrics is. and if you have an assignment to write great lyrics on a certain topic (i.e against another person), you HAVE to be able to do that, whether you're a battle rapper or not; just like you don't have to be an R&B singer to write great hooks.

  13. King Los, man. I was so impressed by the depths of his knowledge of song making. Bruh's hip-hop psychology is off the charts. I would love to hear him speak more.

  14. Rap battles should have been a point system, so not so great rappers that battle each other and bomb can both go home. And two greats like old man and smoke can BOTH advance.

  15. I paused the video right after she said he should have been there longer more then the competition he is the shit big ups old man saxton

  16. Battle is necessary to see if u stand behind what you say. And if you are worth listening to. Basically a measurement of how much you believe in yourself as a rapper. I personally don't really like battles tho.

  17. Some of those battle raps should have ended in both being sent home and allowed for stronger rappers from other battles to remain. Would have made for a tighter competition in later rounds. I still don't know why everyone is jumping on London B's train, I found her stuff meh.

  18. Both Old Man Saxon and D Smoke should've went through and Caleb Colosomething and the other person he battled should've been eliminated right then

  19. Should of let both of em go through then kick out caleb he ain't horrible just not at a certain level that the rest of the artists are

  20. B. Dot knows nothing and King Los knows everything. AND someone may need to replace Scottie Beam too. You REALLY have to know and understand hip hop as an art but also the industry to be in these conversations.

  21. You don't need to be a battle rapper to be a rapper…
    That makes absolutely no sense…
    That's almost like saying you need to be in a church choir in order to be an R&B singer🤔🤔🤔
    The dude with the braids was way off on his explanation of what he thinks a rapper entails…
    A lot of battle rappers can't make music and on the flipside you have those who are not battle rappers who can't battle rap at all…
    In my opinion those are two different elements of hip-hop…
    I also feel that if a rapper does have those two elements under their belt it could make for better music…

  22. Home boy said nah I'm chilling😂 love old man sax though, perils is one of my favorite songs to just listen and think about while I'm high af

  23. I can't with the nonsense. Battle rapping is a necessary skills. How else are you going to be able to come hard when your competitors come at you. Wake up, you can't battle, you lack authenticity. You cant be merlin's apprentice if you lack the skill. Shit, have you ever seen any legendary position taking over by a half-link who lacks all the elements. Lets put it this way, we are talking about real rappers not rappers just for the sake of selling records and being commercial. The show brought back a passion I thought was dead.

  24. Battle rap is highly important! Cause there may be a time where you may have to! And it also creates strength inside you. Because you will be tested in the music industry! You have to be ready unless you will get ate alive !

  25. Old man Saxon is actually sick tho imma lil pissed off he didn’t win but he’s still sick af so it don’t even matter

  26. I rolled my eyes when Bigmouf Bo called Rae ugly….Bigmouf has a literal big mouf lookin like a half grown horse. Rae is lowkey cute tbh…GIrl next door vibes

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