Oil Painting Lesson with Rod Moore – Part 6 Sand & Beach

Oil Painting Lesson with Rod Moore – Part 6 Sand & Beach

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give everything a bit of a clean-up people into uh… just to be reading that you’re working
on core client so let me just do that for a moment okay so that we have found a mess and a rat
which is primarily enough yellow aika and uh… will pick up some part i mean
why does well mix those two together and that’s going to form the biases of
must’ve ally sandy area then bring a little bit more and to get if the floor rocketed into
the parents quite pick that to get the fly rod all dressed up
obviously you’ve got flare-up medium just elicited up a bit and as a man
suggests it will flow get better flyrudder but it’s not because the touch doctor
lister strive in life what’s your dad to avoid just getting better permount
will come back that’s soon revlon boy you can watch a company that
excess paddy’s day somebody up the color of got it on the brash site order that lots good to put maybe more for a medium the flier are made him really helps the
stalled but omit pension but having trouble getting the power to
get on down to the cameras usually and blame the installment plan
what made you the uh… computer fortunately looking for can now i can come back up into the section
here of miracles credited right dot dr so that they are in the friend here oxford very good okay now i’m reasonably happy with that
it’s probably just a little bit docking plays the summer quite a bit more of the plutonium wat and um… onto popping it giraffes and call-up just a little bit
more of a flyer on medium and don’t get a few places just walking
off a bit probably your three that’s mine central
powers penny and just thought that a lot of it marketable in that in shimacho the good
bit of caliber audience and uh… is always good credible and that you must love to go
for a couple of docs as well marking the trick multi-modal brushing it and uh… we’ve got some docs from
before from doing here what we know that read left of the
parents door next up before the rocks with began a few hours in a different
way popping a few mocks minds because you know you could
say wait in all sorts of things happening on the beach just pop refuting the especially towards
the corner of hean and magruder database here as well
i’m different sports who could be home where atmosphere lady walks up should we wanted to ask for a
long before color one oh one b_ here tele orbit brought to you lynn mcallister market it more interesting and uh… but doing begin to tell us what doctors
don’t cleaning up to be brush medical being down towards the bottom
you’ve got to with his cancelled order to fulfill not off a little bit and if it had some interesting textures
and things here and look at the beach defend level one flat kala yahoo crisscross mix up there stand back and have a good look and when
i can trigger prayers really down think time to come together here

3 thoughts on “Oil Painting Lesson with Rod Moore – Part 6 Sand & Beach

  1. If, instead of just a rocky rock, I wanted to make the rocky outcrop covered in grass, how would I go about this. I have a reference photo I would like to use but the outcrop is covered in grass and bush rather than just plain rock, and I am unable to make my efforts look authentic, even vaguely so. They just look artificial. I know it's all to do with the colours, highlights and shadows but I just can't seem to get them right. The reference photo is from a scene in New Zealand so while not quite the same as Australia it't not too different colour wise at least.

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