100 thoughts on “Odin Makes: Thor’s Stormbreaker from Avengers: Infinity War

  1. Templates!!!

    A4 paper size: https://imgur.com/a/kDtvP8D
    US letter paper size: https://imgur.com/a/lGvZzds

    Patterns are for the major pieces to the axe head only.

  2. Odin so I’m gonna try this but I haven’t got most of the equipment that you have just basic tolls would it still work and any advise on doing with basic tolls and hands?

  3. Odin, Have you ever tried using an expanding poly adhesive and gluing the two "diamond cut" sides facing each other, instead of sanding them smooth?

  4. Hey, Odin, I was curious if you could make Asgore's Trident or Sans' gaster blaster from UNDERTALE. Also I love your vids, I haven't followed one to make my own but I plan to do that in the future. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  5. So…as cool as this is, I have to ask: why didn't you use a single block of foam for the hammer part? You could shape it however you want and add the extra bits later, right? I mean, you painted over it anyway so any part that didn't look right you could've hidden.

  6. Thank you for this video! I built my own, based on your work and it's fantastic. I wish YouTube would let me post pictures.

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