Obsessed: The Sixth Spice Girl

Obsessed: The Sixth Spice Girl

My name is Liz West, and I’m the Guinness World
Record holder for having the biggest Spice Girls
collection in the world. The Sixth Spice Girl I see this as the story of my life I very vividly remember sneaking up to my bedroom and the Spice Girls had just been
announced as being number 1. I’d never heard so much energy before, and I was just instantly gripped. I started collecting memorabilia
as soon as they launched onto the pop scene, so that was 1996. For me, the way to become closer
to my idols was to begin this collection.
The more I had, it meant the bigger fan I was. Any Spice Girl fan will know that if you collected the pink ring pulls, you could send off for a
limited edition Spice Girls CD. We all remember Geri wearing
those in Cannes! Oh my god.
I have to show you this. Mel B is going to sing ‘2 Become 1′ …No she’s not. I’ll always be buying those
one or two things that just keeps me up there. Because once you’ve got a
Guinness World Record, you don’t want to let go of it. To have costumes that they wore,
as a fan, is the ultimate. It’s because they’ve been
photographed in it, and because they’ve sung your
favourite song wearing it and because their energy has been
present in their bodies when they
have worn it. It’s just about having the very
fabric that touched their bodies. I have the Guinness World Record,
that is a fact. I am the biggest collector. Seeing it all out, you just think,
‘wow, I have all this stuff’! This belongs to me, no-one else. There are other fans out there. They’ve seen that I’ve got
fame from my collection. I’ve appeared on the television,
I’ve met the girls, the girls know who I am,
and they think: ‘Oh, I want that.’ It’s caused rifts,
and it’s caused bullying, but it’s caused so much joy as well. I think I’ll always be a fan. When you fall in love with something
so passionately, it’s very hard to fall out. They’ve taught me a lot about
confidence, and determination, and to be the person who I want to be. The Spice Girls mean everything to me. One day it would be amazing to see it
on permanent display in a museum. Now, whether that’s me that has to
set up that museum somewhere, or whether I would donate it to a
museum in my will. That is yet to be a decision
that I have to make. ‘3 months later’ I’ve come to London for the
launch of my Ripley’s Spice Girl exhibition,
which opens tonight. it’s really magical for me to
see it, as a collector, out on mannequins how it should be. (Screams) Let me at it! Wow! It’s kind of unbelievable
that it’s all mine I want it in my house like this!
That would be amazing! I’ve always had a vision of having
a room where I have it, that I can just secretly go in and
just potter. Well this is it, this is like being in that dream! There’s certain things that I kind of
want to tweak, just to protect the items. There’s a few things, like I’ve seen
photos that are the wrong way round. Maybe just…like the bubble wrap
needs pushing down? The postcard’s the wrong way! No, those are the glitter boots that
go with that costume. but it’s quite nice…
it doesn’t matter. I wish I was a Spice Girl. That would have been really fun,
wouldn’t it? Press photographs, signatures, t-shirts, keyrings,
costumes, stationary… Spice Girls crisps, drinks,
body spray, sweets, chocolate… Award discs, promotional items… Spice Girls drinks,
Spice Girls lollies, Spice Girls Impulse,
Spice Girls cameras…

99 thoughts on “Obsessed: The Sixth Spice Girl

  1. After my mom passed in '98, I turned to the Spice Girls music which got me out of my grief.. there's nothing wrong with escaping during a time of need or boredom…

  2. They need to open a permanent Spice Girls attraction in London, like a museum with exhibits, shows, karaoke, a gift shop, cafe, or even amusement rides. Liz's collection could be proudly displayed there for every fan to enjoy. But also because Spice Cadets need a permanent place where they can visit, meet up, or make a pilgrimage to.

  3. If it were a male collector showing off male-marketed collectibles, such as trading cards or matchbox cars, no one would be making snide remarks. Check yourselves.

  4. Absolutely loved this. Great production value, cinematography and everything. I was a huge fan and have a lot of memorabilia as well. This was great.

  5. I got the chance to see the Spice Girls exhibition at Ripley's in June just before it closed and so glad I got to see it. Brings back all the memories and made you realise truly how massive they were!

  6. What a sad f#$k! Just another poor, little rich girl! To begin with; who the pi$$ing hell are the spice girls? Some sad excuse for "music"! Get a life! invest in something worthwhile and give the rest of your money to the needy! T$%t!

  7. Shes no different than someone who collects Michael Jackson, The Beatles, anime, comic book heroes, mickey mouse, Barbie or star wars memoribillia to each his (or her) own, no judgement

  8. She still has the Spice Girls Chupa Chups suckers!!! Omg I would kill for one of those no matter how stale. Those were sooo good and had pictures of their faces on them!

  9. The one ultimate iconic item she doesn't have in her collection which she needs to get her hands on:
    Ginger Spice's Famous Union Jack Dress from the '97 Brit Awards.
    That dress with worth tens of thousands.

  10. Hello everyone! I have a huge Spice Girls collection myself. I'm moving constantly due to my job and I'm looking for people interested in Spice Girls stuff. I might sell them on ebay, but I'd simply like know if I can still find SP fans out there. I own dolls, cameras, a 1999 calendar, bycicle kit, purse, tattoo maker kit, miniatures, CDs, concert VHS, Spice Girls movie, documentary and many other things. Please, let me know. Thanks! 💕

  11. A true fan should know the one she/he is admiring, NOT GET ALL THESE MERCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a Taylor Swift fan AND! I know her ,without the use of all these merch!!!!!!! It's just annoying!

  12. I'm going to beat this girl!!!
    I know I will!
    I have about a 100 items and dolls.
    I couldnt have anything when I was a child growing up with the Spice Girls. I only had Baby Spice because that is what I asked for Christmas and it was the only thing I got because I was very poor.. I'm making up for it!!! I am going to beat you girlfriend… I'm coming. Just know. Not to long… I'm going to beat you!!! I'm going to have EVERYTHING. And not because I want to meet them is because I loved them and the message that just because your a girl doesn't mean you cant rule the world. The only happy time I had as a child was watching Spice Girl VHS's,playing with their dolls, or practicing dancing and dressing up with my cousin pretending to be them. Ahh… good days. MISS AMBER MEADE OS GOING TO HAVE EVERYTHING OF THE SPICE GIRLS!
    Girl Power 4 Ever

  13. Im coming for your title, Liz!!

    Its coming soon..
    I'll be the little girl from West Virgina, America to have the biggest Spice Girl collection.
    Not because I want to be famous because I love them and always wanted all their stuff!
    I was very poor as a child so… my chance has come!
    I have about 200 items of theirs! ♥

  14. Hi, I met Mel B a few weeks ago near the Savoy Hotel, London. She was great, had a photo with her and signed a couple of things.

  15. SHITTT I just realised she’s one of the people that came to our school talking about her artwork and what she does,she NEVER mentioned this!i would’ve been amazed

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