O.W.L.s Magical Readathon || TBR [CC]

O.W.L.s Magical Readathon || TBR [CC]

Hi guys! It’s Olivia here from Olivia’s
Catastrophe and today I’m here to give you my OWL’s read-a-thon TBR. So last year
Brook Roast has hosted the Owls magical read-a-thon and I didn’t know it existed
until after it happened when I saw everybody’s great wrap-up videos and I
was like: I wanted to join in! And even though I’ve now read most of the
Harry Potter series – one more to go – and I didn’t like it. I get what the Owls are and I’m
still gonna do it, anyway, even though I don’t like Harry Potter. Just bear with me guys, it’s a readathon, you know, just jump in! Anyway, so Book Roast has made this
amazing and I’m gonna leave a link to everything down below that she has
planned so you can go and join in as well. But basically you had — you didn’t
have to — but I chose a career path and you know me, I am over ambitious and I
like to read and it’s my holiday… it happens kind of in my holiday so I thought let’s
be an alchemist. I would love to be an alchemist. If I can’t be an alchemist I’m
going to settle for being a librarian. And I’m going to show you my TBR. So for
transfiguration the prompt is to read a book with sprayed edges and for that one
I’m going with The Rest of us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness. Blue sprayed edges. So
I’m currently reading The Knife of Never Letting Go trilogy. Yeah, I’ve got one
more book to go and I am absolutely adoring it. So when it was like a book of
sprayed edges and I remembered I had another Patrick Ness book with sprayed
edges it was gonna be this one that I’m gonna choose. Also know what these books
are about because a lot of the time I don’t know but for what I do know about
this book, it’s about this situation that’s happening in the world. And, you
know, there’s always those people that are the chosen ones, the superheroes who
are dealing with the problems. But this one centers around the people who just
live there while they’re off doing all the saving and they’re just side
characters. Basically it’s focusing on the side characters in any like,
superhero or chosen one story. I love that. I love that.
So for potions the prompt is next ingredient to read a sequel. And for that
I’m choosing The Glass Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg. I read the first
one: The Paper Magician last year in November when I did my 30
books in 30 days reading because it was quite short and it went by quite quickly,
even though it was quite good. So I’m gonna
the sequel. When it comes to sequels I try not to read synopses because I just like
to go in blin. But The Paper Magician is about this girl who has been in the
school studying to be a magician and you get different types of magicians. And
she’s always wanted to be a mental magician that deals with all the metal
stuff. But there’s a shortage in paper magicians and as she is a scholarship
student she just gets assigned to be a paper magician. And they do magic with
paper which sounds so cool like folding origami and then those things that
you folded come to life. Or you can read a book and you can make illusions of
what you’re reading. And yeah, she gets signed to be an apprentice to this guy
and they kind of start getting along when this villain comes in and kind of
steals his heart. Like, out of his body. And she as an apprentice makes this
paper hot and quickly puts it in his chest but a paper heart will not last
very long in a body because it’s made out of paper. So she kind of has to hurry
up and go and find his actual heart. That’s what that one is about. I’ll be
reading the sequel. The next one is muggle studies which is to read a contemporary.
And for that I’ve chosen The Nowhere Girls by Amy Reed. So, this one I don’t
know much about it again. I just know there’s a lot of girl power in this one
and it’s about standing up for the topic of rape, I believe, and rape accusations. Don’t quote me on this. I could be completely wrong. But Andreea from Cheeky
Lines which is a blog – I’ll leave a link to her down below – she read this one and
she really loved it so I’m looking forward to reading it myself. I’ve been
meaning to read it for a while. Can’t wait. So the next one is history of magic
and I need to read a book that was published at least 10 years ago. And for that I have
The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. This is one that I read when I
was a child and I really loved it. But I want to see if it stands the test
of me growing up and I still enjoy it today. So that’s what I’ll be reading. It’s about this girl who gets sent away because of bad behavior and I think
she’s going to stay with her uncle and she finds her secret garden and these
people who are in the secret garden who are related to her. Who’ve been kept from
her. So, yeah, interesting interesting. I want to see if I still like it.
And for herbology you need to read a book with a plant on the cover and for
that I’ve chosen The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy. I believe that’s how you
pronounce it. So again, this is not one that I know
that much about. However, my oldest sister has read this and loved it and it’s been
recommended multiple times by my creative writing tutor. So I want to give
it a try. I really don’t know that much about it even though I hear amazing
reviews of how brilliant it i. I just don’t know that much about it. But
there’s lots of nature on the covers there’s a plant there. So then for divination it’s a book that’s set in the future and for that I’ve chosen Angelfall by Susan Ee. So Angelfall doesn’t exactly – in the synopsis at least – say the blurb like when it is set. But it’s kind of set in this kind-of apocalyptic kind-of situation. So I’m just going to kind of stretch the rules
a bit and say it’s set in the future because it’s kind of like an
end-of-the-world thing. You always assume that the end of the world is in the
future if you get my drift. Anyway, so, yes this one follows these two siblings. There’s
Penryn and her younger sibling. And in this kind of apocalyptic situation the
angels have been sent down to earth and they’re kind of wrecking the place, and
wrecking the earth, and ravaging it. And this group of angels kidnap Penryn’s
younger sister and she’s going to go to the end of the world to find her sister. However, she might need to team up with this particular angel to be able to do
it and save her sister. That’s what this one is about. Abi Mac Reads read it
really loved it. I tend to like what Abi Mac Reads likes so I’m looking
forward to it. So for Reducto it’s to read a book that starts with an R and I
had many possibilities but I went for Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier because
it’s beautiful. It is, it’s beautiful. And also because I feel like my sister,
my mum, people on Instagram, Cara from Wilde Book Garden all seem to really like this
book. Abi Mac Reads again. And I just need to read it and know what everybody
knows about this book that makes it so amazing. Even though it’s not like,
read-a-thon friendly because it’s quite a big book, it’s classic-y… I am
gonna read it anyway! Charms is to read an adult work and I
read adult books all the time but in particular I’m gonna read room by Emma
Donoghue. Again there’s not much — this is a movie cover and I don’t really like it but
I’m going to borrow my sisters edition when I read this — and this one follows
this boy. I think he’s five years old and he lives in this room with his mother.
And that’s all you know! And there’s not much to go on.
But I’ve heard that it’s really really good and again my mother and my sister both
read it and enjoyed it so hopefully I will too. Then for care of magical
creatures it’s to read a book that has a land animal on the cover and for that
one I’m going to be reading Fairy Tail the manga volume one. There’s this like
cat on the cover. I don’t even know if it’s like, a fantasy cat or not. But like,
it looks like a cat and it’s got like, four legs and a tail which means
whatever animal it is, it should have originally belong on the land. I’m going
with that because I just need something that’s gonna be a quick read for this
read-a-thon as well, seeing as I’ve chosen to read some adult-y literary
classic-y books in my TBR as well. And yeah, I’ve been meaning to try a
Fairy Tail and I also want to try watching the anime eventually but I want
to try reading it first so let’s see how that goes. For the next one is to do
astronomy which is a book that has the word star in either the title or the
series title. And I’m really struggled with this one because I just had nothing
that I could read, but I ended up settling on Black Leopard Red Wolf by
Marlon James which I recently got when I went to his event. You will note there’s
no star in the title but the trilogy is called The Dark Star Trilogy so it got
me covered. Goodreads thank you for letting me know what the trilogy is
called because I just typed in star into Goodreads and I was looking and looking. I was like I have none of these books, I have none of these books, right, got one! So um, this one follows this street urchin who I believe is Wolf.
I believe the street urchin is Wolf and he lives in this kind of African
mythological place and his best friend is Leopard who is this shapeshifter. And
both of them kind of getting tangled up in politics, getting tangled up in this
fighting and it kind of goes from there. It’s an epic fantasy as far as I can
tell from what he was talking about at the events. That ties in African mythology. I am
looking forward to it and we’re gonna get a lot of black rep in the
characters and it just sounds very very good to me. It’s a big chunker hence why I
wanted a manga for one of them. I don’t know if I’ll actually finish this but
I’m going to try. Then for arithmacy read a book that was written by two or
more authors. I’ve chosen Dracul, another big book! Tthis one’s by Dacre Stoker and J.D.
Barker. And it is a like, prequel to Dracula. So
Dacre is related to Bram Stoker in some way like some great-great nephew or
something like that. And they’ve collected some journals of notes that
the author had about writing Dracula and what came before and they’ve kind of
composed it into a book and made it fiction.
I love Dracula so I cannot wait to read this book. It’s one of my anticipated reads
of last year when I saw it on foldedbetweenthepages —
I’ll leave a link to her instagram down below. She kind of featured this one I
just had to have it read it. So I can’t wait to read it. It’s a very big chunk or
once again, I don’t know if I’m gonna finish it but I’m gonna try. I’m too
optimistic when I comes to my TBRs aren’t I… And then the last book is ancient runes which is to read a retelling. The Silent Songbird by Melanie Dickerson. So this one was sent to me for review ages ago I never finished it. I started
it and I’ve tried and I tried. I think I started it three times and never
finished it. I’m gonna finish it! Because I do a review it. So this one is a little
mermaid retelling it’s about, as far as I can tell from how much I’ve read,
basically this woman is in this privileged situation and she has to
marry for political reasons and she doesn’t want to do that. So to escape she
runs away and to not give away her class and her situation she pretends to be a
mute. And her maid is the one who does all the talking. And they end up in this
other castle where she serves this Lord and she kind of… I think there’s a romance
between her and the Lord. And something to do with her singing and being heard… It’s
a little mermaid retelling okay, the storyline’s kind of like that. And I’m
looking forward to it… ish. I’m not actually. Really? I don’t know? I just want
to finish the book and it might be good. I’ve not given it a proper chance.
So we’ll see. So that’s all I’ve got on my TBR, it’s quite ambitious. I don’t
think I’m gonna read all of it. I know what you’re thinking: like, Olivia you
always read like 15 plus books in a month why you worried about 12 books? It’s because when I set a TBR it’s so much harder for me to stick to then when I
just read whatever I want. But yeah, I’m so excited to do this read-a-thon. Catch
me on Twitter guys, talking about it. Please let me know in the comment section
down below if you are planning to join this read-a-thon, and if you’ve read any
of these books let me know what you thought because yeah. Actually only tell
me good things because that’ll motivate me more. Tell me good things, okay? Please like this video if you enjoyed it,
hit the subscribe button if you wanna see more, don’t forget to the notification bell if you want to be updated every time have a new video. And I’ll see you
guys in the next one. Goodbye! And for that one I’ve got The Silent Song Berg… The Silent Song… maybe I should just stay silent. And this one is by dark – Dacre Stoker and J.D. Warder. No, no, it’s not, where did you get those names from? This one’s by Drace… *cries* I’ve just been rambling a bit, okay, this
is not like me, I’m not a Rambler, what’s going on? Anyway…

24 thoughts on “O.W.L.s Magical Readathon || TBR [CC]

  1. I'll participate as well but I'm not going for a large tbr becoz I want to participate in #tometopple as well which is a must for me 🤘💙

  2. eyyyy I'm so excited for the OWLs this year! You certainly have an ambitious TBR but some really interesting choices. The Silent Songbird intrigues me tho – I am obsessed with the little mermaid story (i'd say it's my favourite classic fairytale but it is one of the few original fairytales i've actually read so that may be a stretch hahah) and I've read quite a few retellings – and i've never actually come across one that doesn't actually feature mermaids. At least from your description it doesn't sound like it does. I'm really intrigued to hear your thoughts on it!

    My TBR is mostly ready to go…ish? I have a couple more things to fiddle around but I at least know my main priorities for my choice career, Wandmaker, which is only 5 prompts. But of course i'm going to prepare for all 12 just in case :p

  3. I am also participating again like last year. I am going for healer. But of course I have to try for all 12 books. Because actually I couldn't decide between the careers. There was like 3 or 4 different ones, that I really liked.
    Some books I am going to read are, priority of the Orange tree, Red Rising, the hunger games, city of bones, and the weight of the stars.
    Good luck on your tbr, because I am a mood reader as well. So I definitely know how hard it is to stick with your tbr. I already changed like 3 different books, then what my owls video has on it.

  4. You're so brave for choosing Alchemist! I've read Angelfall a few years ago and remember really enjoying it so hopefully you'll enjoy it too! Best of luck with your TBR 😊

  5. I need to get my butt in gear and make my TBR for this… It's going to be a LOT of comics because I don't want to choose my career yet so we're doing twelve prompts!

  6. I’m participating in the OWLs too. I really enjoyed Black Leopard, Red Wolf. It’s intense lol. Hope you enjoy.

  7. Oh yaay I'm so glad you're participating this year I promise you'll enjoy this Magical readathon even if you're not loving the books. And this is so weird: I don't own any sprayed edges book and just today I decided to spray my own book and I chose The rest of us just live here! What are the odds!? I must say I'm terrible at keeping up with my TBR's so it may end up being another one. But this may be a sign that it has be that one!

  8. Omg I've never seen that edition of The Rest of Us Just Live Here, it's gorgeous! Oooh I love Fairytail, I hope you like it! Good luck 🙂

  9. i've never done this readathon, bur kinda like you i've always watched everyone's wrap ups :D:D good luck with your ambitious tbr and can't wait to see what you think of some of the titles cuz aside from nowhere girls I hadn't heard about any of these

  10. Your TBR looks so interesting and I am really excited to see if Black Leopard, Red Wolf lives up to the hype! I am number 87 in line at my library for it ughhh XD So I have a bit of envy that you managed to go to the event~ haha Room made me feel things. Not all of them good things, but I really enjoyed it, if that makes sense? It was mostly because my sister and I were reading it together.

    I am going to shoot for all of them too, but Healer will be my back up, since that's closest to my current studies. I feel like I am slightly cheating the system by choosing a lot of sff novellas I haven't gotten around to XD However I have decided to use this time to finish the scariest book on my TBR – A Little Life by Hanya Yagihara. Ugh, I know it's going to break my heart too~

  11. I haven't read any of Patrick Ness's book xD Shame on me xD
    oh Angefall has been on my TBR for a long time now!
    Oh I want to read Black Leopard Red Wolf!!

    Just uploaded my TBR and Oh Merlin i will need help haha
    GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN!!!!

  12. The Nowhere Girls is fantastic!
    I loved the Angelfall series! and I think it is set in sort of a post-apocalyptic future!
    Ahh hope you enjoy Rebecca!
    Oooh Dracul sounds so interesting!
    Good luck with your reading! I need to get my TBR up too! Those bloopers cracked me up. The amount of footage of me messing up is unreal! haha

  13. I love that your joining in even though you don't like the Harry Potter series that much!!!! Good luck with your TBR!

  14. Oohhhh xou didn't like Harry Potter 🙈😂 I loved it. I wish you a lot of strength and luck in this challenge. I absolutely loved The secret garden. I reread it like 2 years ago and still loved it. I have Dracul on my TBR for this year because I also loved Dracula so much that I am extremely curious to see how this one is.

  15. AHHH I'm so excited that you're doing OWLS this year! I'm going To Die because my final exams are this month, but I'm still so psyched to do it!
    Your TBR looks awesome! The Glass Magician is so pretty and the book sounds intriguing too. HELL YES Nowhere Girls!! I can't wait for your thoughts on that one.
    Oooooh Rebecca! Your edition of it really is stunning. That "book that starts with an R" prompt was actually really tough! Ditto for star, but my professor assigned a book with star in its title which saved my butt for that one ahahaha
    Are you doing tome topple in April as well? Because a lot of these books are Thicc(tm) lmao (in seriousness, you're a trooper for choosing them and I'm rooting for you!!!)

  16. the paper magician sounds so cool! gives me howl's moving castle vibes 😍 and your secret garden synopsis made me laugh hahah i think you're remembering a different book maybe? I'm interested to see if you still like it after all these years! i still love it and i love the movie too.

  17. Hi Olivia! So happy you can join us this year! oh haha shame you didn't like the series but hope this will still be fun!

  18. Great TBR! I’m participating as well but I’ve chosen a less ambitious career because I know myself and I know that I won’t be able to read that many books because of exams. I’m aiming for the Magizoologist career.
    I’m also reading Black Leopard, Red Wolf (audiobook) but for a different class. I have to say it’s HUGE!
    Good luck with the readathon! 🙂

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