NOT ALLOWED to build TILTED TOWN with Clay?

NOT ALLOWED to build TILTED TOWN with Clay?

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial! Today we are going to create the location where you’re not allowed to create. This is Tilted Town from Fortnite in season 10. Hello my friends and welcome to Tilted Town, the place where you just want to be and relax and shoot with pistols and you know all that stuff, but you’re not allowed to build. Yeah, this is what Epic did to us. They created this new location in season 10. It’s Tilted Town the fourth version of Tilted Town I am creating on this channel because I love this location. I’m not really sure what it is. Maybe it’s all the forest and the unique nice buildings. Look at these buildings look at the trees, for example. I don’t know, but nevertheless we will create this version and there is something very unique to this Tilted Town, Tilted Towers creation. It’s a new scale. I got slightly bigger. Well when you’re creating a location for the fourth time you’re just free to create it at any scale and I wanted to create it a little bit bigger to get more details into the whole thing due to all the tiny buildings you can already feel and see and smell this wild western scenery. You know what I mean? Yeah. I hope so! We will go on we will create this huge map piece In different layers. When I start a new project, which is quite complicated like this one I always think in different layers. So let’s start with the very first one which would be well the landscape itself. I used a lot of brown clay for that. I threw in some ochre and some chocolate brown as well and we got this nice muddy color. Then I print it out. It’s a really bad quality I know. I printed out this map from Fortnite. It’s even soaked with oily clay somehow. And I want to get all the… All the right location spots for everything. This lake for example, and it’s really helpful if you have this printout and we will prepare this nice little River By the way, yeah we need a lot of clay. Today’s video is brought to you by our own online store Oops! This is the clay modeling starter set. If you want to get into clay modeling I would be more than happy to provide you with all you need. Currently we’re building up some new great products. Check out visit our products. We have a lot of discounts, not always but sometimes. Right now there’s a discount. Check it out! This is the waterfall we are creating. I love waterfalls! Not the regular ones in nature or something like that. No! I mean the clay versions. I did this location. What’s the name with a ship with a pirate ship on it and there was also a nice little waterfall and I enjoyed that a lot because waterfall and water. Well, there is always some space for my beloved liquid clay, which looks great and can also be found in the online store. This is… sorry for this advertising. Well, you have just seen I am working with the screen on the left side so that I can always compare to what I am creating, because I think I never paid that much attention to a creation to get all the details, right. These are the tiny… Let’s call them grass stairs. Yeah, that makes sense grass stairs as even the fort presses stairway in the back side and we didn’t even start on the buildings yet. We just want to make sure that all the landscape is done properly. This is the tiny farmer house in the backside, some walls we are placing right now and well, I think that’s it almost for the whole landscape thing. We have some stones and there’s a campfire a camping site with tiny tiny tents, three in the backside and also one in the front. It looks so beautiful, you really want to spend some time in the Wild West and discover gravestones from their people, snakes in the grass and with your pistol and liquid clay, of course in the river, in the lake and then we are ready to put this whole creation for the very first time. There will be many many more to follow into the oven! Freshly baked first layer of tilted town and these are all the rocks. We need a lot of grey. We need some black and brown and we will mix it not too strong that we can still see this nice pattern and that we will start building the mountains, the beautiful mountains where you can fall down and break your neck. That’s also negative. Well, actually I was climbing last week, indoor climbing. I enjoyed it a lot. I so feel all the muscles I used for that. So, let’s come back to the creation. We are putting in some texture onto the mountains because it looks really beautiful and the scenery is almost done. I try to get every piece right because it’s really important for placing all the buildings afterwards. If one mountain piece would be too big, slightly bigger as it should be I would get some problems in placing all the trees and buildings and as I told you before I want to be as acurate as possible in this creation. So, this is ready to go into the oven and we will start cutting out the first building. Creating buildings. It works like this. I will show you some in some replay footage from Fortnite, then I will show you how I created the basic structure of the building and then we need a lot of more details like three barrels, for example or this wooden box and then we will place it onto the plate. This is the next building. The first one was this farmer’s house in the backside This is the entrance to the mine with many many further details around and we have these tiny wagons. I’m sure they have a special name, but I don’t know it. You can write it in the comments I want to get in some stones as well and these will be the wheels. We put them on so it’s really really tiny, but it will look great in the end. So, this is the sheriff’s office. Quite unique. I love this building in all the different versions of Tilted Towers. It looks really complicated. Yeah. And we need a lot of stuff and even this skull I wanted to include. It’s really really tiny, but I thought it would be important. Next building this is the bank. The bank is also divided. Well, it’s like two parts, two buildings at once. We have the damaged wall and I think this building used to be the insurance company in all the other Tilted Towers, right? So it’s funny because this one is damaged now. Stables! The stable we will create as well, but it’s just this building some details and the fence. We will create the fence later after oven hardening. Next building, this is the store and also, I think it says… I didn’t get that it was too quick. Oh my editing is so bad. I should change that. Yeah. Talking about editing. This whole video was like 18 hours of footage, so I was quite tired to do all the editing but well seeing all the footage right now, this was the undertaker, the gravediggers and also some coffins laying around. And there’s this huge gravestone right in the front. I wanted to include that, as well. Now we will create… This is the hotel. Right? Yeah and the saloon, the saloon in the hotel two in one. It’s the biggest building when it comes to the total size. The highest building, of course, it’s the clock tower. but I really love the hotel, as well. This is the clock tower. The last building to create. I was really afraid because I had no clue how to create this thing with clay, so I got some matches and some firesticks and we try to build it with that. Well, future Simon will deal with that. We have some wagons to be more specific carriages and we also try to create them as detailed as possible. These are the wheels. It looks so nice with this silver outline like an old wheel should look like. And there is one future car. It’s the bus everyone knows. It’s right next to the undertaker’s home, the one which looks like a fish right next to the lake. I think you know where this belongs and we will put it into the oven Meanwhile, we will start working on all the trees. I choose this green color. You can also mix it by throwing in a little bit of blue and we will create a lot of pine trees and we will place it on the print out map we made before, because it really helps but I still needed a lot of help from the replay in Fortnite to get all the spots right for each and every tree. Yeah, that was crazy. We have some of these buildings which are a bit crooked, where you can see all the branches inside and this is what we will create afterwards. We will focus on them right now. I created six of these broken crooked pine trees and they are very tall and then we have this lonesome yellow tree, a huge bushy green tree and these two little cute. I think they’re a called graze. We have them on the graveyard in the backside, right next to the lake as well and now we will cut it out and put it into the oven. Freshly baked buildings from Tilted Town. Hint now the parts… I’m sorry for that the fun starts. We will start assembling and gluing and cutting and painting and then again drawing and more drawing and it goes on and on. It was crazy to create all these buildings, but well, I don’t want to complain this is what I wanted to do. I want to get in more details. This was why I decided to create on a bigger scale in the first place. We have a lot of wooden pieces in all of these buildings and you can use matches for that. It’s just perfect. We have these tiny wagons where there are some boxes on it. And the first building is finished! It was that quick. I won’t show you the whole process because some steps always repeat over and over again. So, I hope you don’t mind that I don’t show every step I told you before. it would have been like 18 hours. Some more wooden planks on the ground. Oh, I love that. I printed out some of these signs which say… I think this one says: Sheriff yeah, it’s the sheriff’s office with the skull on it. And now we will speed this up wrap it up. Placing the last boxes and it’s finished. The next building this is the bank AKA the Insurance company building which is now destroyed. Maybe there was a robbery. It makes sense. It’s the bank. in the Wild West So, probably someone needed some extra cash and they had some dynamite and boom now they had some more money. This is the stable and I talked about that earlier. We have some fences. This is the sign so you don’t need much clay for this one, but I really like how it turns out. Now the hotel with the saloon as well and we have this green front. Using cardboard is great because you can shape it the way you like it and it is really thin. This makes it the better of choice for these buildings right now. A better choice over clay. Some more wooden planks of course on the ground. I’m wondering why all these buildings have these wooden planks on the ground. Probably to keep away all the sand and the dust and that all the cowboy boots stay clean. This is the store building and now this is the fish building, the undertaker. And we need some more of wooden planks for that. This one was a bit tricky because it has these wooden fence on top of the roof which looks like a castle, but again, some curved board is really nice and the scalpel for that. So I try to get all these details right and now you just have to glue it around. Well, in this case, I just have to glue it around and it doesn’t really look nice right now, but with all the details attached it suddenly looks amazing. Quite interesting the perfect building placed right next to the lake. So the Clock Tower! I told you before I was afraid. I was really frightened to create this building and then well while doing and while creating you come up with your own solutions and sometimes the best way is to just start although you don’t know how it will look in the end or what could be the next step, just focus on the current working step and the project will turn out pretty great. This is what worked for me on almost anything. Everything. These are the wooden planks and we have some stairs which are Just around this tower. It looks so beautiful. I hope I got it. This wooden feeling, I got it, right with the way I built this miniature and of course we have the four clocks which are around the buildings. We have one on the top. And there’s one on the floor, as well. And this is the transparent polish and the location. We try to make this water effect a little bit more wet with the transparent polish and we have a few bridges. This is the biggest one also great to use the fire sticks for that and now this the entrance to the mine. I’m drawing this tiny railways and we have the boat of course, there’s a boat and there’s a cute wagon. The farmers house and I just start placing all these tiny tiny details. Some of them I didn’t show you how I create them, but well, I think you will figure it out if you decide to create this madness. Don’t do it. It’s just crazy. Took me one week to create this whole town, but it was worth it. I really like the end result. Well, we’re not there, but in just a few minutes. There’s a hut in the backside, I forgot to mention that and all the wagons. We have another fence with a nice white outline. Sometimes it’s just the tiny details which makes it alive, but now it looks quite funny because you have noticed it. There is no tree, no tree at all and we have… Oh I was wrong. There’s another futuristic car. This camping wagon. Here we go for the trees. I call these the special trees because they are different in comparison to all the pine trees and now we will place them. all were they are belonging. Now I’m really curious, but it will look like in the end when placing all the trees. And I need some more super glue to please each and every tree on the exact right position. Don’t blame me if you find any mistakes. There are no mistakes! Then it’s your computer which is running Fortnite the wrong way. Guys… I can’t believe it! We did it. That’s it. Tilted Town! That sounds so wrong. Let me call it Tilted Towers number four. This is the map with the most details so far! I really hope you enjoyed the video, the tutorial today and we made s point to Epic Games. It is possible to build inside the forbidden area Tilted Town from Fortnite season 10. Let me know what I should create next. Write it down in the comments. As always have a great weekend and take care guys. Bye! Now it’s whole again. Okay, it’s Tilted Town I get it, but Tilted Towers sounds so much better. Hmm. What about Tilted Town Towers?

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