Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

hey there it’s Susan Peirce Thompson and
welcome to the weekly vlog so a little bit ago we opened this BLE Official
Community online this Facebook group and there’s thousands of people in there and
people from all places I guess on the Bright Line Eating spectrum like like
Bright Lifers who’ve been in our communities forever and ever and ever
and boot campers and people who have done or are doing the 14-day Challenge
people who’ve read the book people who are one day into hearing about Bright
Line Eating heard it from someone they know or something like that and just
dropped in there and so one thing I’ve heard is that people don’t all know the
acronyms that we use around here and Bright Line Eating so I thought about
this acronym NSV which often comes up in our communities as a hashtag #nsv
and I realize that maybe not everybody’s heard of that I think we created it a
Bright Line Eating I’ve never seen it anywhere else that I’m aware of it
stands for non-scale victories and um in Bright Line Eating and also in some
12-step food programs there’s a saying you come for the vanity and you stay for
the sanity which I think is pretty cute and it certainly is my experience and I
think the idea of non-scale victories reminds us to take note of all the
things that are changing beyond just the weight so I have a little story to tell
you the other day a family member came into town and suddenly he had this book
in his hands he grabbed it off my coffee table and he was like what is this and
he was flipping through this book and reading it very carefully and I said oh
this woman gave it to me at the family reunion the last live event that we held
we hold one every year in San Diego and well it might not always be in San Diego
but it has been so far and she handed me this gift this book that she put
together and it’s an art journaling experience like she’s put together her
Bright Line Eating journey in a book that’s like arts and crafts I just got
on the phone with her this morning to ask her if I could talk about this and
the vlog so I think it’s the coolest thing and this first page says hi Susan
my name is Meredith Luiten I’ve lost 125 pounds on Bright Line Eating it has been
such an awesome and life-changing experience I’ve used art journaling to
process my journey I wanted to share some of these pages with you so she says
come on in and look at this before picture she started Bright Line Eating
in April of 2017 and it says hi Susan I made this sample art journal for you
art journaling has been so helpful to me throughout my Bright Line Eating journey
so check out this page it’s a drawing of her saboteur so precious so her saboteur
is saying it’s no big deal you can have this you deserve it
it it’s just a little you always end up listening to me you can get back on
track tomorrow don’t ignore me see what good advice I always give you listen to
me what would I go back in time and tell myself before I started Bright Line Eating
before she started Bright Line Eating she’d like to go back in time and tell
herself this is the answer you’ve been searching for there are plenty of things
to eat besides sugar and flour you will make new friends from all over the world
you will feel so radiant and healthy this will be the easiest program of your
life ble will transform your life you will amaze yourself I have been thinking
about enoughness what is enough I have heard that addicts never think they have
enough of anything always wanting more more more more MORE
but does this story serve me is it true of course I have enough of lots of
things I have enough I love this I have enough love children friends things to
do books enough food on maintenance I have delicious food and
just the right amount enough time for everything I want to do trying to
believe this me too Meredith what supports my bright line journey enough
sleep accountability calls mastermind groups
she even three mastermind groups Tuesday 7:00 p.m. Friday at 2:00 p.m. and Monday
at 6:00 p.m. Meredith are you in three mastermind groups that’s amazing look at
her in May of 2019 so she lost 125 pounds I asked her this morning how long
did that take and she started in April of 2017 and she
was at goal weight by December of the next year so December of 2018
she’s been maintaining since then and that means I took her what like a year
and eight months or something like that to lose 125 pounds
food journal gratitude journal five-year journal and a journal just to write look
at this my garden of love you are loved you are awesome you are my delight you
make good decisions you are gorgeous you are kind you are a ble rock star you are
unstoppable you are loved check this out she’s got a wheel of self care what I
love about living in a right sized body life is so much easier I wake up happy
every day shopping is a joy I look good in everything I have so much more energy
I concentrate on people at parties not the food
I feel confident no matter what I’m doing I feel vibrant and full of health
I have achieved the dream of my life there’s no more chatter in my head
I’m not afraid to go to the doctor I’m a role model to my children I’m no longer
hiding I feel like this is the real me my authentic self I can be more myself
now better boundaries more self care more me I have never done an art project
like that I think that’s super epic I love this idea of art journaling and it
just got me thinking about the idea of non-scale victories so at the crack of
dawn this morning it wasn’t even that early I don’t think I posted in our
Bright Lifers community I’m going to vlog today on non-scale victories what
are your favorite non-scale victories and I got a lot of responses like within
two hours I had well over a hundred responses and I promise I’m not gonna
read you 100 responses but I did select a few that I thought I would share with
you if that’s cool Peter Smith from Florida said waking up in the morning
free from the cycle of guilt and shame because of binge eating the previous
night I love waking up to the glorious feeling
of success and integrity it’s the greatest gift from Bright Line Eating so
it’s interesting because when I posted this I was curious about the difference
between men and women because I have a story that I’ve made up in my head that
men lose weight for different reasons than women and what Peter Smith just
said is my number one non-scale victory that feeling of waking up in the morning
feeling really just clean and free and popping out of bed and just not feeling
the way I used to feel after eating the way I ate late into the night so Shauna
Keele Murph said getting rid of my CPAP machine Jen from Maryland said going off
all my cholesterol meds Katie said getting off blood pressure meds and
literally being able to run up a flight of stairs or 2 Lisa said her a1c went
from 6 to 5.4 in the first six weeks of Bright Line Eating in the first
six weeks of Bright Line Eating diabetic to normal unreal and Jeri DeTillio from
Florida said I am cured of six excruciating years of trigeminal
neuralgia I used to have five 20-minute attacks every day it’s said to be the
worst pain known to mankind it is lightning in your face life was not
worth living with that pain it stopped the week I started Bright Line Eating
and I’ve never had one attack now in three years amazing so my thoughts on
medical non-scale victories for myself I used to think that I didn’t have any
medical issues like I was obese in my 20s I started weighing and measuring my
food and not eating sugar and flour three meals a day when I was 28 and lost
my excess weight and I thought I didn’t have any medical issues because of my
obesity I was not on any high blood pressure medicines or I didn’t have high
cholesterol I didn’t have diabetes or prediabetes and then someone pointed out
to me weren’t you on like really high doses of antidepressants and weren’t you
clinically depressed and I said yeah yeah totally and I never thought of that
as a medical issue but that lifted when I started doing Bright Line Eating and I
do think it was a medical issue Pete Furlong from New York said a deeper
appreciation for the meaning of all my struggles and their usefulness to others
facing and taking action on scary but freeing truths about myself
that I was too depressed and isolated to dive into leaving work that does not
serve me and cuts off what I have to offer to the world Melinda says I am
able to wear my wedding rings again after not being able to for nearly 20
years we will celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary soon here’s an Australian
perspective Lydia Hands from Melbourne says my
thighs don’t touch the side of my bathtub anymore when I lie in my bath I
can bend over to tie my shoelaces without a big stomach in the way I
remember that I remember my stomach was so big that I couldn’t really tie my
shoes comfortably I’m the only mum m-u-m Australian I’m the only mum out there
playing kick to kick footy with the hubster at my son’s halftime break at his
footie match shout out to Australia Jennifer from South Carolina says my
ten-year-old son can reach his arms all the way around to give me hugs and has
room to spare I treasure every one of them he’s proud of me for being healthy
she put being healthy in quotes Christopher who lives in Turkey said my
biggest non-skilled three has been that even though I’m
still journeying to my right sized body I’ve been able to achieve a dream that
my largest self at three hundred and sixty-five pounds would never allow I
have learned to scuba dive Trina Summers from Arkansas says my
favorite non-scale victory is that I stopped biting my nails I was a 40-plus
year dedicated nail biter as a kid my mom put bitter stuff on them and it
still wouldn’t stop me about three months into Bright Line Eating I was
typing on my computer and I heard this clacking sound and I looked down and
realized it was my fingernails I wondered when did I stop biting my nails Kathleen from Illinois says I’ve been at
goal weight for the past year this week I cleaned out my freezer and there was
ice cream in it that had gone bad how’s that for not noticing there’s ice
cream in your freezer Melanie from Colorado says I’m just so happy not just
happy that I lost weight down to my soul happy I can’t stop smiling I just go
through my day happy and saying hello to people and randomly without even
thinking about it doing acts of kindness for people strangers and friends comment
on it you just radiate this happiness when they ask me how I did it they
actually ask yeah how did you lose weight but really how do you have this
positive energy that radiates out of you how can I be like that so Thank You
Meredith for that super sweet art journal book thank you Bright Lifers for
answering my question about non-scale victories like in a hot second when I
asked for that this morning in the community and if you’re new to the BLE
Official public Facebook group now you know that NSV stands for non-scale
victories and there’s so many any of us who’ve been doing Bright Line Eating for
a long time could talk about non-scale victories probably all morning but I
think for me what stands out is every time before I started eating
this way I would get that inspiration to kind of be a better person or overhaul
my life or something like that handling my food and my weight issue was
always the first thing that came up because it stood in the way of me even
getting to the next things in my life and so just having that out of the way
so that I can really be living my life is probably just the best global thing
yeah and I got to say the first one in that group too about just I open my
closet and it’s just one set of clothes and they all fit someone in
there wrote something like I haven’t weighed
myself in four months and all my clothes still fit just oh such a gift so those
are non-scale victories we come for the vanity but we stay for the sanity and
yeah that’s the weekly vlog I’ll see you next week

16 thoughts on “Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

  1. I just Loved the weekly blog today. Having you sit looking so relaxed. Talking about NSV just like a conversation with a good friend. Thanks

  2. Can I just say the visual quality of the video this week is superb. Crisp images, a variety of camera angles, your position on the couch chatting with “us” made it feel like we were there in your living room visiting with a friend. Well done! And yes . . . NSVs are the best! My husband looked at me the other day and said, “Honey, you look . . . normal.” For decades I looked and felt anything BUT normal. The beauty of this is that I haven’t had to wait for goal or my right size body to reap the benefits. I’m down 70.4 and have about 40 more to go. I feel amazing! Thank you, Susan.💖

  3. This was beautiful. So many of those NSV made me get choked up, or nod in agreement or fill with joy for what BLE has done in other people’s lives. It’s truly such a gift, so a million thank you’s to you Susan! I went shopping yesterday and normally I’m a size 10/12 and I actually bought a size 6 pant!!! SIX! I feel like this is a dream. I haven’t weighed what I do now since high school (and I’m 40). I’m so grateful for you… and for finally being FREE🙌🏼♥️😘

  4. My dear, darling Susan. The vlog is great and you look even better. It’s so apparent that you have allowed yourself to accept a more relaxed life for yourself (not easy with three daughter) but I can see it in your eyes, your body language and hear it in your speech. I pray this continues for you. Not one of us wants to see you suffer. Enjoy those little miracles of love while they’re young, visit your friends, visit your family and live YOUR life. When you’re better, we’re all better. P.S. LOVE LOVE LOVE that book. If our hands are busy, we can’t even think of snacking!

  5. Just bought your book Susan. Its inspiring. Was on a vicious circle of trying to loose weight, obsessing about my weight, while all the time bingeing on s&f. Still fearful about giving up sugar, but something changed when I heard your story. It moved me. I got clean and sober in 1996 gave up nicotine 10 years ago but became increasingly unhappy with my behavior and relationship with food. It's Ironic my first addiction as a child is the last one I have to deal with. My ultimate goals are to loose weight, heal from any remaining trauma and gaining peace of mind. , .God bless.

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