NOCH | Patina-Marker

NOCH | Patina-Marker

There are two different sets of Patina Markers. Item 61158 which is intended for models and 61159 intended for the landscape. Let´s have a look at the colors for landscape. Ollive, Latte, Walnut, Spring green, Basic gray and a blender. The purpose with the blender is to smoothen egdes and thin applied weathering. In the set for models we find the colors: Stone, Yellow ochre, Dark brown, Navy blue, Warm gray and Leaf green. All the Patina Markers has two tips. One wide tip suitable for weathering larger surfaces and one pointy tip suitable for detail works. This tip is soft, like a paintbrush, to handle surfaces with coarse textures. These Patina Markers are especially suitable for weathering laser cut kits. Here´s a piece from the kit 14230 “Timber Fence” A plank like this is typically more black closer to the ground due to growth of mold and fungus. We starting by applying no 21 “Basic Gray”. With the wide tip I´m painting the lower part of the plank like this. This is how unpainted wood will look after two or three seasons in the wind and rain. However, the edge between the painted and unpainted areas are a bit to sharp. I will now use the blender pen to fade that edge. Now we have a perfect replication of the mold. Lets now add the green fungus. I choose no 070 “Olive green”. I´m applying the green on the lowest part of the plank, on top of the area where I already have used the gray marker. I´m using the blender pen to fade both the color and the edges. Below you see the original plank from the kit. Here above my weathered plank. It´s all about the details. The Patina Markers turns your model into a realistic miniature. Here´s another great use for the markers. With the olive green the river bank easily gets a thin layer of realistic moss closest to the water surface. This effect would otherwise been difficult to apply with the water already in place. It´s also possible to create shadows and increase the contour with the Patina Markers on both trees, bushes and grass tufts. Let´s use the Marker no 43 “Spring Green” on this group of bushes here. Now the bushes stand out better from each other. Thank you for watching and good luck with the Patina Markers!

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  1. da kann man auch andere Alkoholmarker nehmen. für weniger Geld vorallem!!!! Und zur Not tuts verdünnte Farbe auch.

  2. 25€ !? Das sind 6 Stifte, mehr nicht! Wie @Sandra Li schon angemerkt hat, den selben Effekt bekomme ich mit Pinsel, Wasser und Farbe für ein paar Cents hin.

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