No Line Coloring Techniques You Don’t Want To Miss! – INKTOBERFEST Day 21

No Line Coloring Techniques You Don’t Want To Miss! – INKTOBERFEST Day 21

It’s day 21 can you believe it already
so today I’m here with some tips with no line coloring I’ve also got some fab
things from ink on three I’ve got their liquid pixie dust
they sent me their fade-out ink which I do actually already own so there’s my
one here I’m gonna give the one they sent me away I’m also gonna give away a
liquid pixie dust because I have that too now and then they sent me it’s a
clear embossing powder free fair powders here got arctic white strawberry
champagne and black as night we love this strawberry champagne it’s just an
unusual color I’m gonna open up so you can see just like this it’s kind of it’s
not a rose gold but it’s not a pink and somewhere in between it’s not really
really pretty so really nice things and then we’ve got some stamps to work with
and I want to show you some of my tips when I’m doing know aligned coloring so
we have the pumpkin patch stamp set and those dyes to go with it as well and we
have their point set ears and I’m going to show you a little bit on the pumpkins
because round things are the easiest I’m gonna give you some of my top tips okay
so if you are new to inktober fest go check out the whole playlist there’s one
from this year this one from last year we do it every October we show you all
of the latest tips and tricks and different types of inks from those kinds
of things so on my tag I’m just gonna stump out some of this pumpkin patch
using the fade out ink and if you are enjoying it over first of course don’t
forget to hit subscribe ring the bell give us a thumbs up all of those kinds
of things so when you stump it out it’s a very
light ink so as you can see the kind of color on here I always call it like a
tea stain color even harder really to see the true color on these tags because
they’re creamy color that you can see it’s almost like a watermark so it’s
great for doing watermark stamping kind of card stocks too but the idea is we
can color this image in and not ever see and
the line so hence the no line coloring let’s move these stamp heads out the way
and I’m gonna grab a couple of shades of kopecks here let’s grab these
let’s try okay so I have Y of 12 14 15 and 16 and the first thing I’m gonna do
is I’m gonna take a piece of my pumpkin now the one thing I find with no line
coloring is I have to work very sectionally not how many other porous
colors cardstocks will paper so I’m just gonna put this underneath now if you are
starting with alcohol inks or maybe you want to improve your alcohol ink
coloring we do have a 14 day intensive challenge it comes with everything you
need to participate you can sign up at the craft challenge comm we’ll add links
in the description too but we teach you all of my top tips and tricks for
coloring so I leave that up so you can see so you can see there so what I’ve
done is I’ve colored in my first segment and what I’ve done is the idea is I’ve
saturated my cardstock make me a little bit more color this is a thicker
cardstock on these tags it looks nice and smooth and then we’re gonna move in
to our next color now the one thing when you’re making things round is you always
want to consider this Halfmoon and we do cover that excuse me a lot in the
challenge but it’s kind of what I do is carve out my Halfmoon here okay and as I go through each shade that
Half Moon is going to get smaller and smaller here I mean feel like I want a
really deep orange in here somewhere this yr o 9 I’m good my swatches here
too like that that’s more what I was thinking of so you can see there’s my
Halfmoon I like to exaggerate it a bit on
youtubes I know it’s much harder to see on a camera than it is when you’re here
in person and then I’m carving that same space down to see how I’m carving that
down trying to show you in kind of very distinctively different colors here so
you can see and then I have my lighter shade here and the biggest thing I’m
going to tell you is a blender pen does not blend so do not then put your
blender pen over the top because it doesn’t blend so that’s my section 1 of
my pumpkin then I might take a slightly different shade I’m gonna lay this one
in here so again I’m laying down my first color just remembering where that
Halfmoon was the direction I went in I’m gonna do the same thing I’m gonna bring
it up this is my Halfmoon and then we’ll do the really dark color again just so
it’s nice and easy for you to see and the one thing with no line coloring is
your shading is going to tell the story because there is no you know other
there’s no lines to tell that story so you really do want to make sure your
shades are quite distinctly different probably a little bit more different
than if you were just you know doing regular coloring
did you see how this is coming together now and you can see how I’ve got those
areas into my pumpkin I might even take my half moon very finely down just
because I want to add that definition in you can really see how that’s coming
together so this is how I approach down coloring I’ve watched lots of tutorials
there’s lots of different methods but I find working either like petal by petal
section by section in the case of a pumpkin like this it really adds that
definition in and you can write notes as you’re going but anything that has a
roundness like this is going to be the easiest to start practicing on because
you can do it in a section pumpkins are perfect you can see I can do this nice
little section then again I go back with my first half me and I kind of carve out
okay that’s gonna be my Halfmoon shape and then the more upright you hold your
pen the finer it’s going to be so here I can kind of sketch my details
in I want them and then I’m gonna soften because I don’t want it to be actually
that harsh and then I’m gonna go out to my lightest and there’s the next section
of our pumpkin so if I was to go all the way around you’re gonna see how that you
know really starts to come together and the problem I have is if I did too many
sections at once so I did multiple sections I’m not going to know where
each section kind of starts and finishes whereas doing it this way of course I’m
very like okay I’ve only colored in that bit I know that’s exactly where that
section goes and one thing I found is that doing it on camera you see way
different colors than when you’re doing it in person so your blends look very
different on camera than they do when you have it in person but for instance
if I have done that whole solid area I’d have no idea with this particular pumpkin goes in again I’m doing my nice
Halfmoon half-moons your key to roundness just like this we’re going to
the mid again will soften so if you want to learn skills like this then come join
us for the next presentation of the challenge so add the link or you can go
to the craft challenge comm and find out more but look at that doesn’t that just
start to really I think that really looks like a pumpkin from the top and if
you were to learn grab a couple of greens you can add in your green stem it’s a bit finer so I’m going to hold my
pen more upright more color down here again Halfmoon you kind of don’t think
about it but that’s exactly why I’m adding in and then we’re going back
through our shades to soften so the only way you have to imply outlines with no
line coloring is through the shading itself so your shading and selection of
colors is really important but you can see I’m still using quite a limited
palette here and we still have a really nice pumpkin I might even go in with
something like a brown and add kind of a few you know how they kind of have that
moldy nurse to their stalks so you can add that in there some dots there and
you’ll say you just keep going around the pumpkin section-by-section so now
I’ve carved out well that’s going to be this is my next section amid just like this that’s my half moon and then we got to
bring in on darker again very upright because I want it to be fine and light and that’s just how I would
keep going around my item until I have an entire pumpkin in there so there are
my tips for no line coloring I hope you have enjoyed those I can’t wait to see
if you’re gonna practice those at home as I mentioned don’t forget to hit
subscribe check out the rest of playlist check out the blog post for a giveaway
and all of those fun things as well and I will see you again tomorrow for
another inktober first post I’ll see you then bye

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  1. Hi Alexandra! This is such a comprehensive no line coloring video! I really enjoyed it and I’ve watched a ton of video’s on alcohol blending and coloring! Thank you so much for adding this video to your library! You are so fun to watch and listening to your tutorial! ~Katz

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