100 thoughts on “Next Level Painting: Testing The VIRAL Watercolor Watch

  1. That's amazing! You made painting something so rudimentary very interesting. Plus I loved seeing the process you went through to make your own watch watercolor travel tin. My dad actually made his own watercolor pallet with one of the bigger Altoid tins several years back.

  2. I don't think you'll ever see this comment, but if you glued a small rubberband to the side of the container you could slide the brush in it, like a little diary thingy
    like this https://unsplash.com/photos/9n1USijYJZ4

  3. When I was thinking if I was to do this challenge I thought of the same exact container an alto if box I did not see it come that she would do it too

  4. Woah here where I live the red altoids pack is cinnamon and peppermint is blue
    I guess maybe I haven’t seen the flavor well and just looking at the red makes me think of cinnamon

  5. Literally not even 5 minutes into swatching it and then a frigin burrito break! So unimpressed 😕🙂 hahaahhaa very funny me 🤣

  6. My fav part is when u saw the eggs in the jar ile and when u said get a friend like your freind then the emoji 🤠lol
    , anyway love u Rae

  7. My rington is the Mii Channel song so I keep thinking someone is calling me. But turns out, its just the background music….

  8. Hey tea u probs won’t see this but u are an idol and inspire me everyday and made me laugh when I couldn’t smile so thank you☺️💕✏️

  9. Actually you could've just clicked off the watch you don't have to cut it , but just like the crayola markers you just like to cut things when you don't need to LOL

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